Monday, 26 December 2011

Back in the USA!

shoshannastone: @satanicfloret:)next 3 months are going to be fun for you guys! In jan we shoot for the cover of a high style mag supplement

shoshannasonte: @devenlane @satanicfloret So excited about it. Think everyone will be talking about the pics when they run towards end of march

Another song on Trespassing... Cuckoo!

Here is a song by the same name by Claude Kelly which we were told is not the song but I dunno???

Adam Lambert's publicist has just revealed another song title off his upcoming album Trespassing. The song is called "Cuckoo," which is exactly how many fans reacted when they learned about it, being excited to get one more clue about Adam's new music. His publicist Shoshanna Stone tweeted"Ok Glamberts, the song @popjustice was referring to when he said 'a bit like Justice VS Daft Punk with a big pop hat on' is called 'Cuckoo.'" She followed with a teaser, "And it's amazing. Really really amazing. Can't wait for everyone to hear it :) #trespassing #adamlambert" It's unknown why Shoshanna spilled the beans on the song title. Some people were unhappy and even tweeted to her that she should have let Adam share the information. But he must have been okay with it, because Shoshanna responded to a fan, "I wouldn't tweet info without him knowing......."
Could this be a song that Adam worked on with Bonnie McKee? In May, when they were in the studio together, Bonnie tweeted"Literally losing our minds tonight. @adamlambert is popping the 'coo' as we speak." Coincidence? Fans won't know until the album and liner notes are available in March. Interestingly, a song titled "Cuckoo" by Claude Kelly (the writer of the lead single from Trespassing) was found by Adam's fans on the Internet today. Shoshanna Stone says that is not the song, but maybe she just wants to throw fans off track? Again, only time will tell.

 Screencap thanks to @_tinsku Tiina:
Thanks to Listoff
Svetlana Egorova December 26, 2011 

BTIKM... Did it get it's first radio add?  Can't confirm it yet but  next few weeks should be amazing!


Next week's chart should look markedly different, as Christmas airplay plummets. In particular, look for this week's No. 100 debut to make a big leap. That would be Adam Lambert'sBetter Than I Know Myself, which had 54 spins in its first week, led by San Francisco's Alice @ 97.3 (KLLC-FM). Even ifBetter Than I Know Myself doesn't pick up a lot of spins (though it'll almost surely gain some, and maybe a bunch), the diminished play for the 30 seasonal songs on this week's chart should guarantee it a giant leap on next week's Idol chart.

Adam Lambert, Trespassing (Second Studio Album)
adam lambert reveals better than i know myself cover art MuuMuses Most Anticipated of 2012 (Part Two!)
What it is: Pop’s reigning bad boy coming back stronger than ever.

Expected shelf date: March 20, 2012
Confirmed tracks: “Outlaws of Love,” “Trespassing,” “Better Than I Know Myself”
Production byDr. LukeBruno MarsPharrell WilliamsBenny BlancoNile RodgersClaude Kelly
What we know: It’s a big one: MTV confirms that the singer worked with an staggering array of top pop producers, including Dr. Luke, Bruno Mars and Pharrell (who co-wrote the title track). Earlier in November, Lambert told The Advocate that he was crafting his “dream album,” promising a “more personal” record mixed with “singer-songwriter tracks, electrofunk” and “Nine Inch Nails meetsGeorge Michael” synth-pop. The album’s lead single, “Better Than I Know Myself,” just dropped this week–which we quite like.
MuuMuse hopes to hear: An unexpected pop masterpiece that propels Lambert from pop star to music royalty.


The day the sky fell in over Finland

Unless you’ve been on planet ZOD! for the past few days you’ve probably heard the shocking news about our Adam. Yes! The world has been thrown off it’s axis, t
pumpkin book
sunamis have risen up and swallowed whole islands and life as we know it has irrevocably changed forever. Because Adam decided to go out to a club and have a few drinks with Sauli.
If only he had been a good boy and chosen to stay home and read books about raising pumpkins  instead none of this would have happened. But alas! We cannot turn back time and now we, the fans, are forced to deal with the fallout from this epic disaster. Oh woe is US!!
First for those who came in really late (we’ll forgive you this time but don’t make a habit of it) here’s a brief recap of the horrific events (hold onto your pearls ladies!!!).


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Adam on the EMA red carpet at 0:17 & 0:24, w/Queen on stage at 2:42 in AXN Buzz+ (aired in Japan on Dec 23-26)


Behind the Music Airs in Australia January 9


Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

(these pictures are all from this time last year) 



A mind once expanded by a new idea, Never returns to its original dimensions.


Unless you’re willing to have a go, fail miserably, and have another go, success won’t happen.


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  1. I am so glad the boys are back in town, but the idea of Adam sharing a holiday meal with Sauli and his family makes me warm and fuzzy!
    I hope everyone had a wonderful is now time to relax and look at the past year with AQD ( or ABD)!
    Love you Gloria

  2. I have to say, I laughed hysterically at "Pop's Bad Boy"!! I LOVE that he was called that, but really?? Our adorable, sweet, funny man! Oh, yeah, he's a bad boy! Every six months he screws up, gets caught, and works hard to live it down! Some bad boy!

  3. love that Adam got to spend the holiday with his man and just enjoy being normal for awhile before the whirl wind of press to come with the new single and the album release. it's going to be a busy year in 2012 so it's nice he got a little quiet time. hopw you had a wonderful holiday Gloria.



  5. I kinda like the idea of Adam having a bit of a "bad boy" image. What Rock God was ever squeeky clean anyway? As long as I know he'd never intentionally hurt anyone(and I know he wouldn't), he can be my Bad Boy any time.

  6. Loved the "sky fell in" article...very funny and clever in pointing out the over the top absurdity of all the media hoopla. From the first press release, I knew it was mostly fabrication. Adam drunk may make dumb mistakes (anybody drunk will,) but I can't imagine him as a brawler. The eventual facts just proved what I believed. I think this used to be called a lover's spat! And now on to a New Year and a new last!!

  7. Sometimes I find myself so conflicted about Adam. I love his bad boy self ~ but the mother in me wants to scold him for taking foolish chances. I love that he's in a relationship ~ but the sister in me wants to tell him to be careful ~ don't get your heart broken. I love his music and can't wait to hear his next song and his next and his next. I pray for a concert so I can see a live performance ~ there's nothing like Adam live! Then there's the female in me who loves the super white-hot Rock God Adam and who wants to convert him to my team. But, in the end, I'm a very proud Glambert standing by my man!


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