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He's Coming Home! 09/11/2011


@adamlambert thanks for the follow. Mr. Safe flight back to the US.;)

(After conquering the EMA's)


We've just had a visit from ! What a nice guy... the new tunes are sounding fab too. (8AM EST)

(Guessing Adam is leaving sometime today?)

Perfect Sound!  Listen while you look!  Thanks to @ScorpioBert @Lynneville


Ladies and Gentlemen - Queen!
11.7.11 by juniemoon

To say that last night was the night of nights to be an Adam Lambert fan is the understatement of the century. Stepping out of the role of “Adam Lambert” and into the role of pure and nameless rock singer, Adam delivered perhaps the most individual, multi-faceted, and emotionally affecting performance of his career.

At first when the band was introduced simply as “Queen,” I gasped. How would anyone know who Adam was? Then, I saw him, standing in the shadows, and I realized – this performance was all about music. Brian May and Roger Taylor were licking their chops like cats about to devour a canary. Not for these survivors a traditional tribute, in which stars unworthy to stand in the shadow of the greats shuffle on and off the stage to sing a line or two of bygone hits, while the honorees applaud from their wheelchairs. Not for these graying legends a tribute of any kind, but a performance to remember, and on their own terms.

Scroll down to the entire article at this link
 Adam Lambert after EMA performance.. (A Glambert must have been standing in front of Adam causing the reflection of stars in his glasses!)

Adam at :24 and :38

MTV Greece

QueenWillRock Queen Official
Interview: Queen and Adam Lambert - 6 November 2011

Glambert Nails Freddie Mercury

Former American Idol contestant Adam Lambert performed a three-song medley with Brian May and Roger Taylor of Queen at the weekend's MTV EMAs, proving himself easily the best replacement for Freddie Mercury sinceGeorge Michael did the honours at the late singer's tribute concert almost 20 years ago. Brian May certainly thought so, saying, "Adam's voice reaches out with sensitivity, depth, maturity, and awesome range and power which will make jaws drop all around the world."

Yes, He is Hot!

Thanks to @glaMisa_l7Misaki Lambert

Pictures thanks to Getty Images... link below

Adam Lambert Kills It With Queen at VMAs, Fun Home To Be a Musical


Adam Lambert was unfortunately missing in action at our own VMAs in LA this year but he somehow showed up at the MTV European VMAs in Belfast, Ireland of all places. Get ready for eight minutes of Adam in black leather as he joins Queen on stage for a medley of the classics, “Show Must Go On,” “We Will Rock You,” and “We Are the Champions.”

(If you read the article above, it goes on to talk about Ricky Martin. Actually, I've been thinking about him since we figured that Adam would be performing at the EMAs.  Back in 1999, when Ricky performed at the AMAs, I didn't spend much time listening to music but was blown away by him.  I can remember buying Ricky's album and being interested in his career ever since. At the time, this was pretty risque.  Makes me laugh now! 

Anyone remember this one?

I'm happy to think of the many people who may be affected by Adam in the same way following his incredible performance with Queen.  New fans everywhere!

Adam around 2:02, 2:13, 2:28 

Playlist of Audience Vids thanks to @lambosessed

Video from Japan


Ok, it’s not the best news we’ve heard, but we’re still buzzing after that Queen performance.
The release of Adam Lambert’s forthcoming single will be delayed.

Adam at 9:53

"I love Queen cuz I am a Queen and will always be a Queen"

Videos of Queen at the EMAs are being removed  (Keep this one thanks to @GaleChester


SKINGRAFT: @AdamLambert performing in @SKINGRAFT Ribbed Leather Leggings w/ @QueenWillRock at 


46 Great Pictures Here!

Adam Lambert was one of the many stars in attendance at the MTV Europe Music Awards in Belfast last night. Wearing all black leather, Adam joined Queen on stage for performances of classic songs “We Will Rock You,” “We Are the Champions” and “The Show Must Go On.” We’ve got pics from Adam’s red carpet arrival as well as his performance.

Read more: Adam Lambert MTV Europe Music Awards Pics

Adam Lambert (right) jam on stage with the Queen song finale.  (Getty Images photo)

《全美一叮》妖男歌手Adam Lambert深受Queen已故主音

Freddie Mercury影響,頒獎禮上Queen獲頒全球經典偶像

獎,Adam與Queen結他手Brian May一起上台表演Queen



"America's a bite," demon male singer Adam Lambert by the late Queen vocalist Freddie Mercury influence, the ceremony, Queen Award was awarded the world's classic idol, Adam and Queen guitarist Brian May performing on stage with Queen songs, but Adam has on Twitter celebrate with the "boyfriend" Sauli Koskinen the first anniversary of dating.

Fun Review

And finally – it starts……. Selena introduces Queen (no mention of Adam). We hear sumptuous violins and drums….. and then a mysterious voice….
adam strutting on stage
A superb, resonant, beautiful, epicvoice. We can see a silhouette. It’s long and thin, with epic hair. The voice continues, blowing the audience away, blending spectacularly with the familiar heart-wrenching sound of Brian May on guitar (epic!!). And finally we get close enough to see who it is and…… and…. a stage light blinds us!!! FFS! (NOT epic!)

But it’s him. There’s no doubt. And he moves slightly so we can see that glorious face and his expression – so happy and excited and INTO it.
At this point, tho I hadn’t really noticed yet, my mouth had dropped open. I can’t swear I didnt drool a little.
It shames me to admit I didn’t know the song he was singing, but it sounded absolutely fantastic and he was hitting notes I couldn’t believe!  He ended with a long perfect scream note that was just not of this earth. (Note to wannabe’s – THAT’s how it’s done kids!)


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  1. He could be leaving tomorrow, as well. That James guy could have put that because he won't see him again during Adam's visit.

  2. Hilarious "I'm a Queen and always will be!"

  3. wow lots of wonderful stuff here will have to spend the morning reading and watching but great way to spend a cold day. thank you hugs


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