Friday, 14 October 2011

You Did It! 14/10/2011

Thanks to @FoxVegas screencap from Ste Agathe video

 Sam Sparro 

 working on a funky-as-hell track with and we would LOVE you to play on it!! What do you think?

Adam Lambert 

JEROMEBELLSINGS: Just got a call to go into the studio and do a song for adamlambert Pray for my vocal cords LOL!!!

I'm a singer/songwriter/performer from TEXAS but living in NYC! Loving life and thankful for great friends and supporters


Thanks to @Vanglam for sharing this video!


Adam Lambert Signed Guitar Being Auctioned for ‘Little Kids Rock’ Charity


Madonna is not touring next year! LOL!


 Tim Foster 

I just wrote a $47,000 check to  and handed it across the table over coffee.  :)

You Did It! Adam Lambert Raises $1,000,000 Donated for Charity! — The Adam Lambert Peace Pendant has raised over $40,000 for The Trevor Project! This adds to the total amount Adam's fans have contributed to various charities that Adam supports to $1,000,000! 


If you missed these pictures yesterday, more here:

 Adam Lambert and Friends at Terrance Spencer's Birthday Party thanks to @The_Spencer_T

 Adam Lambert close-up thanks to ?
Adam Lambert, Sauli Koskinen and Terrance Spencer at Brooke Wendle's Wedding



Everything you Didn't Want to Know

Misinformation about BFM thread at AO


More than Eyeliner and Nail Polish – Adam Lambert American Idol Performances


Sauli Koskinen and ?.. one of them is Adam's hairdresser? thanks to @The_Spencer_T

New IS_Tutka

Part 1

Part 2

Sauli's  Latest Blog and  translation


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Awards will be Presented on Halloween

Adam Lambert now has a Yarn named after him!

(there is a green shirt from idol that maybe reminds me of this but otherwise?????)


Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

Liz Anne Hill
 just racking up points, aren't ya ;)

Adam Lambert and Tommy Joe Ratliff in Atlanta thanks to @Glamazontoronto


Whenever I need a good laugh, I go here!


Thanks to @esselsari

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A Brand New to me favorite! Hair down, profile view and zipper pants! LOL!


  1. Re the Adam Lambert looks kinda like the necklace he's wearing in the photos with the Showgirls program.

  2. Looks like the two albums are on the German? Amazon website. These people pushing for a global release? At least it looks like RCA/SONY is doing something with radio stations. I could seriously hate these guys. Lee

  3. Would just like to say thanks for the info you've provided involving the bastard BFM album - esp. the link to the AdamOfficial website. It allows fans to post bad info re: this album to the right people. So, thanks.


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