Thursday, 1 December 2011

Erotic Free- For- All! 01/12/2011

 Adam Lambert 

Let's recognize World AIDS Day and RT 'We are going to win this fight'   


Adam Lambert's Collaborator Claude Kelly Receives Grammy Nod
New Adam Lambert CD, "Trespassing," Due in Early 2012

"The style [on the new album] is a little bit evolved," Lambert told Entertainment Weekly. "I think the last album I was trying to update the style of the late ‘70s, early ‘80s with the glam rock and with rock music on a whole visually and aesthetically. I think this album is more in the direction of contemporary again. It’s fresh and it’s something people maybe haven’t heard before. Lyrically, it’s very honest and real.


Feeling Chills today :(((  Please send me a bottle!

Thanks to @TheGlambertTwins

Or probably the upcoming Erotic Free for all will warm me up! (more below on that topic)


Tweets about Trespassing!

JohnKearns  great working with you at the MTV EMA - will help to make Trespassing the huge record it deserves to be


Finally got to hear some new  today. Worth the wait. My buddy  will likes


Hey  fans. I know ur excited 2 hear new stuff. I heard 1 song it's really good. All I can say tho. Sorry. Thnx 4 ur tweets.

( he works for RCA)

Read a tweet which says we will be getting more info end of next week!

Sauli's New Website

The Finland press is already reporting the Grand Opening of Sauli Koskinen's new Website, complete with a photo of Sauli and Adam Lambert!

Getting Ready for the Holiday Season!


Erotic Free for all- Maybe like this??

The former American Idol runner up tells Rolling Stone magazine his second album Trespassing will be a beat-pumping, erotic free-for-all that will explore sexuality from a multitude of angles.

( interesting!)

Or Like this?? LOL!

or a bit of this?

Probably all of the above!
Nile Rodgers as shaman thanks to @SammieMa

The collaboration of Nile Rodgers and Adam Lambert just makes perfect sense, not only on paper, but in reality. With Adam Lambert’s style and performance of flawless vocals, and desire for a more personal album, with songs to match, the combination of both working on songs and recording together, will make it a reality.


And, now that LAMBERT is on the RCA label imprint, the new home of the former ZOMBA and JIVE artists, the promotions team headed by "King" Joe Riccitelli, the "Don" of all things pop music promotion, Lambert's promotional push to radio - and other media - promises to be nothing short of overwhelming as his music goes for US radio airplay!

(good pictures)


Adam's House during one of his Thanksgiving Celebrations

... pictures of MJ and Madonna in background (same fireplace that Adam tweeted a while ago)

On the Wall



Thanks to Fallen Angel and Midwifespal on Adamtopia


Intervention for Mother Animal!  If you see yourself described here, be proud! You are a real Glambert!

Thanks for submitting this to my contest! 

 Love your son!

Mother animal slide show (1) 
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Idol Chatter

At least Adam's FYE still selling after two years! Platinum soon!



argeneau: Oh hai thur Adam, John Chandler, Cheyenne Parker & Cheyne Hawk in Le Bain in NYC 17th Nov… (cont)

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Unauthorized Albums

EM is guy trying to promote BFM


Links to all the songs if you want to listen


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More Adam from the Idol Tour


Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

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  1. It would be easier for me to leave a comment if Twitter was an option. I never remember the passwords or dont use the other identies.

    Two comments today.

    1) Yours is the best blog in the universe.

    2) Adam is Rock and Roll Raw. Classically trained. Magnificent! Ha una faccia bello! Ha il cuore di un angelo, il volto di un dio e si muove come una macchina del sesso. (beautiful face. Heart of an angel, voice of a god, moves like a sex machine.)

  2. LOL - loved randommedley's comment - all four wonderful things about Adam - AGREE!
    Got my Rolling Stone mag today with Adam's article. I only re-subscribed after I heard he was going to be in it. Was mad they didn't cover his tour until the very end so dumped it.
    Can feel the Adam Storm coming - happy, happy - luv,lee

  3. Wow, I'm blown away by the BOWIE Diamond Dogs cover on his wall. How strange for a man his age to love that, and combine it with MJ and Madonna! That was the first BOWIE album I ever bought, and it's one of his finest. Dark, dystopian, theatrical. His voice is great. And since he plays more instruments on this album than on any of his others, I've always considered this the most Bowie of the bunch. LOVE that Adam has that up. It must mean a lot to him! It means a lot to me that Adam obviously loves it, too. And that musicians (even gay male ones) still have no decorating sense. To us, album covers ARE art! Ha!

  4. Just found this photoshop on Facebook. the suit is totally Adam's style


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