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Feeling SOOO Good! 03/12/2011


More from Glamazon (not verified but I believe he is right. LOL)

Im a guy by the way.... and I'm not asking you to believe me. I'm just letting you know how the single sounds and how I felt about it. It's a really DAMN good song and I thought you all would get excited about it. No harm, I come in peace

One last tidbit of info. With the new album, I can guarantee that Adam's fanbase is gonna consist of mostly Gaga fans. TRUST ME. He's really going to blow up in 2012.
Got no news on album release date though just that we're getting an album preview to play over the airwaves during release week for promo.

The song is prety bananas and you're going to be surprised. And to the people wondering how I know if it'll be a hit, well when receiving a BS in Radio Broadcasting and Mass Comunications you're obligated to take a Musicology and Recording Industry Management course. So trust me, I know a hit when I see a hit. And the fact that we weren't spinning ANY Adam records except WWFM, tells you that this is an amazing single. Considering we're submitting it to our Radio A Playlist, which is the most anicipated and hyped singles (Born This Way/Hold It Against Me and Beyonce's DREADFUL Run the world (girls). So please enjoy the song and thank you for your time. Bless you glamberts xoxoxo or skanks
#FF rankings for 2 Dec: Adam Lambert - 2nd in US & English Language & 3rd in Global & Celebrity.

(we blew it!... only #1 for 7 weeks in a row)

Sony Germany

Single Release:
02/03/2012 - Adam Lambert - Better Than I Know Myself

Album Release:
09/03/2012 - Adam Lambert - Trespassing


Sauli Koskinen thanks to Sauli

Sauli's Blog

Next week I’m gonna answer a bit more also to your questions and I am going to write a specific blog about them. Keep on posting more questions about what you want to know for example about LA or anything. I will not necessarily comment on very personal questions, as I do have to have my own skeletons in the closet and I have to save a bit of privacy. I could also go through the changes in my hair style during the years gone by in next week’s blogs. Help!! I can guarantee: you will be shocked!! Hah! I’m pretty sure I can find a picture related to this idea for every day in my Christmas calendar.:D

Complete Translation:

This pretty much describes me right now!

Thanks to LatinGlambertsArg

(Downloading right now!)


Here's my interpretation of the excitement:  


Next Friday we will get the news about the release of Better Than I Know Myself

Song will be released worldwide before Xmas (guessing just after December 18)

Adam will be in the UK for promo soon

There will be an article in the Sunday Times, UK about Adam on December 18

It's going to be amazing

Glamberts will rejoice!

Holiday season will be even more exciting than expected

I will be in Aruba (with my laptop and unlimited internet) Xmas week and no one, including me, will miss a bit of Adam news

All is well with the world!

Radio Stations and Publicist Tweets

 toby knapp 

 you will hear it this year. can't say what day. but it will happen this year. :)

 Adam Lambert UK 

 Can u pls give us a few days notice before article on Adam appears in Sun. Times? Need to know in order to buy extra copies.

in reply to 

MaxwellsHouse Max Jones
@4evrmomof4 Thanks as always for that!!! song is kinda nice:-)

Squiggles621 Becca
@MaxwellsHouse don't be coy."kinda nice?"
in reply to ↑

MaxwellsHouse Max Jones caught me...I BLASTED it in my office today!! hahahaha

 Noelle Walley ;) ™ 

  Tease, you're killin' us! Can't wait to hear it, hope it's real soon.

@MaxwellsHouse @Q102Philly @adamlambert Tease, you're killin' us! Can't wait to hear it, hope it's real soon.

@adamgasm1982 It will be...unfortunately we received an early copy unable to play on air just yet...but stay close to twitter for deets...

Zack Tremblay
Listening to the brand new @AdamLambert single, #amazing it will be releasing soon!

ZackTremblay Zack Tremblay
You guys are in for a great surprise with @AdamLambert's new single! Talented guy right there!

ZackTremblay Zack Tremblay

It's still the same old Adam but with a very current twist, trust me you'll love it! I'll get details for you all when I can!



its pretty badass!:)RT @Queenofsomthin What do u say about @adamlambert's new single BTIKM all the music industry are raving over?


Nile Tweets!

nilerodgers Nile Rodgers
Il mio blog in lingua italiana - Amo Suonarla con The Hitmaker Anita Baker Adam Lambert The Roots & CHIC

 Nile Rodgers 

IMAGES: The Hitmaker Anita Baker Adam Lambert The Roots Gold & Platinum records, early CHIC promo:


Adam Lambert: Being Gay Is A Tough Life, It's Not A Choice


Sauli's Radio Interview (in Finnish):

Adam Lambert and Sauli Koskinen

Back ’On The Line’ With Joe Zee

 In the second season, he also has help in his mentoring from notable fashion names like American designer Rachel Roy, socialite and fashion trendsetter Olivia Palermo, rock musician Adam Lambert (whose episode airs December 9) and Mark Badgley and James Mischka of Badgley Mischka.

Do THIS  Adam!

digitalspy Digital Spy

Lady GaGa plans two-year, 450-date tour:

Adam Lambert heaps praise on Lady Gaga’s ‘Marry the Night’ video


Upload Director's Cut of EMA performance with Queen thanks to @terra_zephead


Janet Jackson, Adam Lambert, Dr. Oz, Pauley Perrette Tweet Support For World AIDS Day

Singer Adam Lambert messaged to his more than 1.2 million followers, “Let's recognize World AIDS Day and RT 'We are going to win this fight,'” a reference toPresident Barack Obama's speech commemorating the day.


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2)Best Fashion "Adam Lambert"

***********3) MOST ANTICIPATED ALBUM 2012  "Adam Lambert"************

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This is how you vote for these two

Best Male Singer ( Adam is # 10 and moving up!!!!)

Who Should Sing at the Olympics (Adam is #1)


Unauthorized Albums

Check out the latest stats! LOL!


Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

 Tommy Joe Ratliff thanks to @alikat1323 enhanced by @weelassie11

Tommy Joe Ratliff thanks to Riikiachi enhanced by @weelassie11


I Need some of this every single day!


Pray that success will not come any faster than you are able to endure it.


Men are only as great as they are kind.


Never explain - your friends do not need it and your enemies will not believe you anyway.

 Chaos Happens! And That’s A Good Thing! Here’s Why

It  is those of us who have trained our mind to see and trust the bigger picture (knowing that The Uni-verse is FOR us and never against us) that benefit most from change, chaos and crisis. It is Spiritually backwards to ask for an easy life that works out perfectly AND desire faith in yourself and The Uni-verse. Faith counts the MOST when the ish is hitting the fan.
So today, in your life, whether it be financially, romantically, emotionally, spiritually or any only aspect of your life, if there is chaos or change, just decide that The Uni-verse is working on your behalf and choose to assign a constructive and positive meaning to what’s happening in your life. 

Ask The Uni-verse to reveal the Grace of this moment to you. See the opportunity instead of the fear; decide that you have the power to not only make the best of this situation, but to actually make a better life for yourself BECAUSE of this situation.
For your dreams to come true it’s vital that you learn to be flexible enough to adapt to and make the best of change. In fact, don’t just make the best of change and the unexpected, get EXCITED by it!

Winter and summer are both needed for growth. Once this idea settles in the heart, then each moment of life is of gratitude. Let this become your meditation and prayer: thank God every moment–for laughter, for tears, for everything. Then you will see a silence arising in your heart that you have not known before. That is bliss.


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  1. thank you for this wonderful news 'KISS~KISS"

  2. The first thing I d,o every morning, is check my email (even before twitter). I click on your link which opens your blog on another screen. Then I take care of all my business mail with Adam on the big screen and mail off to the side.

    This is such a routine I think I couldn't survive with out you. It's AdamBertDaily with my morning coffee.

    Aside from all the pretty, I appreciate the voting and whats a fan "to do links".

    And, I never miss clicking on the tweetie bird to see how many followers Adam has gained. That might be one of my favorite recurring features.

    One question. The email always comes with an extraordinary picture but that picture is different than the one on the blog. Where do you store them? Today's was absolutely Fierce.


  3. Becca: Love you lady! XOXO

    @RandomMedley Thanks for reminding me about the twitter bird... just added it. I love checking that out to and you can put your own name in for your statistics if you want.

    I store all the pictures on my computer. There is always one special picture on the subscriber email that I do not include on my blog as a little daily thank you gift to my lovely subscribers!


  4. Okay...hope this works. I was so very excited by the time I got thru your blog with all that's happening! I can't believe the loooong wait is almost over!

    Loved the "wedding" pic! The suit is exactly what he would go for...however, that bride looks more like Tommy than Sauli...HMMMM

    Thanx for bringing me back.


  5. Ahhh....Gloria! You are such a love!!

    I'm getting so excited! I'm feeling it in my core. Wow! So happy to be on the front line of hardcore Glambertism! LOL!!

    Thanks for such positive and loving upliftment about our muse EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!!

  6. Thanks Gloria,
    I am getting soooo excited! :)

  7. Love having that Director's Cut of the EMA's - the visual and audio are much better and it also has extra shots of Adam and May during TSMGO, extra crowd shots, and the end shows Adam's entire figure while wailing at the end. It's something I really wanted - thanks so much for putting it up and to whomever was behind getting it. Luv, Lee

  8. Gloria, thanks so much, i love your column and your efforts to deliver so much wonderful Adam news and updates to us. i don't feel complete until i open Adamquotedaily and see what's going on. this is pretty cheesy, but it completes me. thanks again.


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