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For the Beauty! 10/11/2011

The beauty in this interview has rendered me speechless once again!

(Thanks to scearly on Adamtopia for posting it and bringing it to my attention again!)


There needs to be something in your life that you enjoy just for the beauty of it.

(Thanks for being my something Adam!)


Adam Lambert Via @Jadelle1

Adam Lambert and fan Thanks to 

Thanks to @GaleChester


Everything about the MTVEMA Performance

Links, videos, Downloads, articles, pictures


Adam Lambert looking beautiful

Adam Lambert Wows UK Press with Preview of New Music


Coming Soon!

shoshannastone @UKGlambert Adam's first big UK press interview will run in January.

JohnKearns  John has written a piece on @adamlambert for The Irish News - published in stores and online this Friday #adamlambert

@shoshannastone @UKGlambert keep an eye on the Sunday Times in January

UK Daily Star  thanks to ?

Here's a list of the stuff Adam got in the  EMA goodie bag: 


Adam Lambert and @riffcherry (his Godson)

Check out all the beautiful pictures here:   (you can feel the joy!)


Adam Mentioned some of his music would be like this:


Queen Presented With Global Icon Award, Welcome American Idol Winner Adam Lambert For Final Medley

A medley of Queen hits, from The Show Must Go On, through We Will Rock You and finishing with a resounding We are the Champions, gave May the chance to strike his familiar guitar notes and, while no-one is Freddy Mercury, Lambert was a well-matched stand-in, stylish in a long leather coat, velvet black quiff and flamboyant manner, during a turn that will do him no harm in finding a bigger audience in Europe.


More Articles about Adam and Queen

Flecking Records described the performance as “flawless,” saying: “Adam looked great, he looked natural on stage with Brian and Roger, you just couldn’t fault him.”
Hollywood Reporter said: "To the delight and surprise (of the audience), Lambert appeared." said: “Such a task would no doubt be daunting for many a singer, but not for Lambert,” adding that he “infused his own brand of genius to the arrangement”.

Fans were treated to one such combo at the 2011 MTV Europe Music Awards on Sunday, where Queen were honored with the Global Icon Award. Guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor used the occasion to reunite with ‘American Idol’ alum Adam Lambert, who performed with them on that show in 2009; this time around, the trio delivered live renditions of ‘The Show Must Go On,’ ‘We Will Rock You,’ and ‘We Are the Champions.’
After the ceremony, May, Taylor, and Lambert were interviewed by the BBC. Lambert, whose vocal style is frequently compared to deceased Queen frontman Freddie Mercury, paid tribute to the iconic singer’s talent, saying, “It was such an honor to be asked to sing with Queen…the music they created together broke the mold for what rock music was. Freddie’s spirit lives on.”

And after 40 years, the band is still well-known – at the MTV Video Music Awards back in August, guitarist Brian May performed “You and I” live with Lady Gaga, and Adam Lambert channeled Freddie onstage with the rest of the band members during the MTV Europe Music Awards this past weekend. Academics have even deemed Queen’s “We Are The Champions” as the catchiest song of all time.


 Newer pictures from Supperclub LA  via )


Adam Lambert posed for the cameras backstage at the EMA 2011, and by "posed" we of course mean "Smized." With a capital "S."

 MTV Buzzworthy 

Here it is. The best photo of  ever. Period. No contest. 

 Adam Lambert 

 lol I look crazy-had just finished w Queen and I was a sweaty mess in that hot press tent. Wool stage wear ain't practical.

MTVBuzzworthy @adamlambert Who else but you could say 'I just finished singing with QUEEN?' AMAZING! And that face is just another way of saying WERQUE!


More Downloads

thisurge: Been looking for this pic for days! @adamlambert & I again, the day I met him on my 17th birthday. :}


 Tim Foster 

The culinary adventure at Tao NYC with the peace contest winner and friends! 


Fun Trip Down Memory Lane


Fan Video with a message thanks to @LambertGlowBug 


@KaylaLafary @adamlambert here's my clock that I made in woodshop


UH HUH Interview

A: (Camila Grey) I am.

JN: I know he has new music coming out. Are you going around on that tour also?

A: (Camila Grey) I don't know yet. We have spoken a little bit since he has been working on his writing and I have been on the road. I don't know how my little body is going to handle it yet. I will be involved in it some way or another.


Thanks to @izla_zandz.  

This sums up my feelings too

Adam Lambert's twitter fandom versus BFM: A letter in reply to the various letters that crop up in my feed:

While I can't speak for anyone but myself, I can make it clear that the only reason I am on twitter is to support Adam Lambert, and to share that experience with other like-minded people. 

In short, I belong to a particular branch of Adam Lambert's 'fandom' which chiefly uses twitter for its sharing and caring.

Over time this fandom has embraced artists who for one or reason or another are or have been connected to Adam in some way; 'idol' artists, Adam's own friends, and most recently the members of Adam's GNT band. For the most part, these fandom offshoots have been enjoyable side-shows to the main show, and have caused no rifts in the fandom. 

But now one of those off-shoots IS causing a rift. The BFM controversy has created a 'sides" situation that cannot be ignored, or glossed over with claims that - bottom line - it is all about music. It's not. It's a fandom issue. It's about how BFM is impacting on a twitter fandom which has the career and work of Adam Lambert as its central focus. 

Anyone who thinks it should be possible to belong to this dedicated fandom while simultaneously supporting something which is clearly an obstacle in Adam's career pathway - BFM and its lawsuit - is mistaken. 

And anyone who thinks feelings won't, or shouldn't, run high in the fandom over BFM and lawsuit issues are mistaken.

It's a fandom issue. Whatever the backstory to BFM and the lawsuit, - and I have seen some comments made along the lines of 'there are two sides to every story" - it is totally irrelevant to the fandom's focus which is to support Adam Lambert.

If people want to support BFM or any of the parties involved that is fine, but to expect the members of Adam Lambert's twitter fandom to support or even simply accept your position is a little foolish. It ain't gonna happen.

So does this mean some people are going to feel ostracised for their 'diversity' of opinion? Possibly. In real life we may have to tolerate differences of opinion within our families and communities, and do our best to get along, but that is not the case on twitter. One of the joys of twitter, and of belonging to Adam Lambert's fandom, is sharing a common interest with like-minded people. 

I think the majority of fans in Adam's twitter fandom do not support BFM, are angry about the lawsuit, and don't want to be pressured to accept opposing views from people who have their feet in two camps. They don't care about the backstory to the various parties involved. They don't want to know 'the two sides to the lawsuit story'. They want to express their feelings - such as their objections to things they see as obstacles to Adam's career and work - freely, sometimes too freely, but hey, that's all part of belonging to Adam's twitter fandom.

I'm sad that friendships have been strained or broken by the BFM controversy, but mainly I just want to get on with supporting Adam and his career and having fun with people who share that focus.

Perhaps the folks who want to be able to be fans of Adam while simultaneously supporting BFM and artists involved in BFM, should start a fandom of their own, one that reflects THEIR shared interests and focuses on twitter. That way we can all enjoy our interests and not feel out of place.

It's a fandom thing. It's not about taking sides on the BFM controversy. 

We're all entitled to our own twitter fandom interests, and mine happens to be Adam Lambert. I love lots of different music and share that love from time to time, but I mainly use twitter to share the central focus of Adam Lambert's career and work with like-minded people.

Once you understand that your success doesn't depend 

upon the failure of others you'll become less of a jerk.

UnAuthorized Albums

Added some fan legal opinions.......



Eileen McCoy  I think it is very important that we, as Adam's fans, remain very respectful when dealing with media, DJ's. Stay calm. Above all be polite.



Sauli... don't ever sing on stage with Adam please! 
(Visions of Yoko)

I guess this is the way to advertise a new album?

Rihanna’s Talk That Talk Is The Dirtiest Pop Record Since Madonna’s Erotica 


Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

@TommyJoeRatliff Do you think you will go on tour with Adam on his next tour?

in reply to ↑
@Kathryn17 you know it : )

@TommyJoeRatliff whatd ya think of @adamlambert and queen?!:D

in reply to ↑

@rainbowglitterx I thought it was brilliant. Nobody else could have done that

Baby's Arm holding an Apple response in this video


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A Brand New to me favorite! Hair down, profile view and zipper pants! LOL!

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  1. beautiful way to start my morning before heading out the door for a days worth of doctor appointments. thank you for always making my day a little brighter and I love all the new stuff happening with adam so excited and can't wait for the new album or first single

  2. I just wanted to say I now have Logo thanks to Adam. I'm so glad I added it because it was another level to see Adam on the TV in all his amazing glory. Love the beautiful sound on today's sound only video. I'll be playing that many times. Thanks so much. You must be exhausted. I am and I'm just taking it all in. Glenda

  3. I read the entire complaint in the law suit as well, and the attached exhibit contracts. I agree that this doesn't affect anything with RCA, and it doesn't make Adam ineligible to particpate as a contestant on Idol. It's all about money as are nearly all law suits. It will settle for whatever monetary amounts and life will move forward for all the parties. This is a hiccup in Adam's career, not a set back. I have faith in Adam's crack legal team and of course, Adam. He knows what he's doing. One can see from the first Exhibit... he circles words and asks what they mean in that context. He's a smart cookie and he will take good care of himself.


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