Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Under Control! 06/12/2011

 Adam Lambert 

Randomly met  for the first time last night. 
She was lovely. 

NBCTheVoice The Voice
We know what you mean. Sigh. #TeamXtina RT @adamlambert: Randomly met @TheRealXtina for the 1st time last night. She was lovely. #alwaysafan


 Anthony Perkins 

 it was still an honour to meet u last night! and FYI, had no clue he was ur boyfriend! thanks for not giving me a black eye lol

 Anthony Perkins 

 it was close! i think i accidentally touched his hand or something then Adam came and told me to back off

 Anthony Perkins 

 something like that lol. at first i thought he was kidding WELL...he wasnt


@AnthonyPerkins_Anthony Perkins
@devenlane adorbs? hahaha ok!

@AnthonyPerkins_ May I ask Where were you?? (bar, club,...) & What was Adam doing while you chat with Sauli???

in reply to ª
@AnthonyPerkins_Anthony Perkins
@naikeglambert i wasnt paying attention. it all happened kinda fast lol!


@AnthonyPerkins_Anthony Perkins
@devenlane as he should be!

@AnthonyPerkins_ So I guess your whole life probably flashed before your eyes then ? LMAO

@AnthonyPerkins_Anthony Perkins
@ScorpioBert LOL u could say that hahaha


Happy Independence Day Finland!

Translation of Sauli's Blog



I so do not believe this, but....


The changed the headline to this:

Updated: Queen Talking With Adam Lambert For Additional Concerts

which makes sense.


Total Trust that Adam Lambert and the Universe have it all under control!


Thanks to Glamstarlight

(just cause this is my fav Non-Adam song and great pictures of the Rock God) 

Dedicated to Adam and all Glamberts I adore!


@Maggie_Klaus Deets: @AdamLambert had margaritas on the rocks, HIGH hair, black skinny jeans, gorgeous eye makeup, shoulder-padded blazer. Smiles a lot.

You all have excellent taste in singers! @adamLambert was very easy on the eyes in person and we both LOVE #Malo in Silverlake!

     Close up of Adam with hair kind of down!


GreatWhiteB Great White Buffalo In a bar with Christina Aguilera AND Adam Lambert- they're both so pretty.

GreatWhiteB They were there separately, they talked for a while, they laughed, they cried, the picture is not them together, just Adam
case closed.

Sauli Koskinen by @leecherry

Click on picture for Gif

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: We haven't heard new single yet, but hear it's amazing. Is anyone else getting impatient?

Adam Lambert's New Song Under a Shroud of Secrecy

Adam Lambert Crashed My Twitter Account


Adam Lambert performs at the EMAs

mtvema MTV EMA

Indeed RT @AquarianSunsets @mtvema I have listened to Adam Lambert and Queen every day since the EMA's. That performance was epic. #Addicted


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Fan Art thanks to @lori_

Everything we know about Trespassing!

Thanks to @SiriuslySeverus for book scan

 @terra_zephead: FYI you can buy All On the Line With Joe Zee Ep 3 (Adam's episode) in HD here itun.es/iLV838


Adorable Riff!

Check out Dad's new site:  http://cherrymultimedia.com/
(pictures 3,4,5 of @Adamlambert)


Adam Lambert and Brian May screencap thanks to @lilybop2010


Wrapping up, what are the thoughts about any potential Queen shows in the future?
Well actually, we did a thing for MTV Europe – the VMA Awards, about two weeks ago. We did three or four songs at the end of the show with Adam Lambert, who has really matured and has become an incredible performer. I think Brian and I will very possibly be doing something with Adam, because he’s really great. His range is unequaled, I think, and his stage presence is really quite something these days. He’s a phenomenal performer and it went very well, so that was very interesting, actually. We would hope to be doing something with Adam at some point.

Adam and Queen at the EMAs

You have to save this one:  Perfection!

EMAs Director's Cut ADAM LAMBERT & Queen 11-6-11 from Gale Chester Whittington on Vimeo.

Upload Director's Cut of EMA performance with Queen thanks to @terra_zephead

Adam LambertThanks to @tuke18 enhanced by @weelassie11

American Idol star Adam Lambert has engaged his fans in multiple DonorsChoose campaigns for art and music projects, raising half a million dollars. Comedian Stephen Colbert, a member of the charity’s board of directors, challenged his viewers to fund classroom projects for schools serving military families. More than $167,000 was raised.


Pre FYE Article! (Still applies!)

He's building his kingdom.
A wild kingdom; brick by brick, song by song, all night long....
There's a lot of wild things associated with Lambert, not the least of which is his fans. They may be the wildest we've seen in decades. They're wild about his voice, wild about his form, and wild about his style. 
The loyalty and devotion of his Glamberts will be the foundation of his kingdom, since they were there from the beginning. He's picked up a few more along the way, but the real *starburst* will occur when the rest of the world gets a look at him.


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Unauthorized Albums

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Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

Adam Lambert and Tommy Joe Ratliff



Work to become, not to acquire.


To avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing.


Entry to Adam Contest- Get Your's Done Now!

Thanks to Robin!

Hi Gloria--
You know most of my stories regarding Adam, but this year he has made a big difference in my life.  For Christmas this year, my partner and I are going to try and serve food at a soup kitchen.  This is something that I would never have done before, but know that Adam is in my life, this is the positive impression that he is giving me.  I am SOOO thankful that I found Adam and have followed him--I love this man very much. 

 I HOPE to meet him someday at a meet-n-greet before a concert.  I really want to give him a big hug!!  I also want to get more involved in the gay community and also help kids not get bullied anymore.  All of this is because of how I feel about Adam and his inspiration.  He is very special to me and I will follow him ALWAYS!!!!  I hope the day comes soon that he can marry Sauli and be EXTREMELY happy!!! 
Thanks Gloria!!!
"I love Queen cuz I am a Queen and I will always be a Queen"
-------Adam Lambert

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  1. Is it not allright to say God? That's one thing that has concerned me how so many fans now have adapted the word "universe" instead of God. Kinda sad.

  2. Anonymous:

    I don't think it's sad at all. It happens to be my belief system and by the way, Adam's too.

    I don't have a problem with people wishing me a "Merry Xmas" or telling me "Jesus loves you" even though its not my thing. I just thank the person and accept that in this world, there are many different religions and I can respect all of them. I can also respect the intent of the wishes.

    Maybe you can try that instead of judging?


  3. Those Anthony Perkins tweets have kept me laughing all day. What I wouldn't give to have been there. If AP is telling the truth, Adam must have scared the sheeet out of him. Probably exaggerating, but fun to read anyhow. The comments on the blogs are very funny.

    Looks as though there may be one-off concerts with Queen - what a dream - hope they come to fruition.

    And love Adam with that shorter "do" with the hair slightly on his forehead - looks so very young and beautiful.

    That's my guy - luv, lee


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