Thursday, 20 October 2011

And So We Learn! 20/10/2011

BFM album has been taken off of and also in NZ and removed from Best Buy!  More news tomorrow

Adam as a Judge at So You think you can Drag!


The Impact of Adam Lambert

Leila Lambert tells how her son’s coming out affected her family, why it’s important to be active for equality, offers advice for parents of other gay children, and reveals what she thinks of Adam’s new album.


zoobie500 Made a drink for Adam Lambert last night. Yes, that is what working at New World is sometimes like.

zoobie500 All the gay boys were sooooo jealous of me #winning


gilbertsoliz Just spotted the totally gorge! adamlambert at Barneys NYC. Such a hottie!

Adam Lambert at Starbucks today thanks to @Alex_Garvey

Thanks to @scorpiobert

Happy Spirit Day! Our Favorite Celeb Tweets Against LGBT Bullying


@tayfray32 Taylor Frasier

Moms casually eating at a restaurant in NY... @adamlambert FREAKING WALKS BY!!!!!! sigh... #jealous

And so we learn that Adam is in NYC... 
and there was not a flight twitter party!

Possible reasons for AL to go to NYC

  1) Pick his Single with RCA
2) Work with Niles Rogers
3) Judge "So you think you can drag"
4) ?

Michael Hull
The fam (minus a few) with guest host ADAM LAMBERT! (ps such a sweetheart!) 


Surprise special guest judge at So You Think You Can Drag! It's Adam Lambert!!!

@Feisty_DP: Adam lambert

Blurry, but it is all we got now.:)

Feisty_DP Drink Fight Destroy!
Oh wow some of u guys really like Adsm Lambert.. Well I have more pix of him, but I will save those for the fans that stick around for a lil


The answer is "YES"

Can Adam Lambert's Second Album Top His First?

Adam Lambert's first album, For Your Entertainment, was a colossal success selling over 1.2 million copies as of January of this year. Including all the singles, he has sold over 4.2 million units worldwide (as of January of 2011). There is no doubt that Adam Lambert is a superstar around the world. But, with success comes expectations and pressure to continue to reach new heights and sell more copies than his previous album did. It may not be fair, but all subsequent albums will be compared to For Your Entertainment.

It won't be easy for Lambert, but with his talent and strong following of loyal fans he has as good a chance as any to surpass expectations with his second major label release. 


If I had a baby with @adamlambert would our child be the lead singer of @tokiohotel ?

@adamlambert Adam Lambert@SkylarGrey haha. Probably so...;)disfunction junction.

One Year Ago in Sydney!

Click on picture for Gif

Tongue Diving at 4:20
Thanks to GlamStarLight


Adam Lambert In The Advocate: Singer Dishes On New Album, Boyfriend And Being Gay


“A Day in Gay America” Features Lesbians on Motorcycles, Adam Lambert

Check out all the Advocate pictures again here


People's Choice!  Let's Nominate Adam 

                        Favorite Male artist 
Favorite Pop artist
Favorite Tour Headliner 

Sauli Koskinen

Sauli's Blog

Sauli!  You should be putting your old stuff on Ebay! Proceeds to charity if you like. I'm guessing there is a good market for your old clothes there.

Sauli tweeted this:



@getbacktothat Oh, IS. You *would* link to some creepy doll that has been ~customized to resemble S. lol /o\


IF you see BFM ads on Facebook sidebar do this:

Click on the X at the right side
Hide this Ad
Click on Misleading


Adam Lambert performing during Idol tour 2009 thanks to Jacquie B

While you are online, listen to Sleepwalker... it's so close to 1,000,000 views!

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Unauthorized Albums

Check out the updates at the bottom of the page at this link:

You can listen to all of BFM which has been uploaded to youtube at the bottom of this page and more info added today

Misinformation about BFM thread at AO


Adam Lambert performs at the Zodiac Club September 2008

All about the Zodiac Show  via @devenlane

Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

 TommyJoe Ratliff 

Thanks for all the b-day wishes, guys! It was awesome. I got a ton of cool shit and had a lot of fun. You guys are rad! : )

 TommyJoe Ratliff 

2 years ago today, I auditioned and got to join the band. It's still so damn surreal!  , thanks for everything!! :)


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Adam Lambert Hall of Fame Pictures

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A Brand New to me favorite! Hair down, profile view and zipper pants! LOL!


  1. Yes, the doll is creepy. Yet, there is something rather arousing about it.... Am I weird? lol

  2. Well it looks like there's plenty of voting opportunities to keep us busy while we await Adam's new single. Everytime I get "voter fatigue" I just look at his photos, listen to his music, watch his videos, read one of your blogs, remember his GNT concerts, appreciate the good works he's done for others...and then I get busy voting for an entertainer who deserves all the recognition his fans and the music industry have to offer. It's all good. Peace, love and light.

  3. Gaaaaaaaa!!!! THAT picture of Adam at the Drag competition standing up with his mouth wide open - TO DIE FOR!!! Our Boy is so darn CUTE!!! That just MADE MY DAY !!! Thank you Gloria for a great blog !!! Light & Love Andrea - @Powderpuffnails YAY!!

    I LOVE Adam's new haircut- for some reason I think the shaved part makes him look younger!!! ??? With his clean shaven face and the shaving above his ear he just looks so darling! ALSO... how could I forget to comment on the GOLD GLAMBULGE PANTS !!!!!!!!! I'm kinda having a Squeeeee attack here at work- they all think I'm INSANE !!!! Have a sparkly day everyone!! Andrea @powderpuffnails

  5. Great news that BFM was removed from Amazon, Best Buy, etc. (RCA at work?) Can't fool fans so easily in this day of facebook/twitter - GOOD!
    P.S. That Zodiac pic of Adam is beyond gorgeous. THX, Gloria - Lee


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