Monday, 24 October 2011

Please, Blow My Mind! 24/10/2011

Just tell me when your single is going to be released!

Adam Lambert and Sauli Koskinen thanks to @vince truspin and cropped by me

Enlarged thanks to @SparklesFever

Thanks to @slightly_askew for finding these beauties!

Video thanks to @devenlane

This was the event that Adam and Sauli attended

Minnie CupcakesBeauty tip: boys can be beautiful, too!!!!!!
 — with Adam Lambert.

 Adam Lambert in two New/Old pictures from the Box, NYC 7/16/2011

jasonsechrest The beauty that is @adamlambert looks stunning at Supper Club tonight. Xxoo

jasonsechrest @Silliegirl: @jasonsechrest ahhh Adam xoxoxox¡± he looks amazing tonight. I'mma lick him!

jskystyleJason Sky

Excited 2C Johnny Rice's show at The Supper Club. @djderekmonteiro spinnin beats. Get it @Mr_Spencer_T w/ @JovanCarrington @PrinceCarealot

Such an amazing night! #clubMSApresents #GODSAVETHEQUEENS went OFF! Thx to @adamlambert 4 coming and to @whoisjohnnyrice @KevinStea @kylehanagami @kumari @laurashehey for your talent ! ======================

Sandy commented:

Thanks to editors on Sunday Morning, CBS, Adam was one of three celebrities shown on the red carpet prior to the Grammys..subject was a special on Clive Davis, his pre-Grammy party. His face suddenly coming up on my t.v. screen shocked me since I didn’t expect to see this beautiful person this morning. Just wanted to say that someone working on this report must have liked Adam enough to show him among many others that were there. Jeez, he really is that beautiful!

Adam Lambert at Clive Davis Grammy Party


Nile Rodgers and Adam Lambert thanks to @adamlambert

Walking on Planet C

I Love Playing Guitar

Pictures of Nile playing with Madonna, Slash, Duran Duran, Mick Jagger, David Bowie, Elton John and Adam Lambert

(Perfect company!)

More Nile Rodgers/Adam Lambert Articles

Niles tweeted this link yesterday:

To theAmerican Idol runner up, the guitarist tweeted“I really wouldn't say it if it weren't true-Working w Adam Lambert was one of the most organically perfect jams I've had since Bowie.”
In the past, Rodgers produced hit albums for Diana Ross, Madonna, and David Bowie. 

“I think it’s going to let people underneath my facade a little bit — a self-created and totally admitted facade,” Lambert concluded. “I’m trying to convey to my audience that you really can’t judge a book by its cover, and there’s more to the universe than you can see with your eyes. It’s like existential pop.”

Adam's Boots!

Sneak Peak of Niles Rodgers book Le Freak!


Brooke tweeted this yesterday.  She must have heard some of the music when Adam was in NYC?

: I have a good feeling Mr. Lambert's new album is going to BLOW YO MINDS! ;) 


thanks to doxymoaadamlambert 

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LambertUK Adam Lambert UK

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Adam Lambert performing during Idol tour 2009 thanks to Jacquie B

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Adam Lambert last year in Oz

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Adam Lambert can't wait either!

Fan Poem ( From my last contest) about our long wait for new music thanks to neelie!

2012 will be Adam's year 
We'll get the album that we long to hear

He's taking his time to give us his best 
He's choosing the right ones and eliminating the rest.

He wants to make sure this is the album of his choice.
We know we won't be disappointed, it will showcase his voice.

We thought we'd have it by the end of the summer
It did'nt happen, and it was quite a bummer.

We realized though that we'd have to wait a little longer. 
We'd need more patience and get a little stronger.

We then thought it would be sometime in November 
but no, not to be, it'd going to be after December.

We can look forward to the single in 2011
 which will give us a step ahead into heaven. 

 It doesn't matter how long it takes, 
we'll always be here.
For he is our "IDOL" that we long to be near

Next year the airwaves will be filled with his voice,
after they hear him there will be no other choice.

 We love you, Adam!


Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner


Let's actually do something about bullying

Please share this with everyone you can!  It's important for all of us!

This article (for mature fans) has shed a little more light on my  What is it about Adam Lambert ? obsession

The Bitch Is Back


This paragraph!  LOL!

IT’S INTRIGUING TO ponder this suggested reversal of what has traditionally been thought to be the woman’s hormonal cloud. A sudden influx of hormones is not what causes 50-year-old Aunt Carol to throw the leg of lamb out the window. Improperly balanced hormones were probably the culprit. Fertility’s amped-up reproductive hormones helped Aunt Carol 30 years ago to begin her mysterious automatic weekly ritual of roasting lamb just so and laying out 12 settings of silverware with an OCD-like attention to detail while cheerfully washing and folding and ironing the family laundry. No normal person would do that—look at the rest of the family: they are reading the paper and lazing about like rational, sensible people. And now that Aunt Carol’s hormonal cloud is finally wearing off, it’s not a tragedy, or an abnormality, or her going crazy—it just means she can rejoin the rest of the human race: she can be the same selfish, non-nurturing, non-bonding type of person everyone else is.


Sure, we’re supposed to take calcium pills to avoid brittle bones and hip injuries at 90, but who worries about living long when we’re just trying to get through the day? In the end, the real wisdom of menopause may be in questioning how fun or even sane this chore wheel called modern life actually is. And if what works is black-cohosh tea with a vodka chaser, and an overturned Greek chthonic head as a chocolate-fondue fountain (Ed note: Or Adam Lambert!) , then bottoms up! Avast, ye vampires and werewolves and pirates! Arrrr!


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A Brand New to me favorite! Hair down, profile view and zipper pants! LOL!


  1. Love that CBS put Adam's pic up for the Clive Davis piece. Can't blame them after looking at THAT face. Whatta beauty! To me that indicates he's becoming more widely known in the general population. And after his second album blasts off into outer space, he'll be known for a lot more than just a pretty face.

    Went through all his AI performances last night (ones with the judges) and enjoyed again the looks of amazement on the faces of Paula, Kara, and Randy, as well as the laudatory comments (minus one, of course - lol) at so many of the performances. Looked at Kara and Randy more intensely this time and one could tell they were almost unbelieving at times at what they had just witnessed.

    And as far as Paula is concerned - the gal knew from the beginning - people laugh at her sometimes - but she knows an icon when she sees it. Will always be grateful to her for her support of Adam.

    Thanks again, Gloria - my daily fix - actually back a couple of times a day as you update as soon as stuff comes in. Luv, Lee

  2. Adam and Sauli pic together - so pretty - Adam looks so young - early 20's. Younger even than Sauli. Love his outfit - no gloves - but Sauli does? Beauty mark? Blue-green hair? Always something new to keep us fascinated. Very smart guy - lol. Luv, Lee


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