Friday, 21 October 2011

Catching UP on an Incredible Day in the Life! 22/10/2011

Big Tease!- Audio has been muted to protect the integrity of the song!!!!

Would have loved to hear the conversation as well as the music!


#1 in the entire twitter world!  

This is starting to sound like Adam Lambert is up where he belongs!

TIME FOR A Sing-a long thanks to TheAdamdownunder
Adam Lambert On Top of the World



Thanks to lulu2365 on Adamtopia!
Thanks to jesslata on Adamtopia!

 Nile Rodgers 

 The dude (Adam Lambert) SANG the paint of the walls-Respect

 Nile Rodgers 

I really wouldn't say it if it weren't true-Working w Adam Lambert was one of the most organically perfect jams I've had since Bowie

 Nile Rodgers 

 I really respect artists with that type of focus and determination-Luther, Bowie, Prince, Freddie Mercury etc

Nile Rodgers
 You shouldn't think about that-HE CAN FIGHT THE POWER WITH HIS MUSIC-I've had to do it ALL MY LIFE

 Nile Rodgers 

Nile Rodgers & Adam Lambert contemplating the groove on a new song in the studio 

 Nile Rodgers 

great session.. 

nilerodgers Nile Rodgers
PIC: sounding sick! my friend here is killing

If you don't know much about Nile Rodgers, prepare to be impressed!

l Lisa Harrington 

At Nile Rodgers's book signing last nite, it was said that David Bowie adores Niles!! Would do anything for him:))))

Adam dances to 'Le Freak'  written by Niles Rodgers and Bernard Edwards thanks to 

 Picture thanks to CorOfTheSUN 

Nile Rodgers

Here's a live stream of pics from my session today at @AvatarStudios w @Adam Lambert

Nile Rodgers
nilerodgers Nile RodgersPIC: Almost ready!

Nile Rodgersnilerodgers Nile RodgersPIC: Jamming away at a new

at @avatarstudios with @nilerodgers and @adamlambert... the vibe is incredible.. funk+glam+glitter.. awesomeness

JeanMorisson @adamlambert & @nilerodgers jam sounds sexy AND funky.. xo

@JeanMorisson: at avatarstudios with nilerodgers and adamlambert... the vibe is incredible.. funk+glam+glitter.. awesomeness


@lissaluvsmusic u guys dont even know whats coming.. holy shit is it awesome.. @adamlambert & @nilerodgers were def funkalicious


me & @adamlambert at a session w @nilerodgers at @avatarstudios in NYC today

adamlambert Adam LambertWorking with the Legend @nilerodgers in NYC today!!

nilerodgers Nile Rodgers

@adamlambert Hey Adam! Today was total madness- I could have played and hung with you ALL DAY! The record is gonna be great- Talk soon

adamlambert Adam Lambert
@nilerodgers the feeling is sooo mutual.:)what an amazing day.

nothing but truth.. Adam's the real deal RT @stealth1877 @JeanMorisson @adamlambert thanks for sharing your positive thoughts with us.

nilerodgers Nile Rodgers
@adamlambert Yeah man I was just listening to the bit we did at the end-WOW! This is grooving SO DEEP!

This morning!  Nile's Still talking about Adam


JJRpianoman Jordan Jones-Reese

Just saw Adam Lambert on the LES!

Lower East Side


Reinventing Adam Lambert, the Outtakes

Amazing interview!


10-20-11 At the Boom Boom Room for Gilles Mendel Party-NYC

(info via @devenlane)

@SeleneBean Ahhh. Found Adam Lambert jacket from last NY night. It's Gareth Pugh. knew it!..

PerezHilton: adamlambert Soooo good to see you last night! Glad we got a chance to chat and have some hugs! xoxo

styleexpert00Colin T. McDonald@adamlambert Great seeing you last night-DYING over the black Seal Jacket you wore last night-I MUST HAVE!!! Xx -CTM


adamlambert Adam Lambert
Hilarious & smart marriage equality comedy. Love it! Watch all episodes here #Husbands deserves to trend! @TeamHusbands

GoCheeksGo Cheeks
@adamlambert @TeamHusbands Thank you!:)The world is ready for #Husbands!


 Adam Lambert

My gorgeous Mama, Leila's Advocate interview.

l Lee Cherry 
 by adamlambert
"Acceptance starts in the home". -Leila Lambert, Fierce Mama. 


Adam Lambert Last-Minute 'So You Think You Can Drag' Judge



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Adam Lambert performing during Idol tour 2009 thanks to Jacquie B

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And back in LA... Here's Sauli

New FB avi

Adam Lambert on open: This fell in love with Saul

Friday 21.10.2011 at 22.36

Adam Lambert says Sauli Koskinen with the first meetings.
Adama ja Sauli tapasivat noin vuosi sitten Helsingissä.
Adama and Sauli met about a year ago in Helsinki. (SPLASHNEWS.COM / AOP)
Adam and Sauli met in Helsinki, the American star at the bar after the gig a year ago in November. Adam believes that it is wonderful that the Sauli know what kind of celebrity life.
- He understands the things that I go through. We had a direct link, but I did not know it (Saul's fame) until after the meeting, Adam tells Advocate magazine.
- I approached him. Between us was a physical attraction, but also the enormous amount of energy, than the glitz. Eye contact was something truly cohesive, communicative soljui very easily.
Adam also says that he has had only one serious, long-term relationship before Saul.


Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

 Tommy Joe Ratliff thanks to @seeinstereo enhanced by @weelassie11

Pouty lips & sweaty brow @ Cheetahs Oct 14 2011


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  1. Wow - glad I stayed up - love those Jean Morisson tweets - anyone know her role in Nile's music?
    And Adam in that Pugh jacket - that boy is right - he does love beautiful clothes - and he's the right person to wear them. Designers must salivate after him - hoping he'll wear their designs.
    And what's with Perez and his hugs and kisses or whatever - trying to get back in Adam's good graces.
    Sent alarm out to my New York relatives to keep an eye out for BB. You can't miss Adam if he's walking down the street - even in the Big Apple.
    Thanks for this great blog tonight/this morning - Luv, Lee

  2. Nile Rodgers' comments about working with Adam say it all. Rodgers, probably a legend in his own time...supporting another soon-to-be legend in his own time, Adam Lambert. Expectations for Adam's new work are high...I believe our expectations will be exceeded and then some.

  3. Fantastic blog today Gloria!
    What a great day to be an Adam fan, so much to be excited about, and the session with Niles sounds incredible! KUDOS to Nile for tweeting and sharing pics of this jam, and can't wait for the new music. It's gonna be a wild wild ride, the Adam storm has begun!
    What's with the new AdamBertdailyBLog name?
    Just curious.
    Thanks again, keep up the great work!!!!

  4. Went to Amazon and BFM is back on its list with info that Adam unfollowed Monte. Anyone have any verification of this? Lee


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