Monday, 5 December 2011

NEED TO SHOUT! 05/12/2011

Maybe  Monday!  Click on picture for gif thanks to adamlambertgifs

This seems to be the strategy so far!
ADAM LAMBERT: New Song Is Mid Tempo, Showcases His Voice

toby knapp
new news: small promo tour to support cd in works now for February btw. 


New Sauli official blog Dec 5 "Sunshine" 

English Translation link: 


Queen have plans for a future collaboration with Adam Lambert

Queen's Roger Taylor:

"Well actually, we did a thing for MTV Europe – the VMA Awards, about two weeks ago. We did three or four songs at the end of the show with Adam Lambertwho has really matured and has become an incredible performer. I think Brian and I will very possibly be doing something with Adam, because he’s really great. His range is unequaled, I think, and his stage presence is really quite something these days. He’s a phenomenal performer and it went very well, so that was very interesting, actually. We would hope to be doing something with Adam at some point."


Glamazon Today, 8:46 AM

YI singles are released 3 days after press releases.

Get ready glamberts. Now is the time to flail!

Be ready on Friday

Glamazon Today, 9:22 AM

For Immediate Release:

Grammy nominated RCA recording artist...

That's all I'm revealing

Once again.

You will NOT get the song this week but the press release WILL be sent in a FEW days.
I know you guys can figure out the release date!

Cover art for the single will be released this week as well.

Lol come on now. I already pretty much revealed it. Press release/cover this week. Single EARLY next week.

(Adam is that you speaking to us as Glamazon??)

(Regardless if Glamazon is legit, I believe the info!!!!)

@tkradio: ok so i heard the new lambert...

N3wG3neration B T
ANDDDDDDDDD????? @tkradio: ok so i heard the new lambert...”
2 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply
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toby knapp
@N3wG3neration more to follow. in meeting right now. will blog about it shortly


@SonyMusicGlobal DUDE, WHEN IS @adamlambert 'S NEW SINGLE DEBUTING????????? WE'RE AGING OUT HERE.
2 minutes ago
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SonyMusicGlobal Sony Music Global
@devenlane no need to shout. we announce info as soon as it's both available and confirmed.

SonyMusicAfrica: The details for Adam Lambert's single 'Better Than I Know Myself' is on its way in the coming week. <<--Press Release


Regardless of the release date, We Are The Sure Fire Winners!

Memories from Rock My Town!  My View!  Can't wait for the 
                 next concert!  Yay!  Who else was there?

AleksandraKv @jskystyle Did you listen to Adam's new album? What did you think of it?

Jason Sky @AleksandraKv yes- @adamlambert played a few tracks from his new album! Loved them... so #Glamberts get ready to DANCE!


Love Me!  Click on picture for Gif thanks to adamlambertgifs

More from Glamazon ( to be taken with a bit of scepticism!)

QUOTE(Glamazon @ Dec 4th 2011, 4:34 PM)

Adam's voice gets NO processing with this song and it's going to inter[ret amazingly live, IF and only if he has the right band. It's really electronic so I don't know if they're going to perform with just a track and back-up dancers or what.
It's uptempo and dancey. Ravey. MADE for clubs/radio.

 Queen performance:

Well, it pretty much changed ALOT of radio/industry opinions. I didn't know about a new album or anything until the monday after and twitter/facebook/news outlets were buzzing about it. So my boss said we have exciting news about Adam Lambert coming up and last week we got the zip file and were told to keep it in the lock until release date and we have ORDERS from our central station to play it on release day on the hour, every hour. Like I said, radio airplay is the BIGGEST promotion a person an get and I'm honestly so excited to find out how good the song does.

You guys are hillarious. Single release date will be known this week. The single itself in a COUPLE more weeks. Goodnight everyone. This weekend has been amazing and I hope you all get to know me.....

(That would work with my projected December 19th release date!)

Some Info from Hungary

Old Excitement video thanks to Aralid on Adamtopia


From Last night in case you missed it!

 Adam Lambert 

Adam Lambert's photo @saulikoskinen1 and @riffcherry... Awww :)

 Sony Music Russia 

(Google Translate)


@ adamlambertruua We're talking about radio premiere:) Before this single will be presented throughout the world in one day!


 they tweeted that after simultaneous release in the whole world they will start radio premiere

 another translation!

@glamstarky: SonyMusicRussia: The new single will be released in one day for the whole world!

I Love the Studio Version of this one!

Almost True Now!


This is my stunning  body twitter background from FYE video

Additionally, Britney Spears and Adam Lambert sang the praises of their fellow pop stars — Britney pimped Gwen Stefani's new Target clothing line, while Adam fan-boyed over Beyonce

Adam Lambert (@adamlambert): So much fun watching the @Beyonce Live At Roseland DVD last night w @LoveMrSpencer and friends last night… Sooo good DIVA. #bestvocals

Adam Lambert Gives Beyoncé Props, but Who Has the ‘Best Vocals’?


This is the video that the cute gifs today come from thanks to Betty on Adamtopia for locating it!


Adam and Queen at the EMAs

You have to save this one:  Perfection!

EMAs Director's Cut ADAM LAMBERT & Queen 11-6-11 from Gale Chester Whittington on Vimeo.

Upload Director's Cut of EMA performance with Queen thanks to @terra_zephead

Adam Lambert looking gorgeous!

This Poll is Important!- One More Week

Write in on "Other" box:

1) Best Awards Show performance  "Adam Lambert and Queen EMAs"

2)Best Fashion "Adam Lambert"

***********3) MOST ANTICIPATED ALBUM 2012  "Adam Lambert"************

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This is how you vote for these two

Best Male Singer ( Adam is # 10 and moving up!!!!)

Who Should Sing at the Olympics (Adam is #1)


Unauthorized Albums

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Adam Lambert thanks to @creativesharka

Only Four More Days to Enter My Contest to win a Rolling Stone Magazine!

Entries have slowly been trickling in!  Geared towards international fans but anyone can enter!

Send me a story about Adam Lambert and how he has impacted your life  Subject line:  Adam

Do it now!


I'm Really Excited for New Music but Also for more Interviews and Quotes!!!


Marc Martel from Montreal... sounds like Freddie Mercury and is in the competition to replace Freddie on the Queen Extravaganza

(Not that Adam wouldn't be better but I think this guy is great to imitate Freddie)

Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

Tommy Joe Ratliff thanks to Wolfram T. PU

                                              Tommy Joe Ratliff thanks to @creativesharka

 FollowFriday Ranking 

 was #33 last week in the USA FollowFriday Ranking



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  1. Good Morning Glory-a! Just like the flower, here you are every morning with everything Adam. I like Marc Martel too...thanks for introducing him to me today. A guy to watch and listen to while on pins and needles awaiting Better Than I Know Myself & Trespassing. SO excited about Adam's trajectory here in releasing his single and album...this is dramatic stuff, naturally! Your up to the minute reporting is AWESOME! XOXO PL

  2. All that single news is making me have heart palpitations!! Sooooo excited. Thanks for all the info.

  3. ROFLOL that video of @GLAMBERT6969 was hilarious. Fanboy Jim at his best. Belly laugh with tears in my eye. What a great way to start the day. Thanks for the memories Gloria.


  4. We should do something big on Friday and Monday! Trending on Twitter and something bigger. What do you think?

  5. Can't wait to hear the new single, I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas :) And that pic of Sauli & little Riff is adorable! Thank you for the blog.

  6. So true, RandomMedley - that video is absolutely hilarious. Love that JC humor - sometimes I try to think what a Kris/Gokey finale would have been like - soooooo pathetic - who would've cared? lol

    So excited about cover pic being released, too. What beautiful, gorgeous out-there kind of pic will it be? A wealth of riches with Adam for sure.

    Each a.m. rush here to see the latest - so wonderful. Luv, lee

  7. National Enquirer, Dec. 12 issue Adam one of featured red carpet artists from AMA in Susan Baker's Dressed to Thrill layout. He's a hit! Looks beautiful. First time I've seen a man included in her article about fashion.


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