Friday, 4 November 2011

Two Days! 04/11/2011

kirstiealley Kirstie Alley

anyone else think it's weird that the Hos come out the woodwork to claim stuff right when an artist is releasing a new album? #blackmail


 Damon Baker 

Dinner and drinks with the fab fierce  and 

our bitches!! X db

Damon is part of this photo company

Luke Abby
Great evening out in London with and  who is such a sweetie! New york next week! Bring it on America!
HARVIIKILLS: Omg! Just bumped into adamlambert! THANKYOU!!!!
 yeah his Boyf was :), Na, I was gonna go & where are you from? 

Adam Lambert and Sauli Koskinen  (Just cuz I'm hoping they are together in London!)

davidguetta On my way to the MTV music award rehearsal. The show is gonna be a big surprise!

aliasshenise Brian May was interviewed on local radio station and announced @ladygaga will be performing with Queen on Sunday night! Wow!! #MTVEMA

(so if Adam's involved, he could be performing with Gaga or other super stars!)

And Tokio Hotel will be performing so Adam will finally meet Bill  (LOL!)


Only Two More Days !

mtvema MTV EMA

Backstage sneak peek at the #mtvema

Adam Lambert and Brian May of Queen thanks to ?

Meat Loaf (?) and Brian May discussing Adam Lambert!

EMA Predictions- what are yours?

1)  What is Adam going to sing?

2)What is Adam going to wear?

3) What are the Headlines going to say?

My answers:

1)  Don't Stop Me Know (Mr Fahrenheit),  Somebody to love,  Another one bites the dust   (My dream would be my favorite Queen song, "I Want to Break Free" but I dont think so)

2)    Skin tight black leather pants  and coat... Red shirt,  medges

3)  Lambert Raises the Mercury

Poll Report
Which Queen song do you MOST want Adam Lambert to sing on Sunday at the EMAs?


The Sing Off Does Queen- this is so amazing!

Queen looking for New Talent

Adam Lambert favorite picture from
  Thanks for  sharing 

Livestreams for Sunday EMA Show


Canada:  Much Music

Finland:  MTV

Time of Concert around the world
They Love Him Too!

Even tho ADAM LAMBERT doesn't currently have a

 song in the VH1 Top 20 Countdown, his image is 


used in promos on the Website's home page! 

Screencap by @GaleChester.

Adam's Godson @riffcherry thanks to @scarlettcherry

Use that Flailing Energy to do something good for ADAM now!

 We can do it too!

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Majors and Minors

Adam Lambert to Appear on Majors & Minors Nov. 13th!

Mark your calendar Glambert fans! Adam is set to appear on Majors & Minors on Sunday, Nov. 13th! The show airs at 7PM EST/4PM PST on The Hub. Learn more about the show here

And in "The World is full of Slime" Category!

Unauthorized Albums

Updates on Lawsuit and Glambert fan legal opinion 
(without all the facts)

Thanks to ?  Thought this was an interesting statement and it won't post on the other site so here it is

Monte interview from 2009

X Factor's' Stacy Francis: Perez Hilton Has Teamed Up With My Abusive Ex Against Me
Hilton’s assault on the singer’s reputation began last week afterhe stated she was too old to be a pop singer and American Idolalum Adam Lambert jumped in to defend her. The whole exchange has confused Francis as she tells THR that she believed Hilton was a fan and he had expressed as much.

Adam Lambert... favorite picture thanks to Bellina

"Nice" Pictures.... Adam started following this site


Thanks for all the beautiful comments yesterday!  Very much appreciated anytime!  XO

Prepare yourself for more of this!

Thanks to Jesha84

Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

Tommy Joe Ratliff in Honolulu thanks to @FoxVegas

Tommy Joe Ratliff thanks to  ?

Taylor Green dances on X-Factor


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A Brand New to me favorite! Hair down, profile view and zipper pants! LOL!


  1. Dee Wallace, Canada4 November 2011 at 11:10

    I can't guess what Adam will wear on Sunday night, but I do just know for sure that he wont be naked except for a pair of white short shorts, baseball cap & kerchief like Freddy Mercury in this video! Too bad, huh? LOL

    I'm so excited about this upcoming performance that I could burst!

  2. LOL - loved that new headshot with the black curlicue earring. Trifle photoshopped, of course, but those iconic features - gotta be the boy.

    And should we be annoyed at the ambiguity of all of Adam's tweets (Neil's,too) - Will whatever it is at the EMA's live up to what we hope for him? Dunno. Hope Adam hasn't over-hyped it. I'm uneasy - time for a drink. Luv, Lee

  3. So happy Sauli is there too!! Love the way they share the joy. My sense is that Sauli is a very calming force. I'm so glad Adam has someone special to share these beautiful moments.

  4. I'll take Adam singing ANY song of Queens but I would love to hear him sing "Fat-bottomed Girls" at one of his own concerts because we Glamberts ARE his fat-bottomed girls and we are determined to make his "Rockin' world go round!"

  5. i'm so pissed because i have somewhere to be and won't get to see just hoping someone will record it and share otherwise i'm totally going to pout for days

  6. Imagine: Adam, Queen and David Bowie singing Under Pressure. Oh that would be divine. But anything Adam will sing will be divine. I can't wait

  7. BTW, pretty sure the bottom TJR picture is thanks to Tommy himself. I'm 100% sure that's one of the first things he posted on his Tumblr- so I guess you could say it's Tommy Joe Ratliff thanks to Tommy Joe Ratliff.


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