Sunday, 6 November 2011

The Planet Awaits! 6/11/11

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Adam Lambert!  People are talking about your awesomeness!!!!

Even  in Columbia!  Thanks to @nataliag24

This is the first time Adam has trended in Columbia!

Lyndsey Parker!

Adam Lambert Rejoins Queen For Brilliant “Surprise” MTV EMAs Performancerding to

Adam Lambert steps into the late Freddie Mercury's shoes for a one-off performance

Vocal powerhouse Adam Lambert stunned crowds at tonight's 2011 MTV European Music Awards by stepping in as the frontman of iconic stadium rock outfit Queen. 
The legendary band picked up the Global Icon Award earlier in the evening (November 6) and injected a new energy into their world famous songs by bringing the 'Whataya Want From Me' superstar out on stage with them for a medley of their best hits. 
Lambert belted out incredible renditions of 'The Show Must Go On', 'We Will Rock You' and 'We Are The Champions', and was accompanied by guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor.

@loudixon London
I am the acting International Entertainment Editor for Associated Press Television News based in the London office.

loudixon Louise Dixon
Adam Lambert and Queen the performance of the night at #MTVEMA

Pictures thanks to @adam_pictures!

More performance pictures here:

Adam stands to honour Queen thanks to @noskerdycat

Thanks to Getty Images and @_ninni

Pictures thanks to @_ninni

View from Belfast City Hall
View of the Crowd!

David Hasselhoff 
Wow just met legend Brian May from queen! Get ready for a new cool lead singer he said! Big surprise going down tonight 


Belfasttimes Belfast Times
So let me guess?? #purelyMTVspeculation. Is @adamlambert the new Queen singer tonight? #mtv @mtvema #icouldbeverywrong

(Deleted tweet from yesterday.  This guy is Justin Bieber's musical director)


JohnKearns (EMA Host)

Big buzz about @adamlambert he's gonna seriously impress the planet today! #MTVEMA


Adam  this morning

 Adam Lambert 

"Innocence...(is)not absence of experience (but)of a need 

for illusions, a love of and respect for what is right before 

your eyes"-Anne Rice

This post will be a work in process all day long... check  back for updates at the top of the page regularly!


+ Check back here this Sunday, Nov. 6, to catch all the action from Belfast at the 2011 MTV EMA. The red carpet starts at 2 p.m. ET, and the show begins at 3. You can also catch the 2011 MTV EMA Monday, Nov. 7, at 8 p.m. ET on mtvU.


Thanks to @esselsari

QueenWillRock Queen Official
Be sure to tune in to the MTV EMAs for a Queen take over...!

Queen with surprise guest: Forty years after they formed, the legendary British rockers, who have sold some 300 million albums, are being honoured with this year's Global Icon award.

But I hear the jaw-dropping performance of the night will be from former American Idol contestant ADAM LAMBERT, who will join QUEEN on stage. Their late singer FREDDIE MERCURY will be honoured with the Global Icon Award.

All the Streams.... one of these better work or else!!!

Look up your station in the US  

Thanks to Bewitchery 12/09


Liam McEwan's Adam Lambert Hour

(listen to stay calm..Adam's music does that to me)

Thanks to @glitteryglambug

Twinkle Twinkle my beloved star,
I'm blowing you a kiss from afar.

I wish you Goodnight, with a blissful night's rest. 

So you can fulfill tomorrow's days quest.
,You intrigue me,

make me feel young at heart,

With your great vocals, 

Quick wit and your fine Art.

Your extremely gorgeous Adam,

and your impeccably smart.

Your the type of man 

that I'd choose after my heart.

Twinkle Twinkle my beloved star,

Soon the world will know how talented you are.

I wish you love the most tenderest kind. 

This in  arms your find.

I wish upon a shooting star,

That your career will break every bar.

So Good Luck my Darlings,

sending you both all my love

and best wishes from Above

Happy Anniversary Adam & Sauli 

thanks to @powderpuffnails

Happy First Anniversary Adam and Sauli!

 Adam Lambert 

Happy Anniversary Sauli!! One year ago tonight we met in Helsinki!!! I love you! 


Happy Anniversary Adam!! I love u! :)

Adam and Saul anniversary - cheers, Adam

Thanks to @FoxVegas


 If you missed all the birthday tweets and lots of great stuff last night:


cristal snow @adamlambert congrats kids - i could not be happier - does mama get a 'ihookedyoutwolovebirdsup'-matchmaker points


QueenRockBand Queen
Rumours: Adam Lambert Performance With Queen Looks Promising | MTV EMA |


Tweets from an  Obsessed Fan! 

ninagarcia Nina Garcia

@adamlambert You look sooooo handsome on your new avatar! Miss you!

Lindajean139 Linda Jean Picasso

@ninagarcia He's at the European Music Awards in Belfast. He's going to sing with Queen tomorrow. So exciting!

in reply to ↑

ninagarcia Nina Garcia

@Lindajean139 Oh Really????? You guys need to send me the video of this performance please!

 Nina Garcia 

 I'm obsessed with him
 Nina Garcia 

 I will love to have him back... one of the greatest guest judges we ever had!

Merrie_LINY Merrie

@ninagarcia Then u must BERT w/us more here, we all obsessed too

@ninagarciaNina Garcia

@Merrie_LINY Oh! Have you checked my facebook -

Adam Lambert, Brian May, Kris Allen  and Rodger Taylor perform on American Idol Finale April 2009

**Fri 14 Aug 09**
Yes ... this vid (See previous item) done very impromptu in Rob Cavallo's studio in Calabasas.
... where I visited him, producing the new Meat Loaf album, and tracks for Adam Lambert.
Interesting ??!??!
Yes, VERY !! Tell ya more soon !
But I can probably mention that I played a small solo for Meat .... and ... the mighty John Miceli tracked some incredible drums, for a couple of new songs we're working on for the Kerry Ellis album. It's sounding amazing.
We had fun .... including a spectacular dinner cooked by master chef Cavallo, and the evening capped by us all laying outside on amp covers watching the meteor shower .... it was ... Cosmic !!!
And I was privileged to hear a track that the guys have finished for Adam Lambert ... a song for a forthcoming film, 2012. I have to say I was completely blown away ... it's truly sensational. In fact it's so obviously a number one smash, any bookie would be mad to take bets on it. I am not kidding. I'm not easily moved to jelly by male vocalists ... but Adam's voice reaches out with sensitivity, depth, maturity, and awesome range and power which will make jaws drop all around the world. Its an awesome performance. No doubt about it. The world of Rock has a bright new star.



Roger Taylor talks about Adam at 8 minutes

Rodger says,

" he is the most phenomenal singer!"

" we might do something with him in the future... he's phenomenally talented... he's got one of the greatest voices I've ever heard!"

My Favorite Queen Song... just for your info!

Brian's e mail :

Freddy Mercury

Thanks to @ttweetie for sharing this one  
(and yes, I think Adam has so many of the same incredible qualities)

Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

TommyJoeRatliff: Aww! Happy Anniversary 

@saulikoskinen1 & @adamlambert!!! Love you 


So... Remember when I said I wanted to run off with 


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  1. Hi Gloria,

    You are such a dot connector—that's why I love your site. Thanks so much for all you do for us die hard Adam fans. Nobody does it better.
    So excited about tonight!


  2. Hey Gloria,

    I don't post often. First of all, many thanks for all you do. LOVE your blog, check it out daily!

    I feel like Lee, both thrilled and scared. But why are we scared? This is what we all wanted for Adam. It is what he is supposed to do. It is just all this build up that makes me nervous...

    Well, we all know he is the gift to this world and the world needs to know. I am sure the performance will be magical


  3. Gloria

    I would be so lost without your site each day. I don't have much time to find out all about Adam and you are so important to me. Thanks so much.. Can't wait for tonight but so relying on online streams. Keeping fingers crossed.


  4. Very excited and confident that Adam will be fabulous tonight. He must be so excited and nervous.

    For me, there are a few butterflies leftover from the AMAs. I remember vividly how excited I felt when he went onstage and how crazy that night turned out to be! Adam and Queen will probably close the show tonight as well and the only thing I really hope is that there are no stairs!

    Adam is going to be sensational at the EMAs and I know that his next album is going to be the best ever.

    Good luck Adam! Slay the world!

  5. Gloria, this may be one of your best blogs! Where do U get all this heart-opening amazing stuff!! No one can put it all together like U do. Thank you once again--soooo much.

    As for TODAY--I'm beside myself in giddy excitement. But this time it's different. I have no attachment! It feels like the end of Idol--Adam felt he had already won. In his world, he was getting to do what the loves the most and it just didn't matter. The expectations are huge, but I'm feeling Adam's heart-filled feeling of such joy in his life. He's in love with a magnificent human being and he's singing and performing with an iconic band. He has created what he wants the most. And I get to enjoy the ride. This time, I'm not asking anything from Adam or from those who don't get him. I'm just so frickin grateful that I get to enjoy this ride faith him. And that's enough for me!

  6. Beautifully said Mary S.

    Thank you again Gloria.

    Is this the real life or is this just fantasy..

    I am so looking forward to Adams Random Medley

  7. I can hardly contain myself literally walking on air want this so much for Adam , he deserves this.It does not get any better than this QUEEN! Love your blog check it every day !! Thanks for all your work!CathyM/cathysidol on twitter

  8. Gloria thanks again for keeping us up to date. You do all the hard work for us! You also capture our emotions and join us together as a community. Looking forward to your reporting of tonight's historical event. Unfortunately I can't watch the whole show so might miss might miss Adam but I know you will find the highlights. What a relief!

  9. I have another commitment so unfortunately I will miss the EMA's. Not too worried though, sure to see Adam's performance on the internet. It will probably be ALL OVER the internet. Looking forward to his new music.

  10. THANK YOU SO MUCH for getting that video of Adam's performance up already. He KILLED it and did Freddie proud. I have chills and even got some tears 'of pride' when he was performing. Kinda bummed they didn't mention his name ... but everyone will know at least about his amazing vocals. Thanks again for posting it so quickly. Will go back and watch it now again and again.

  11. I am beyond happy - feelings of both relief and joy at this incredible performance. The world will come to know about this man - not only his supreme gifts, but his generous spirit. We all share in what Adam must be feeling tonight.

    Love to all, Lee

  12. The vocals and the performance were incredible. Many fans are upset that Adam's name was not mentioned. I think it was done on purpose, out of respect for Queen and FM. We all know how humble and generous Adam is. I think it was done perfectly. Everybody will know soon enough

    And that MUSIC, and Brian May and Roger Taylor playing. It was epic.



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