Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Adam Writes Cuckoo!

Ooh yeah me too! Thanks for the tip. :) : Great article and just what I needed today:

As the Dalai Lama so brilliantly says, "If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion." Everyone around us -- our friends, co-workers, significant other, family members, children, service people, clients and even the people we don't know or care for -- is doing the best they can, given the resources they have. When we remember this and come from a truly compassionate perspective (with others and with ourselves), we're able to tap into a deeper level of peace, appreciation and fulfillment.



 And BTIKM was voted #4 on ZM FM countdown last night in NZ!

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finally a song all our families will be able to relate to!

New Song title and photoshoot announced-  Shoshanna tweeted that Adam Wrote this Song!

A AdamLambert Examiner 

New Adam Lambert Song Title Revealed, Making Fans Go 'Cuckoo' | 

What is Cuckoo?

This song that Bonnie tweeted about?

BonnieMcKeee Literally losing our minds tonight.adamlambert is popping the "coo"as we speak.
 (May 6/11)

Here's a song of the same name by Claude Kelly?  Shoshanna said it wasn't this one but I'm not so sure.

OK maybe not!


@MarwinLambert No! Come on guys, does that demo sound anything like the description popjustice gave ? Plus Adam wrote his 'Cuckoo'

Adam Lambert (posting a bunch of no makeup pics cause my SIL thinks Adam looks weird...haha.. look at that picture! Gorgeous)

Sign up and Rate Music

You will eventually get to rate BTIKM

Rate BTIKM on Hit Predictor

BTIKM is now on Hit Predictor; go rate it! Pick pop music as genre (if you haven’t signed up before).  Note: You may get songs from a bunch of different genres to rate. Important to get through them  and do it!

After you rate so many songs, you will be asked to rate some artists.They generally ask you about a series of American Idol contestants to try to filter out the show’s viewers (I guess). I rate only the ones I’m familiar with as relevant artists: Kelly, Carrie, Daughtry and Adam (and perhaps Scotty). The others I rate as unfamiliar – and am because I don’t listen to or know their music. 
IMPORTANT: If you’re asked to rate Adam as an artist, naturally give him a good score but something less than 100 and have a few others scored in that same range! Basically, remember to rate at least a few other songs and artists highly as well!


At the moment, USA Today is reporting that the song has picked up 54 spins in its first week in release (mostly be a San Francisco station). However, you have to remember a couple of things at the moment:
1. “Better Than I Know Myself” is not going to begin an official radio push until later next month.
2. It’s also the holiday season, and radio time is more competitive than ever for non-Christmas songs.

Adam Tweets

New @Rihanna and @jessiejofficial videos lookin real cute. Feeling all the 90s fashion. Here we go!

Jessie J's new video: Domino

adamgasm1982 Noelle Walley;)
#ifihad1wish it would be to spend 24 hours with @adamlambert & see what his life's like from his perspective.
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Oh and that @SabiSoundz song "Wild Heart" is nuts. One of my fav songs of the year.
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SabiSoundz Sab-bion
@adamlambert wow Just peeped out #BetterthanIKnowMyself ...Great Vocals as usual : ) Im all the way into it!



BTIKM  moved up from #7 to #5 on HMV Japan Weekly Rock & Pop Pre-Order ranking  

Resistance is Futile!!

Song of the Week - Better Than I Know Myself

Ok, ok. So I kind of said last week I didn't like this song, but I also said it would probably grow on me. It has. Get over it. I'mma talk about Adam Lambert now.


ADAM LAMBERT: Okay, Get Over The 'fight' Thing...

Memo to the gossip world: Adam Lambert and his man have moved on. 
Oh, you don't believe it? 


Adam Lambert and Freddie Mercury thanks to Indybeck71

Tiny bit of makeup

Better Than I Know Myself, Adam Lambert
Lambert previews 2012's Trespassing album with a last-call slow dance that boasts an exquisitely sung chorus.


* A Christmas present that I

made for my brother *  (For Sauli

 from his sister)

Glambert To Do List!

: Best Jingle Ball Performace of ALL TIME Final 4!  vs ... VOTE! 

Hit Predictor  (see above!)

ZM FM has @adamlambert BTIKM on its list now. Multiple vote for it on the daily Top 20 countdown herehttp://zmonline.com/votemusic/#4 last night!

 Request Adam Lambert 

HOUSTON! BTIKM again played on  2-3X yesterday. Request up to 1x per day (713) 212-5965 / text 99464 /http://t.co/v7ROsFZR

 Request Adam Lambert 

ORLANDO, FLORIDA area!  played BTIKM 2x past 12 hrs. Remember to request up to 1x a day at (407) 919-1051 or http://t.co/v7ROsFZR


Thanks to Eriskay... I'm right near the beginning! Thanks!

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He who is devoid of the power to forgive, is devoid of the power to love.


More a bit later!


Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner


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  1. what a lovely way to start my day and yes it is useless to try and resist even my son is loving the new song is trying to learn to play it on guitar wants to keep up with Tommy i guess.



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