Monday, 7 November 2011

Adam Lambert Raises the Mercury ! 07/11/2011

One in a Bazillion!

And Hot too!

Right Now! (4:30 PM EST)

Look who dinner is with! @adamlambert and me are gossiping our butts off! #londonlife #adamlambert

Thanks to @ScorpioBert for enhancement!

EMA Performance thanks to @lambosessed!!! Perfect!


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Just saw Adam Lambert in Kensington High Street complete with perfect hair and eyeliner. 

Thanks to mariep

 Adam Lambert 

Imma proud QUEEN 

(8:30 AM EST)

 JarettSays: Adam Lambert named to the 2001 OUT 100 List! New pic:  

(larger version below!)

OMG... I had such a vision with Adam in a red shirt... just it wasn't at the EMAs!  LOL!

Andy Warhol’s 1963 silkscreen print Triple Elvis

Adam's New Interview with OUT magazine

Thanks to tubesocklet

HD EMA Performance thanks to VioletGlitz

(this HD one is not working but you can download below)

ANother version thanks to Lynneville

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@adamlambert Adam Lambert

What an enormous honor to sing w QUEEN! I could feel the spirit of Mercury alive on stage tonight! Thank u Brian and Roger and crew. LOVE


This is the most perfect Gif of Adam and represents exactly how I feel.  

January 2009 the man walked into my life and my love for him just keeps growing and going endlessly. Wanna watch him keep walking for the rest of my life!

 Congratulations to Queen and Adam Lambert!  A performance of perfection that will be talked about for a very long time!

Adam Lambert gif (click on picture) thanks to @mindchnger


Chloe's Corner (very adorable!)

Adam Lambert Gets Queeny At The EMAs


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Today, I'm providing many links but my eyes need a rest.  My ears, on the other hand, will be listening to that beautiful performance all day long!!  




Good one of audio only: 
Thanks to @terra_zephead

@BdwayDiva1: I ripped the TV audio and normalized it. It's GREAT

Devenlane's media folder


Last Night on Twitter thanks to 



After performance Interview..

"Brilliant, Genius friend Adam Lambert Singing here, what a voice, one in a  hundred million"

With apologies to Brian May, I say one in a Bazillion!

Thanks to @GaleChester!


@shoshannastone Back in London. Tired! But still on cloud 9 with all the feed back on @adamlambert's performance last night. Just wait 4 whats next for him!

Bet Adam got some amazing advice from Queen! Thanks to MyGlamRockGodUK


Kevin Sharkey #mtvema awards. One highlight of highlights tonight. #adamlambert as lead singer with Queen! The boy's got it


@MuchMusic MuchMusic Official


THIS. This alone is worth tuning in. 8ET. #MTVEMA RT @bigJisMINE @MuchMusic Adam Lambert & Queen!

OIQFC Queen Fan Club
Really loved the performance and it was a different class to the other acts. @AdamLambert was a really great choice for that event

@nilerodgers: Get down Adam- That was smoking - If Brian May reached out that's really saying a lot! Not many can hang with Queen-Bravo!


Posted by Russ

"I'm old enough and lucky enough to have seen Queen in concert several times. My favorite band growing up. I'd heard about this guy Adam Lambert a little but didn't know much about him. When I heard he was going to sing with my favorite band, I thought it would be a disaster. Some kid who was trying to be another Freddie. But, I had to watch, it way my band.. They were great. But, I have to say, that kid was phenomenal. He knocked me off my self righteous pedestal He's not Freddie but I don't think he was trying to be. He has his own style and a voice like I've never heard before. Not Freddie, but just as good. I looked him up online and saw some of his other performances. He's really got talent. You can bet I'll be following his career from now on


The most notable thing about his performance was that Lambert did not make the slightest attempt to diminish Mercury's genius by trying to duplicate him. Instead, he infused his own brand of genius into the arrangement. It was an homage to one of Lambert's admitted heroes and a golden moment for he and his fans - perhaps for some Queen fans as well

Adam Trended in Italy, Spain and France, Germany, Columbia

 Queen Official 

Quotes, video and images round up from Queen's MTV EMA triumph! 


Pictures, pictures, pictures

Special Thanks to  Q3 atAdamtopia for putting the following together! 

( Eyestrain from all day on the computer yesterday so I'm going to take a bit of a break today!)

Former 'American Idol' star Adam Lambert, who performed with rock band Queen, revealed he loves dressing up for the red carpet.

"I love gettng dressing up. It's one of my favorite hobbies," he told Starlounge. I'm wearing Alexander McQueen."

The singer was in Belfast on his own. His boyfriend, Finnish Big Brother winner Sauli Koskinen, was at their home in West Hollywood.

"We've been together for a year as of today. It's our anniversary. He had to stay home but I'm planning a night out for him".






@Popprince: Adam Lambert and Queen backstage in the media room #MTVEMA







adam_pictures Adam and Queen 51.












The Tweets

murmaids113 Jody: @adamlambert is trending everywhere! Look at this!


OIQFC Queen Fan Club
Really loved the performance and it was a different class to the other acts. @AdamLambert was a really great choice for that event.

TommyJoeRatliff TommyJoe Ratliff
Nobody could have done that shit better. @adamlambert that was FUCKING amazing!!! "show must go on" gave me chills! SO GOD DAMN PROUD OF YA!

@UhHuhHerMusic: @adamlambert So proud of you my brotha! You never cease to impress me. Loved seeing you in all your glory up there! xx

Sasha Mallory: @adamlambert heard you tore the stage up tnight man... I couldn't watch but I'll be on my DVR tnight looking for u:)

Sasha Mallory: Or I'll just watch it right now... Haha thanks guys.. YouTube does wonders

SashaMallory: @adamlambert daaaaaaaamn.. White boy got soul

leecherry I can't remember the last time I saw an actual rock star perform..oh yeah..5 min ago. @adamlambert w/ @QueenWillRock!

alisanporter Alisan Porter: @adamlambert you are fucking brilliant

brookesauce75 Brooke Wendle
What an amazing moment in your journey @adamlambert 11-11-11 age of Aquarius bitches!

negativeneil Neil Lambert
@adamlambert i thought it was great. I like when you looked like you were casting spells on Brian May

PaulaAbdul The Real Paula Abdul
The .@AdamLambert performance w/ #Queen on the #MTVEMA WAS #EPIC &i'm SO proud! Queen is 1 of the greatest rock bands ever- #globalicons

@shoshannastone: I am loving reading my feed. Loving the love for Adam! He blew everyone away with the legends who are Queen!

WOW! What do you think: did @AdamLambert do @QueenWillRock justice? #MTVEMA

jambajim jim cantiello
@adamlambert Congrats on being one of the only vocalists who can come close to Freddie's power. That. Was. Unreal. \o/

MuchMusic MuchMusic Official: THIS. This alone is worth tuning in. 8ET. #MTVEMA RT @bigJisMINE @MuchMusic Adam Lambert & Queen!

@BBCKevinSharkey: Kevin Sharkey #mtvema awards. One highlight of highlights tonight. #adamlambert as lead singer with Queen! The boy's got it!

officialcharts: Great vocal from @adamlambert as Queen frontman. #MTVEMAs

@mtveuro: How fantastic was #AdamLambert with #Queen? #GlobalIcons #MTVEMA

NylonMag: Adam Lambert taking Mr. Mercury's place is actually... kind of... Incredibly awesome?!

deanpiper: Adam Lambert just killed it with Queen. Closest we're gonna get the Freddie these days. Really impressive. Now, let's party! #mtvemas

MauriceJay Maurice Jay: @adamlambert Amazing job !! Stole the show. Proud to have you in Belfast! Would love a quick word on the radio tomorrow morning if you can?

loudixon Louise Dixon
Adam Lambert and Queen the performance of the night at #MTVEMA

Louise Dixon @loudixon London
I am the acting International Entertainment Editor for Associated Press Television News based in the London office.

TAEizTV: I think I have gotten hooked on adamlambert music. After hearing him at the Ema's EVERYONE should listen to his music

GlamtravlerTrish @ninagarcia Adam's performance with Queen: He was spectacular! #AdamLambert #Queen #Medley

in reply to ª

@ninagarciaNina Garcia: @Glamtravler OMG! GREAT Performance! So proud of him!

nilerodgers: Get down Adam- That was smoking - If Brian May reached out that's really saying a lot! Not many can hang with Queen-Bravo!
ohkiera Kiera Waring.
Gwan Adam Lambert! Singing with Queen like a boss. <3

Pkakooza Prossy
After the #MTVEMA am a definite Adam Lambert fan for sure!!

hi_imstevie StevieDenise Patton
Fair play to Adam Lambert! Fair set of lungs on that man. He sounds amazing. #mtvema

nadineflynn Nadine Flynn
I don't like adam lambert but fair play. You're doing freddie mercury proud... That is adam lambert, right?

UndercoverJamie Jamie
Wow, Adam Lambert you brave brave man! He is doing exceptionally well performing with Queen #MTVEMA

an7765: I'm shocked Adam Lambert is really channelling Freddie Mercury at the EMA's.

kikiandkyle: I don't normally have a lot of time for Adam Lambert but he really did a great job with Queen at the EMAs.

@JBriM09: Ema's were pretty good. Adam Lambert is killing this queen medley.

TAEizTV •TAE•: just heard @Adamlambert @mtvema and this is the first time ive ever heard him song and dayum that boy can sing!!!

dOmiiMOnster Christian J.: Freddie Mercury will NEVER be replaced. But my God @adamlambert is the closet thing to his reincarnation! Such an amazing performance #EMA

ivonlambertivon darmayanti: @adamlambert You sing like a ROCK GOD. You walk like a super TOP MODEL. You talk like a sexy POET. And I LOVE and TOTALLY ADORE YOU

JakeRoman Jakub Roman
Adam Lambert and Queen absolutely destroyed that performance..there still is
talent in the music industry! :o

I don't know adamlambert never heard his music a day in my life but I heard him at the #MTVEMA and DAYUM he can sing

you were amazing Great!! adamlambert

dOmiiMOnster Christian J.
Freddie Mercury will NEVER be replaced. But my God @adamlambert is the closet thing to his reincarnation! Such an amazing performance #EMA

OMG adamlambert u were fucking amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

AdamLambert is killing it on mtvema with Queen!

adamlambert Such a treat to see u perform it in person front row from the stage 2nite, u did freddie mercury proud, ur amazing

Cheers! AdamLambert the best next QUEEN! The best live performance of the show #mtvema

adamlambert is a rock legend in the making!! He fuels the evil inside me! lol

adamlambert u deff stole the show!!! 1 word AMAZIN! Belfast need's 2 c more of u! Xx

#AdamLambert is BRILLIANT. I just love him

romeoindemand Romeo Ontheradio
Forget @TheXFactor ....The EMA's is where it's at and @adamlambert becoming FREDDIE MERCURY for the Queen performance!! OMG!!

Wow adamlambert was amazing with Queen

adamlambert Dude, you killed it today on #MTVEMA It was like you were channelling the big man Freddie himself.

And i didnt know adamlambert was at EMA. He was fucking incredible.

MauriceJay Maurice Jay
@adamlambert Amazing job !! Stole the show. Proud to have you in Belfast! Would love a quick word on the radio tomorrow morning if you can?

adamlambert most amazing vocal I have seen in a long time, u killed the #EMAs, Freddie would be proud! blown away by your voice

adamlambert at the EMAs. OH. MY. GOD. I didn't even know what it was I just saw. It's like he WAS Freddy Mercury. Amazing.

CherryWoods Cherry Woods
WOW to @adamlambert voice at the the #EMAs he's AMAZING! and I love @QueenWillRock

izla_zandz Izla Zandz
He didn't diva that performance. Not one self-gratuitous virtuoso riff. He sang with searing and soaring honesty = why I love @adamlambert

SuesArtistry Sue Ottinger Bullock
@adamlambert Who's gonna' be responsible for replacing the roof you & Queen blew off the Odyssey in Belfast tonight??

sassyrockgirl ♫: I've heard of stars insuring body parts. Maybe @adamlambert should insure those pipes!

txflyr Chris Rogers: @adamlambert There isn't a singer alive today who could step in front of Queen and sing like you did! Thank u, u are absolutely amazing!!!

Aoife Carney
@_RocketQueen Ireland

That... Was an ending. LAWDY.
JESUS. It is not fair how sexy that man is WHEN HE IS NOT STRAIGHT
He wears leather jeans better than I do, fuck. ME.
I'm actually drooling. Lord, the SMELL of sex appeal off him.

@cryscrumpet South Africa
Loved the "Queen" tribute. Adam Lambert brought the performance to life

Jakub Roman
@JakeRoman Toronto
Adam Lambert and Queen absolutely destroyed that performance..there still is talent in the music industry! :o

Dharj Lagah ✌
@theonlydharj Diagon Alley
WOW. Adam Lambert smashed that Queen performance!
Lady Gaga's performance of Marry The Night is pure genius. I love her.

Carlo Beecroft
@CarloBeecroft Burnham-on-Crouch/London
Adam lambert fronting Queen is brilliant, though imagine GaGa doing it..... I'd actually orgasm

Laura Foster
I just saw Adam Lambert listed on the Queen Wikipedia page under Past Members.

Emma Pritchard Jones
@EmmaPJones London - usually
Entertainment Reporter for BBC News
Lady Gaga was great too, and LMFAO so full of joy, they ruled. Sadly Bieber and Gomez weren't immolated by the pyrotechnics
Highlight of tonight's MTV #EMAS was Adam Lambert and Queen. That's some pair of pipes; hail a future rock god !

Phil Pendlebury
Entertainer, Songwriter, Producer, Musician
It was the amazing @adamlambert Thanks everyone (even the abrasive ones lol) - There were no obvious credits
Wow! Who was singing for Queen at the #mtvema Awards? Damn fine job. And still - What a band. Live - No tricks.

thefilmqueen Amaryllis: Rick Owens boots: $2400. Gareth Pugh coat: $3500. Adam Lambert performing with Queen: Priceless!!!!! #adamlambert #mtvema


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  1. Dee Wallace, Canada7 November 2011 at 10:01

    Loved your Blog today and thanks for finding all those tweets about his performance. I'd been watching and waiting for those comments. Maybe now the BBC will sit up and take notice of this profoundly talented man.

  2. Bang! Bang! I'm dead! See you in the afterlife!!


  3. HERE. WE. GO !!!!!!

  4. yesterday I lived one of the happiest moments ever: I was mesmerized by adam's performance, I was undescribably happy for adam, cause I know this meant the world to him and I was over the moon because I'm a huge Adam and Queen fan.
    Thank you so much for this wonderful blog

  5. Gloria! I must thank you AGAIN. Because of your list of links, we were able to watch the EMA's LIVE!! What a fantastic treat to see Adam, LIVE, and with QUEEN!! You are the best...
    xoxo Mary

  6. Now we must have a favorite from this performance of the century!

  7. Thanks so much for doing all of this hard work!!

  8. I'm drained and deliriously happy. Exhausted from watching and reading and looking and listening.
    All I can do is say: Thank you, Gloria - you must be exhausted, too - putting all this together.
    The boy is on his way now - this incredible performance will illustrate to the world the magnificent talents of one, Adam Lambert.
    Will sleep well tonight for sure. Love, Lee

  9. This is an amazing post Gloria, thank you so much for all this info on Adam's performance, the videos, photos, comments -- what a treat! This performance with Queen will put a new spotlight on Adam and gain him many new fans. How wonderful!!



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