Friday, 21 October 2011

Bye Bye! 21/10/2011

Adam Lambert thanks to ?

So many updates yesterday. If you missed them:

For example: 

Bye Bye and Don't come back!

 BFM album has been taken off of and also in NZ and removed from Best Buy! 

People who preordered from Amazon got emails saying that the album was not available.

We don't know why or if it's permanent, but it's a start!

Adam Lambert thanks to ?

Last Night

Arge1983 ♡♥ღ♥♡Argeniece♡♥ღ♥♡

WITWIAL!! RT lavishhoney: at j. Mendel's cumpleanos party with Steve! And Adam Lambert is so sweet!

Arge1983 ♡♥ღ♥♡Argeniece♡♥ღ♥♡ RT fureyyyy: adamlambert I'm feeling your pomp tonight J_Mendel Congratulations to Gilles Mendel for receiving the 2011 National Design Award for Fashion Design from the Cooper Hewitt National Design... 

J_Mendel Incredible party at boom boom room for j.mendel.


Finally met @adamlambert last night. Very cool guy and he was very excited about hearing the song!!!

These were his earlier tweets!

Just got a call to go into the studio and do a song for @adamlambert Pray for my vocal cords LOL!!!
14 Oct

Session last night went amazing!!! I sang notes I have never sang before in my LIFE!!! I really hope @adamlambert likes the song!!! I DO!
15 Oct



The interview with Leila Lambert by @jeremykinser was just one those things we still have up our sleeve, Glamberts.

@Squirrely007 We're holding off until tomorrow so we everyone can participate in Spirit Day.

TheAdvocateMag @Squirrely007 We have to keep up with the news! Also, we've heard the Glambert call: There will be a contest tomorrow. Details to come.



Adam is working with Nile Rodgers!!  Confirmed by reliable source @lisaharrington4... if she says so it's true!!

Nile Rodgers and @lisaharrington4

 Lisa Harrington 

Just met the amazing !! "I"ll be working with adam lambert tomorrow

 chatting about  with the one and only  

 Lisa Harrington 

 Funny that is exactly what he said!! "you just got the scoop" how funny :-)

 Lisa Harrington 

Just got home from Adam sightings but met an amazing man@nilerodgers ..this man is a musical genius!  is in great hands


Information added to voting .... please read!

Adam Lambert performing during Idol tour 2009 thanks to Jacquie B

While you are online, listen to Sleepwalker... it's so close to 1,000,000 views!

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Unauthorized Albums

Check out the updates at the bottom of the page at this link:

You can listen to all of BFM which has been uploaded to youtube at the bottom of this page and more info added today

Misinformation about BFM thread at AO


LightLoveAdam: New pic from Mr. Black's in LA 7/19/11 (found on IDF)

Adam Lambert, Ricky Martin, Tyra Banks Support Gay Teens On Spirit Day

New IS_Tutka

Adam Lambert in Hawaiian Newspaper one year ago

GREAT Pictures in this video thanks to Perinogirls

I think this is amazing!

 hi! I drew you this picture, I know it's not very good but I'm 12 :3

Adam Lambert one year ago in Brisbane!
Adam Lambert – No1 Male Make-Up Wearer


Will I Am Upset ... and here's why we shouldn't dream of Adam's music to be leaked

Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

Tommy Joe Ratliff ready for Halloween?  Thanks to @Ms__Me
Tommy Joe Ratliff performs in Brisbane one year ago


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  1. He already has! cheesehead

  2. Very interesting and exciting tweets from Nile - this album gets more and more fascinating - looks like Adam did a 180 midway through the album - well, at least a 90 - lol. Eber's tweet definitely fits in with this probability.

    Getting really excited about these tracks. Luv, lee

  3. so excited can't wait for the new album and absolutely love the drawing the little one did so precious. thank you sweetie..hugs

  4. Holsta, your drawing is good. Adam would tell you to keep drawing and do it as much as possible if it is what you love. He did and look at him now -working on a second album we all can't wait to hear.


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