Friday, 2 December 2011

Voice of a Siren! 02/12/2011

 toby knapp 
 you will hear it this year. can't say what day. but it will happen this year. :)

thanks to @merrie_liny for sharing this one with me!

<< I'm an intern for a radio station that RCA played the songs for.

Adam's new single is going to sound very electronic/club oriented and it has a Dubstep breakdown during the bridge and ravy/synths to close the song out. The vocals are FREAKING incredible. He does this "Better than I know MYSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELF banshee/wail thing!

The song is BULIT for 2012 Top 40 radio.

It's simply AMAZING … Adam is going STRAIGHT for WORLDWIDE DOMINATION with this song. It's synthy/ravy/electronic and freaking perfect. The Dubstep bridge made me want to PISS myself!!!! The wait is almost over Glamberts. I'm seriously excited about this song/album/era. Your boy is going to be a MEGASTAR. 

And radio is going to EAT it up. And the radio promo + the AMAZINGNESS of the song is really going to take this to number 1. I promise you. This song is bananas and RCA has him as their #1 priority of 2012.
The song will premiere right before the “freeze.” Then it will be radio TAKEOVER right after. >>

Via Glamazon on Idolforums (unconfirmed but fun to dream about!)

The song is BULIT for 2012 top 40 radio.

It's simply AMAZING and alot of people who are expecting a CLASSIC 70's Rock sound or whatever are gonna be pissed.Adam is going STRAIGHT for WORLDWIDE DOMINATION with this song. It's synthy/ravey/electronic and freaking perfect. The dubstep bridge made me want to PISS myself!!!! The wait is almost over glamberts. I'm seriously excited about this song/album/era. Your boy is going to be a MEGASTAR.

And radio is going to EAT it up.And the radio promo + the AMAZINGNESS of the song is really going to take this to number 1. I promise you. This song is bananas and RCA has him as their #1 priority of 2012.

Lol Im having verbal diarrhea right now.

One LAST thing

The freeze typically is from the 19th to the 25th on MAJOR pop stations.The only ones that succumb to is the ones that don't rely on high tier musicians for promotion. Pretty much the adult contemporary/slow jamz/rhythmic/classic channels.

The song will premiere right before the "freeze". Then it will be radio TAKEOVER right after. Trust me. And that my friends, is IT!

PS: Next friday is NOT the release date.

Luis Rivera
OMGGGGG  are we ready next Friday is GLAMFRIDAY  so excited new single woooot 

Zack Tremblay
You guys are in for a great surprise with's new single! Talented guy right there!

We know and nothing's gonna surprise us!  We are ready for epic!


 sorry to bother u but excited to hear Adams new music! Any chance u can reveal whether we'll hear it this year haha? ;)
in reply to 

 Sony Music Canada 

 Glamberts Worldwide!! Big things are happening!! We can't WAIT to share!!

Kevsie Kevin Wyllie
@ shoshannastoneDoes Adam have any plans to tour the UK in 2012?x

shoshannastone shoshanna stone

@Kevsiehe does indeed. All will be revealed soon!

One of the best days ever! Me and the AMAZING @


 Any crumbs for your  fans please :)
in reply to 

Here's my interpretation of the above:  


Next Friday we will get the news about the release of Better Than I Know Myself

Song will be released worldwide before Xmas

Adam will be in the UK for promo soon

There will be an article in the Sunday Times, UK about Adam

It's going to be amazing

Glamberts will rejoice!

Holiday season will be even more exciting than expected

I will be in Aruba with my laptop and unlimited internet Xmas week

All is well with the world!


 - This is a real sign! Not photoshopped! ITS A SIGN...AN OMEN...TRU FAX!!


Picture thanks to @virg1877 and thanks for the explanation!  It didn't click at first !!

alisanporter Alisan Porter
You. Glamberts. Are. Going. To. Poop. 

(July 17)

Adam Lambert:  Being Gay is a Tough Life and it's Not a Choice


Adam Lambert thanks to @tuke18 enhanced by @weelassie11

Pharrell Williams Says Adam Lambert “Has a Voice Like a Siren”

American Idol alum Adam Lambert keeps the delightful sonic surprises coming — first with his controversial 2009 AMAs performance, and now with his collaboration with Neptunes producer Pharrell Williams. Pharrell is working with Glambert on his second albumTrespassing, due out in early 2012. The album also features the handiwork of hit master Dr. Luke and pop stars Britney Spears and Katy Perry.

In a recent Rolling Stone interview, the two musicians gush about each other. "This kid has a voice like a siren — there's no guys singing in that Steve Winwood- Peter Cetera range," Pharrell says about Adam’s vocal range.

Of working with Pharrell, the singer says “Pharrell is postmodern, like Warhol.” That’s high praise coming from a guy who describes his evolving sound as “a bit more designer as opposed to Vegas.”

The duo has been in the studio off-and-on since June. Glambert’s second album is a rumored to be an ambitious departure from his debut LP, For Your Entertainment. "At first I was trying to figure out how to please my fans — but then I started trusting my instincts. It's the same as what I learned on Idol. You have to fight for this shit."


Adam Lambert and Joe Zee... On the Line

Sneek Peak of Adam on All on the Line with Joe Zee


Adam Lambert Describes His New LP As “Nine Inch Nails Meets Saturday Night Fever


        Adam Lambert thanks to @tuke18 enhanced by

Adam Lambert's Collaborator Claude Kelly Receives Grammy Nod



Adam Lambert performs with Queen at EMAs 2011

Interesting!  Side by Side views of Adam and Queen.. Videos by  (via  and )

Lots of extra angles!


Adam Lambert and Sauli Koskinen AMA afterparty

Sauli Koskinen: Blog #2

(Google Translate)

Friday's moods

This past two weeks have been a gala day, and thank you. :)Those mysterious red carpets, and how they should act, certainly of interest to many. You yourself took to like fish I've just passed them along to siippani suit, but yes, there's always the little ¨ ¨ tension is. I have often wondered what would happen if even stumble to their feet, or even should be a terrible panic attack.Would do just the mind, sometimes self-described this situation and shows how much of it revolves around the curves. For example, the AMA (American Music Awards) press conference there were hundreds of cameramen and interviewers. Generally, these half-hour run time with a quick temmolla and they have always their own sähläyksensä. Many of the stars are often late in the scene, and it is always the last minute chaos. :)The easiest carpet will not have to walk, and yes it can easily start väpättämään jaw and hands sweat. hui!:)
AMA was absolutely crazy experience! I have never in my life seen so many well-known stars from the world around me. Those platforms and halls seem to always be home to huge sizes of the couch, but in reality they are much smaller. It is an exciting way with lights and Effects can be done so many miracles. It is a miracle story with how small all the artists and actors like in reality. Nicki Minaj was such a tiny woman that I was quite surprised and Justin Bieber was a little girl as the little finger. hah! :)these experiences will hopefully get you further in the future to tell you. Yes, Finland, the boy is always between the end of the bike so that everything that can not help but wonder.:)
Fortunately, life here is also that everyone is familiar and safe everyday.Thanksgiving Day is behind us, and stomach all the greater. Now, Saul begins three-day juice fast. Moro!

New Edit of Outlaws of Love with Better Audio

Thanks to mmadamimadamm

Small picture of Adam Lambert in NY Magazine thanks to @monalee62


Photoshop of Adam Lambert's wedding?  Like the suit!! 

Thanks to Julia Covaleva

 Adam Lambert 

Get it Gaga! Your creative freedom is inspiring! (and I can't get the song outta my head!) 

Lady Gaga's Marry the Night... watch it here:


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Unauthorized Albums

EM is guy trying to promote BFM


Links to all the songs if you want to listen


Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

 Tommy Joe Ratliff thanks to @tuke18 enhanced by @weelassie11

Tommy Joe Ratliff thanks to @tuke18 enhanced by @weelassie11


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  1. LMAO!! I love your cute pictorial on how to leave a comment- cute!! OK, I'm seriously getting really worked up about Trespassing and how much hype and push that RCA and Adam's people are going to do...It's going to EXPLODE and I might just have a heartattack... I'm so excited I can hardly contain myself. All the DJ's are freaking out listening to his new tracks- THIS IS GOING TO BE HUGE GLAMBERTS !!! OMG!!! When Trespassing comes out it's going to SQUASH AND DISINTEGRATE ANY MORE talk about the sh*t basTURD album once and for all.... I can't wait... THIS GLAMBERT IS OVERFLOWING WITH FREAK OUTNESS RIGHT NOW!!!! ( I guess you get that right?- haha) Light & Love to you Gloria -
    Andrea @Powderpuffnails YAY :)
    AND OMG - ADAM & SAULI ARE THE ABSOLUTE CUTEST COUPLE EVER EVER EVER!!!! Hand Holding - ENUF !!!! xoxoxoxo Gaaaa.. k - I'm going now.

  2. Just LOVE Andrea's post! I'm with you, babe. The excitement builds! The music is coming! Thrilling times - can hardly contain myself. Love to everybody! especially Gloria - Lee

  3. Seems like we're all feeling the excited about Adam's new music. Could it be here before January? Please let it be so.

  4. Things are getting exciting! Will Adam release the song near Christmas as a present to Glamberts? It would be a good one...I love the increased promo by his management - it's not my imagination is it? Thanks for covering all things Adam!


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