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Hot Boy! 23/10/2011

Last day to vote for Adam vs JJ on the Hot Boy poll!  

@Q102Philly AH! U only have til 10p TONIGHT to VOTE! Who will make the final 2? @joejonas @adamlambert @AlexAllTimeLow @DavidArchie

Voting for AL and AG


@adamlambert yay!! Thanks for the follow!! Did u know I am a glambert! Hahahah! Hahah I think! Its someone who loves u right?! Hahah
48 minutes ago
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@stacyfrancis aww of course! I've been a fan of yours since I heard you sing in HAIR at Reprise!


@adamlambert omg! U saw that?! So we coulda been friends all this time?! Man! What's with my timing?!! All things n Gods time! Xoxo mwah!

Do you know Stacy Francis?

alisanporter We did Footloose on broadway together and Hair in LA

Second Album Collaborations


@nilerodgers My Daily blog- ft. Madonna, Bowie, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Mick Jagger, Herbie Hancock, Adam Lambert, Duran...

"I Love Playing Guitar on Adam Lambert's Next Album"

Look at these pictures.  Our beliefs about Adam's talent  have once again been validated!!!!!

"Obviously, Nile was impressed by Adam Lambert. But Adam was equally enthralled with the experience. Niles tweeted to Adam about the great day and Adam responded"@nilerodgers the feeling is sooo mutual. :) what an amazing day."

The collaboration between Adam and Nile first came about last week when Sam Sparro and Adam were in the studio together and tweeted to Nile that he should play on the track. Nile did not hesitate and within just a couple of days Adam was already in New York to get to work.
Adam's fans are giddy with excitement about the pairing, and after all, who wouldn't be? It's no secret that Adam's vocals are out of this world and when you add Nile Rodgers to the mix, thesong is bound to be sheer genius! Hints were given by Nile and Jean Morrison (another musician that was with them in the studio) that the song is "funk." Adam confirmed, tweeting to a fan last night, "yes ma'am! Some Funky grooves comin."

Liam McEwan's Adam Lambert Hour on the Flea FM (October 23, 2011)

Thanks to@mmyy9
More Pictures from So You Think You Can Drag

Adam Lambert and friend at So You Think You Can Drag


Friday Night at The Box NYC


 Adam Lambert at the Box, NYC  via @GaleChester


Adam Lambert The Advocate 2011
:: Elsewhere, GlamFan1 set the Glam One in their sights on Adam Lambert Has The Advocate Covered: “Hell yes, my eyes roll…..back into me head in sheer enjoyment & unbridled lust.”
:: Frances seconded that emotion: “My eyes definitely do not roll, but my stomach ends up in knots and my legs feel weak at the sound of Adam Lambert’s name. He is regal, humble, intelligent, kind, and extremely, extremely talented. Oh yeah, did I mention handsome?”
:: Rosalina is clearly out, loud and proud about her love for the singer: “I have posters of Adam hanging up at my work and customers see them and ask who likes him. Im quick to reply that its me. The first thing they say is ‘do you know that he is gay’ My reply is ‘NO, REALLY!’ The look on their faces are price less. Then I go on to say that Adam is an amazing singer and that is what I fell in love with. It also helps that he is very sexy and charming.”

Adam's Majors & Minors episode to air Nov. 13, 2011! Via TV Guide:

Majors & Minors Episode: "Whataya Want From Me" on the HUB.
Season 1, Episode 6
Episode Synopsis: Adam Lambert gives tips on stage presence as the kids cover his hit song, "Whataya Want From Me." First Air Date: Nov 13, 2011.
Guest Cast Adam Lambert
Thanks to @GaleCWhittington on YT for the video! Make sure you read the entire description for more details

Beautiful Adam Lambert drawing thanks to F Hocking

You can still get an Eye of Horus or Infinity Pendant... via Ebay to support the Trevor Project

Last day!


Thanks to LCDisntlegal (Spanish?)


Information added to voting .... please read!

Adam Lambert performing during Idol tour 2009 thanks to Jacquie B

While you are online, listen to Sleepwalker... it's so close to 1,000,000 views!

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Adam Lambert last year in Oz

Unauthorized Albums

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Time to Watch this Feisty Fever from Sydney!

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 TommyJoe Ratliff 

Tommy Joe Ratliff thanks to @addimaree enhanced by@weelassie11


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A Brand New to me favorite! Hair down, profile view and zipper pants! LOL!


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