Thursday, 3 November 2011

DM from Above! 03/11/2011

Adam Storms coming!  Thanks to ?

10:35 AM  EST today

 Adam Lambert 


First Adam tweeted this

Question questions... Just tune in and see! Trust it'll be worth it!:)MTV EMA's!

and later:

BTW, This Is Real!

@Lambertlust is a great Adam fan who has been around from the  beginning and I trust him to be honest about everything relating to Adam.  

Adam may not have wanted to tweet that information on his timeline but wanted to let us know what was going on.

(eg: this article describes the situation but says nothing about the DM info)

So , we definitely are going to see him perform at the EMAs.

Adams DM may have been in response to the info in this tweet and article


Gather - Will Adam Lambert Perform with Queen at the '2011 European Music Awards'? | 

But what are the clues indicating that Adam might be joining Queen to perform? According to theMTV EMA website, the legendary band will be honored with the "Global Icon Award" at the 2011 MTV European Music Awards. They will also take to the stage for a "special performance." Given Queen does not currently have a front man, Adam would be the perfect person to fill in for the show. He performed with the band on the season 8 finale of American Idol, and later Queen's Brian May said in an interview that at some point he would like to work with Adam.
Another hint comes from tweets from the UK. On Tuesday, a PR firm in the UK named Outside Edge welcomed Adam as one of their new clients via Twitter. The company is headed by Shoshanna Stone, who earlier in the day tweeted"I am officially ridiculously excited for the EMA's now. There will be a performance which will blow everyone away including me!" Coincidence? Maybe. This is mere speculation, but the hints seem to point towards a possible Adam Lambert performance with Queen this weekend. Or, maybe Adam will be presenting Queen with their Global Icon Award. 

Adam Lambert About to Slay the World!

Thanks to @SammieMa

TV Stations playing the EMAs on Sunday

Much Music Canada  (8PM EST)

MTV Finland


Estimated audience:  1.2 BILLION around the world!

Adam Lambert on the 2011 EMAs: 'Oh I'm going to be there and more!'

Singer-songwriter Adam Lambert has teased fans by announcing that he will have something to do with this year's MTV EMAs. 
The vocal powerhouse and pop superstar posted a message to his 1.2 million followers on social networking site Twitter yesterday, November 2, that simply said:
"Make sure you tune in to the EMA's this Sunday."
This cryptic tweet prompted an onslaught of questions and speculation, and when asked by one of his loyal fans if he was confirmed to appear at the ceremony in Belfast he publicly exclaimed:
"Oh I'm going to be there and more. ;) Questions questions... Just tune in and see! Trust it'll be worth it! :) MTV EMA's!"
The 2011 European Music Awards will be held at Belfast's Odyssey Arena on November 6 and will be broadcast on MTV from 9pm BST. 

Event Time Announcer: Times around the world

EMA\'s (MTV European Music Awards)

JOKE!!!!   So many Rumours!

@danzr4ever: @adamlambert So I hear you're performing your new single with Bowie at the request of the queen of England at the EMA's in a black bodysuit



I've really got to learn to keep my big Northern gob shut! Power of t'internet is RIDIC!!! One tweet has caused HAVOC around the world! lol

in response to the hoopla over this tweet which he deleted


New Single  11/11/11

That date is the dawning of The Age of Aquarius!

I believe this is gonna happen so I'm sticking with this story!

 Neil Lambert 

Plus, if you think Sunday's a big deal. Wait until 2:00PST a week from Friday!

(might be Neil seeing a movie but I don't think so!)

This date is a big deal because it won't happen again in our lifetime.  (My other Adam (dreamhealer) is getting married at 11:11 on that date and he knows a lot of spiritual stuff.)   

Adam Lambert is gonna do something epic on the same date and I'm going with NEW SINGLE!  It's going to be very special for many reasons!

More about 11/11


Adam's Godson @riffcherry thanks to @scarlettcherry

Use that Flailing Energy to do something good for ADAM now!

 We can do it too!

People's Choice Nominations
Write Adam Lambert in the "Other Box" for Favorite Male Artist, 
Favorite Pop Artist, 
FavoriteTour Headliner

==================== (@)

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Hi! Sorry I haven't been here lately. I just want you to know that will be back. It's still under construction and I'm working on it. It will be great when I'm done. Things have just gone slower than I planned because I've been really sick. I'm still sick but I'm starting to feel better. That means I have more energy to be working with my website again.

Of course I will let you know when the site is back!

Thanks to GlamStarlight


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ninagarciaNina Garcia
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glamloverx shayna
@ninagarcia @adamlambert Well in that case- we glamberts should get on that hashtag lol!:)

ninagarciaNina Garcia
@glamloverx exactly!


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 Adam Lambert and Tommy Joe Ratliff and friend at Terrance Spencer's birthday!

Lots of pictures of Tommy performing with Ravi Dhar here:


Life can only be lived looking forward, but understood looking backward.

Expect problems and eat them for breakfast.

Thanks for all the beautiful comments today!  Very much appreciated anytime!  XO

There is no negativity from anyone.  Just needed to hear from you today!


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  1. Yes,yes,yes I LOVE your blog!!!!! It is the first one I go to every morning, between 9 and 10 my time. It has everything I need to know about upcoming events and great pictures and stories. I would be lost without it. Thank you so much for all your hard work. It IS appreciated. Jennifer

  2. Gloria, another excellent blog!! I've been following Adam Lambert since the beginning, and I've belonged to so many groups. Yours is a source of daily upliftment and my very favorite. It is pure joy rising. I absolutely love the positive and spiritual approach!! I look forward to it every morning. I can feel your love for Adam Lambert coming through in such a profound way and it makes me feel so connected to him and the Glamily. Thank you so much!!

  3. I adore your blog. It is the first one that I found early in 2010 when I first got really into Adam and I depend on it and love it. I hope you can feel the love we all have for you!

  4. This is all so very exciting!!!! Thanks Gloria for a great read at breakfast....cannot wait till Sunday:)))))

  5. I've been following Adam Lambert since the AI auditions, and must have found your blog as soon as, or shortly after, you first posted. It has been, and still is, my favorite! Love your approach to everything. It is now the first, and often only, place I go for my Adam update. Love Adam. Love your blog. Love you.

  6. I love your blog. I read it everyday.I get most of my background pictures here. I appreciate all your time and effort. Thank you

  7. As you can see these emo's say it all -- your blog is lovestruck when it comes to Adam lambert
    And i'm blowing you kisses - twice cos you are worth 2 of most of us!!-- please keep up the good work--
    its fascinating following all the info you get
    Some of it can be confoosing!!! rumours , tweets, definite maybes?!??!
    But i get a laugh out of it and im SOOO glad you do the digging & collating
    All in all lots to think about -- AND on a daily basis

    so THANK YOU and keep up the great work


  8. I'm just writing to let you know I LOVE your daily Adam blog! THANK YOU!!! You give me my first Adam fix every morning and I can't wait to see what each new day brings in our Glambertized world! The pics are always fantastic! Keep up the Adamazing work! Your blog is def one of the BEST! I AM AN ADAM FAN 4EVER!!!!

    Now I REALLY I can't wait for 11/11/11!!!

    Muah!!! <3<3<3


  9. Can't start my morning's until I read your blog. You always have the most up to date info of any blog out there. I don't comment much but I do read you EVERY day!!!!!!! You do an ADAMAZING job and we all appreciate it sooooo much!
    Thank you for all your hard work and dedication!!!!!!

  10. My comment

    I can't breath in the morning until I read your blog.
    Seriously, the closer we get to the storm the more
    info, sightings, rumors, photos... I mean, I'm on twitter
    half of the day and I can't keep up but I KNOW
    that you will capture it all and it will be waiting for me
    with my morning coffee.

    You are my main reference. My go to for everything Adam.

    For me, yours has been the best, must reliable, must entertaining
    and easiest to read blog in the entire Adamsphere.

    I love the special picture I get in the email and cant wait to click on the
    url to see what surprises I missed or want to see over and over.

    If another Glambert is looking for a picture, article, interview...
    I know just where to find it.

    Please don't even think for a moment that you are not appreciated.
    I need (and appreciate) your blog like I need my coffee in the morning.

    As for a constructive suggestion (and I don't know how constructive it is),
    I read your blog all the way to the bottom, including the comments and clicking on
    the for @adamlambert button, I'd prefer a link to the Hall of Fame Pictures.
    As much as I love each of those it would be nice to either have them rotating or new ones
    just one and a link. But, how can I really argue with perfection?

    You are the best and I hope you have the strength and determination to keep us posted.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart,


  11. Hi Gloria--

    I ALWAYS want you to keep your site going--YOU are the only site I look at when it comes to ADAM!!!!! I LOVE YOUR SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PLEASE keep it going!!!!!!!

    LOVE YOU!!!

    Anytime anyone pulls you down
    Anytime anyone says your not allowed
    Just remember you are not alone
    In the Aftermath

    Aftermath lyrics Adam Lambert

  12. i love adam and i love glamberts and am proud to be in that number! gloria, you ROCK with all of the adam love and info. adam is going global and this time it's gonna be forever!!!

  13. Hi Gloria,

    NOW YOU'VE GOT ME EXCITED!!! Can't wait for Sunday night.

  14. you are the best source of Adam Info that there is, even his FB page doesn't come close to what you provide. I am so starving for new material from him but you make available some way to give me something great. I can hardly wait to see your blog every morning, please don't ever even consider stopping, you make many hearts happy. You keep us all so up to date, how else would we know all that you find out about Adam? Thanks again, I can hardly wait till the new music and interviews and concerts start up again, you will be VERY busy then, (not that you aren't now)so thanks again.

  15. Thanks for getting me squared away with my email prob, Gloria! I can NOT go one day without your info! Thank you so much for keeping us all Adamized!

  16. Gloria, I know your blog requires a personal sacrifice of your time and effort. I am not alone is stating that your blog is my "go to" source for Adam. You have the most complete, current and constant information out there. You should have no doubt about the importance of your work to our loyal glamily. I think your blog is better than Adam's fan site.

    Is your commitment to this blog overwhelming your personal life? Do you need help? Do you need some compensation? I am willing to help in any way to keep you going.

    You are sooooooo appreciated!!!
    Chris Weller - Shimmerdream

  17. hoping that is the date for new single would make a great Bday present for myself even if it's a little earlier then my actual Bday. also sorry for the comment spam trying to catch up on all the Adam news been busy

  18. I LOVE your blog, I read it every day without exception. I'm sending you Light & LOTS OF LOVE and the strength to do what is right for YOU. xoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxo Andrea @Powderpuffnails

  19. Just want to let you know that I LOVE your adamquotedaily blog! It's so helpful because I can't catch all of the info on Twitter and you totally help me keep up with what's happening. Thank you so much!!


  20. Hi Gloria, I don't know why I'm not always successful with posting, but I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you. Your blog is a bright Ray of sunshine for those of us who love and support Adam. London. Yay. Thank you: D Glenda

  21. Gloria,
    I love your blog too!!!!
    And today half way done
    my 16 hr shift at work
    I am able to access it!!!!

    So excited for Sunday!!!

    I also predict 11/11/11

    xo Virg

  22. All those Adam Lambert fan sites have nothing to compare to what you provide in your daily blog. I have my morning coffee reading your blog because I know that everything I NEED to know will be there. It can't be easy sustaining such a high level of excellence but everyday you seem to manage it. Not only is your labor of love meaningful...I need it for your daily dose of Adam. Thank you. Peace, love, and light.

  23. "London" - my heart leapt with joy. Thank you, Gloria, for all you do - appreciate it more than I can ever say. Love to you - Lee


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