Sunday, 4 December 2011

Really Before Xmas! 04/12/2011

 Adam Lambert 

Adam Lambert's photo @saulikoskinen1 and @riffcherry... Awww :)

 Sony Music Russia 

(Google Translate)


@ adamlambertruua We're talking about radio premiere:) Before this single will be presented throughout the world in one day!


 they tweeted that after simultaneous release in the whole world they will start radio premiere

 another translation!

@glamstarky: SonyMusicRussia: The new single will be released in one day for the whole world!

I Love the Studio Version of this one!

This painting!
Paintings posted today with permission from Ladan Moadden (There are 21. ) 
This is my favorite and a few more posted below.  

You can buy prints of these paintings and see them all at the following link.

Prints for sale here:


Wallpaper thanks to @esselsari

 @HunGlambert SonyHU said to me that the 1st single will release before xmas, but not on next friday.

(I'm betting on December 19th!)

Adam tweeted on November 27

 Adam Lambert 

As soon as I have more news on the single, believe me... You'll all be the first to know!!

UM ADAM... You've got some 'splaining to do right now!!  Start TALKING!!

 Terrance D. Spencer 

Good times with my boo's tonight, love y'all    soooo much fun!

Christmas Wishes and Memories!

Thanks to @mysticdragon75 December 2010

Thanks to @JamieGlambert December 2009


Click on picture for gif thanks to @terra_zephead

Liam McEwan's Adam Lambert Hour December 3

NZGlittertribe get together... Liam and Aiden McEwan in the back row


AdamLambertHelp Adam Lambert Help ♥

Adam's pic in Dec 2 2011 issue of Sīrups, Latvia, p. 40 (34 digital) - @mmyy9


Remix of Live the Life by @AidanLambert


Adam and Queen at the EMAs

You have to save this one:  Perfection!

EMAs Director's Cut ADAM LAMBERT & Queen 11-6-11 from Gale Chester Whittington on Vimeo.

Upload Director's Cut of EMA performance with Queen thanks to @terra_zephead

(ear thingies with Adam mention)

Adam Lambert looking gorgeous!

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Adam Lambert named Male Twitterer of 2011


Glamorous thanks to @tatoojo


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Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

New to me pictures from Russia via @sassybuttercup3

Tommy tweet to @sassybuttercup3 cropped thanks to @Scorpiobert

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  1. Thanks Gloria...I love all the videos!! Great way to start Sunday morning. Could it really be possible we may get BTIKM by end of 2011?

  2. Thank you Gloria for waking me up this morning to that wallpaper of Adam which is now my screensaver - God! - he's so damn gorgeous there!! these videos are such fun to look at as well! Question of the year - when do we get BTIKM; I tweeted Adam to release it on my birthday - 12/15- think he'll listen to me - LOL! You blog always makes me smile - thanks for all you do!

  3. Listening to WWFM on Love Radio in Cyprus!!! His voice is such a standout on the radio (and anywhere else for that matter)!

    Thanks so much for the great blog, Gloria.

    XO Tatiana

  4. All I want for Christmas is for me to put Better Than I Know Myself in everyone's stocking. Then I want Adam to have the Pimp Spot on Dick Clark's New Years Eve Show.

    Thank you Santa. I HAVE been a good girl (swear).


  5. World Wide! Hee Hee - So happy - keep giggling to myself - they're coming with the butterfly net.

  6. Such a beautiful painting of Adam.
    Adam fans are really talented.
    (I cant even draw stick figures. )

    BTIKMY before Christmas

    And THIS: TommyJoeRatliff @isaacthecarp & myself after a long day at the office.

    Rehearsal? \o/

    So thankful to have Adam in my life and all the friends I have made because of him! Its been almost 3 years of stanning and its been the most fun in my adult life!

    Thanks to Gloria for her friendship and keeping us up to date on all things Adam.

    XO ~Virg1877

  7. Hi Gloria, your blog continues to give me so much joy and excitement. I'm waiting on pins and needles for the new music. Ahhhhh! I just wanted to say I listened to the "nasty " video" more than once today. It gave me great pleasure-maybe guilty pleasure. That situation just makes me so angry. That video somehow did me a lot of good. Thank you for it. You can post this if you want to. Everything about Adam is just so sweet, and funny, and positive and this taking advantage of his talent and endearing personhood is just the opposite. Anyway-thank you for being you and letting me go on a bit. XxOo, Glenda


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