Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Dear Amazing Fans! 08/11/2011

The Accolades Continue......

Jesus that Adam lambert can sing... Pure talent ...

Michael Orland
  I DID see that performance - he was AMAZING!!!! So proud of that boy, it's fricking crazy.

markgilroymusic Mark Gilroy Who's this Adam Lambert chap then? Just knocked the socks off 'We Are The Champions'! #mtvemas

cybilspider Cybil Spider
@shoshannastone @adamlambert I want to crawl through Adam Lambert's quiff. Go on, make a little, London spider's day!

cybilspider Cybil Spider
@mtvvmas backstage with Queen. The new Freddie has Elvis hair. We SO sleeping in there tonight yfrog.com/nyjrxdnj

_nthn_hll_ Nathan Hall
why the fuck did adam lambert not win american idol? FUCK YOU AMERICA.

Nathan Hall

_nthn_hll_ Nathan Hall

Mark Gilroy @adamlambert dude, I'm sure most armies don't have as much support as your fans. Your Queen duet was INSANE. You have a new fan

SarahTetteh Sarah Tetteh
Fun times at Roka with @adamlambert and @shoshannastone. V excited for his album to drop, Freddie Mercury junior, let's go! Heeeeeyx

If You Don't like Adam's present hairstyle



Chartshowtv Chart Show TV We just heard 6 tracks from new@adamlambert album - he played them to us personally! It's gonna blow up in the UK - seriously good stuff


digitalspy Digital Spy
DS's @RyanJL met @adamlambert earlier for a preview of his new material. Ryan seems very excited by it, #glamberts!

 Adam Lambert News

So probably a billion people are wondering who 

was that gorgeous man with the voice of an angel

declan richards
 pls come back to belfast for a gig. u were amazing on sunday and i was starstruck when u stopped on stagged and stared at me :)
"Adam Lambert brought the blues to the pink carpet. The flamboyant singer paired retro a blue suite suit with an edgy pulsating floral printed shirt. He polished his blue look off with navy hair and electric blue shoes."
"By far the nicest and most down to earth celebrity I met for the second time (first time he was with Bella & Tyra Show) is Adam Lambert. Or the happiest celebrity of them all was probably David Hasselhoff, haha. But Adam is so incredibly nice and does not let fame go to his head. We met both on the red carpet and after party. Since Adam was the world's bloody hit-appearing with Queen . It is not easy to sing the high notes ... See the movie at the bottom of the youtube if you missed the gala. Where he sings "Show must go on" . More info / gossip from celebrities and red carpet will, I will take a little at a time" 
Pictures at this link

Two pictures of Adam and Queen

Adam around 2:02, 2:13, 2:28 

"I love Queen cuz I am a queen and will always be a queen"

Playlist of Audience Vids thanks to @lambosessed


Video from Japan


: What I can tell u is a lot of questions u want answering will be revealed in a Rolling Stones interview


Just listening to  new album..... All uptempo apart from 2 ballads & 1 midtempo. Some old skool funk! 

Adam can't decide what the 1st single should be. Hav 3 possibilities. I gave him my 'expert' opinion. 


Have got down to 16 tracks but album is expected to have 12. He's worked with a couple of 'unexpected' producers. 


Sorry guys but can't give any details of  album or songs. All top secret. Expect single early next year & album march time.

Thanks to @lulu2635 (I think)

J: Hav got to say  fans seem to be the most loyal / committed out there. Huge love from the today. 
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This week @AdamLambert mentors the @HubTVNetwork/majors-and-minors-cast on stage presence. Check out a new photo:http://on.fb.me/udRKEm

Adam tweeted at around 1AM EST:

 Adam Lambert 

You can do anything but lay off of my blue suede shoes!!

Adam Lambert's photo You can do anything but lay off of my blue suede shoes!!

To which Dadbert responded:

@milestougeaux Miles Tougeaux
@adamlambert Glambo Smurf has left the building

Adam Lambert apologises to fans as his new single suffers another delay

Adam Lambert has admitted to his fans that his 
highly anticipated new single has suffered yet 

Adam Lambert is sorry for having to postpone the release of his new single. The "Sleepwalker" singer posted his apology when announcing the delay on Twitter. The Grammy-nominated musician cited "some unforeseen logistics, legal annoyances and creative details" as the reason of the pushback.

@LeytonB Leyton Bracegirdle

2 parties with a free bar and carrying on to G-A-Y late - I don't think Ill be looking my best for Adam Lambert tomorrow. Ha!  (Party is today)

L: Soooo I just spent an hour with adamlambert listening to 6 tracks from his new album! AMAZE!

(8 AM EST)

RyanJL Ryan Love

@adamlambert Super to meet you today Adam. Material is sounding bloody fantastic! Can't wait to have a proper chat around release time

StefanieFaleo stefanieItaliaFaleo
Me and the lovely @adamlambert this morning. Looking forward to interviewing him early next year, when he's new material is released. twitpic.com/7c3o2g


This Morning
 Chartshowtv On way to a meeting with adamlambert - hopefully a sneak peak of some new tracks too - not a bad way to start Tuesday! 

John Kearns
About to play  on the radio

Uploaded by QueenRockBand1 in HD

Brian May and Adam signing after the EMAs

EMA Performance thanks to @lambosessed!!! Perfect!

EMA-QM from Lambosessed on Vimeo.


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The Spirit of Queen, the Embrace of an Angel.
This was a total quickie I did this afternoon at my desk. (11-7-11')
Adam is in the dark before the light go up on the stage with Queen at the 2011 MTV EMA's. He feels a loving embrace from a Seraphim. With this touch he knows that all is well.
Subjects: Adam Lambert and the ghost of the late Freddie Mercury.
Media: Ebony type pence, #2 pencil on white craft paper.


"We Are The Champions" specially sounded extremely passionate and touching. In effect, the 'no time for losers' lyrics took a new meaning, and most of the audience could feel it (check out the video).

Adam Lambert deserves a lot more than he has achieved so far. On the other hand, the rest of the MTV VMA Europe event was full of -mostly- overrated pop stars set to disappear within three or four years.

Freddie Mercury himself would be proud of Adam Lambert, and Rock and Roll fans are expecting to hear great new music from him some time later

History was made last night when Season 8 runner-up Adam Lambertfronted the iconic band Queen at the European Music Awards. Queen received this year’s Global Icon Award at the EMAs, and they closed the show with Adam by performing an amazing medley including “The Show Must Go On,” “We Will Rock You,” and “We Are The Champions.” 

2. Adam Lambert Teams With Queen:
The Global Icon Award winners teamed with the American Idol firebrand for a medley of hits including "Show Must Go On," "We Will Rock You," and "We Are the Champions." Glad he's still rocking the Matrix coat!

"American Idol" runner-up Adam Lambert joined Queen for the show's concluding medley performance of "The Show Must Go On," "We Will Rock You" and "We Are the Champions." Decked out in an oversize black trench coat and matching black ensemble, Lambert showcased his over-the-top vocals alongside the iconic group.

Chloe's Corner (very adorable!)


Thanks to mariep

Pressparty Pressparty: @adamlambert Thanking all the Glamberts for the 300+ RTs on this story. Adam would be very happy! Big Hug PP x.http://bit.ly/vUUBQ8

Pressparty Pressparty : @adamlambert Our cover boy!! Congratulations and love from Pressparty and all your supporters PP xhttp://pressparty.com




Kind of Tranlated!

Year Celebration and Finland hits!

11/08/2011 Author: Sauli Koskinen
This week, the program has been a Finland-parties and anniversary!Anniversary was held in the stadium loved ones, and were followed for the MTV EMAs broadcast. Thank you for your wonderful shows, my dear! I recommend to watch the Queen, bet on Youtube: this gala was interesting to watch in its entirety. Anyway wonder aroused by David Hassellhoffin presence and, of course, Lady Gaga's special living castles. Cone that covered the whole Gaga's face is not just bitten me, but after all, he just a great performer! Roses lähettäisin Bruno Mars and twigs LMFAO's gone nuts.
Onpahan year passed quickly ... Finnish-American mid-term has become well known and the aircraft has received a lot probably is something else of worth. By fits a lot of memorable experiences, as well as high risks and choices. I'm in the middle of all this anyway nestled aloilleni American country. Anniversary I got a wonderful package of home and a big thanks to the better half! :)
So much for sentimentality, and relevant! ;) Celebrated this weekend in Finland, bileitä correctly works concession. In the past we have had only a small junket, but now the whole was less than 20 people crowd together! Playlist from Finland found hits Kikasta Mikko Alatalo so there probably will be guesswork was a good party ;) "Rikoo risk is ugly!" Finnish there never can be too much so that everyone who wants a mess! :)
This week,'ve been looking for myself, once again, Dressin-up kits.Halloween is already behind us, but should be back next weekend to find fancy dress costumes. Throughout the day Monday went looking for accessories Melrose. Melrose can be found for every taste and fancy clothes and accessories as well as good restaurants and cafes.This time you drop your favorite places, together with one soft drink trade in the uppers for when buying a tasty pizza. Not a deal worse! :)
Next week, therefore, more of the above masquerade and other events of the week. Tervemoro and started a good week to all of you lovely readers! :)

Better translation:  http://fyentertainment.livejournal.com/31411.html?thread=123282355

New IS_Tutka


nilerodgers Nile Rodgers

#Guitarporn The Hitmaker ft. Madonna, Diana, 
Bowie, SS Sldege, B52's, Hall & Oates, 
now @Admalamberthttp://yfrog.com/nwk0mgcj


Audience View of SMGO


Oddly Appealing: Adam Lambert's Blue-Tipped Hair


Two New Pre-Idol Pictures thanks to ?


 JarettSays: Adam Lambert named to the 2001 OUT 100 List! New pic:  

(larger version below!)

OMG... I had such a vision with Adam in a red shirt... just it wasn't at the EMAs!  LOL!

Andy Warhol’s 1963 silkscreen print Triple Elvis

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TommyJoe Ratliff
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Adam Lambert Hall of Fame Pictures

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A Brand New to me favorite! Hair down, profile view and zipper pants! LOL!


  1. Love that chair from Adam's house (I guess it's his house)! Once again, Adam proves he has a great taste! Carla

  2. Another AMAZING and comprehensive post. I can't thank you enough.


  3. Gloria, I have been wondering if Adam is shooting himself in the foot by the long drought between the 2 albums. I think his Magnificent Queen performance is the memory boost his old fans needed and I'm sure he has acquired new fans also.

    I have been flying high since Sunday's show. I didn't realize how much I missed Adam. He gave me the major joy adjustment I needed.

    I do love this man and he is a gift from the universe.

    Your excellent coverage was complete and thoroughly enjoyed. Thank you again Gloria. You Rock!

  4. I have no worries about the sinngle delay. As much as I would love to have it this week, I do not believe that another couple of months will make a difference to its success.

    Adams fans are here. Whenever some big news or new pictures come up, the number of people who appear amaze me. Also, Adam has so much support from important people in the music industry. I hope that this is going to mean lots of radio play. And lastly, he has us! What more could he ask for?

  5. I agree with Gloria. The quality of the work is what matters. I am sure it will be worth the wait. Besides, there so much of his music and performances on Internet to enjoy. You always discover some new nuances on repeated viewings. He is simply amazing.

    And Gloria, THANK YOU


  6. Adam Revisited: http://www.out.com/out-exclusives/out100/2011/11/07/adam-revisited
    He gives some new information about his new record.

  7. Adam's performance of "The Show Must Go On" is so stunning that I can't stop watching it and listening to it. There was an MP3 improved audio of it that I downloaded and listened to through earphones. It's extraordinary.

    My opinion of Adam's voice was validated tonight by a relative who's a professional vocalist (opera-trained). He listened to TSMGO and said his voice is incredible - spoke in technical terms as well as of the beauty of Adam's voice.
    Great stuff here today, Gloria - exhausted again - lol
    Thanks for everything, Luv, Lee


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