Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Calm Before the Storm! 07/12/2011

Hold on tight!

(I hold onto this mug every morning just in case... thanks to @virg1877 for the gift that keeps on giving!)

Here's the other side of my mug!

               You've Come a Long Way Baby!  Adam Lambert at the AMAs 2009

@adamlambert  Adam Lambert
Details on single coming any day now... I'm getting so excited!!!



lyndseyparker Lyndsey Parker
RT @adamlambert Details on single coming any day now... I'm getting so excited!!! (<-- *taps foot, looks at watch*) #impatient

Laurie K
I just about drove off the road while legit flailing LOL So exciting to hear Adam Lambert's single mentioned on Elvis Duran show!!!

Adam Lambert to front Queen?

Adam lambert
Queen is in talks with former "American Idol" contestant Adam Lambert to front the rock group on a possible concert tour, "Billboard" reports.

The publication claims Taylor and May have been in talks with the reality show contestant since they performed with one another at the MTV European Music Awards last month

Queen has a new Freddie?
TEAM WANTS TO TURN move in the Finalist 'Idol'

Freddie Mercury and his successor in the Queen - Adam Lambert?

Musicians talk about the common Queen tour with American finalist in "Idol" Adam Lambert, who is to replace Freddie Mercury at the microphone. - It is a phenomenal performer, his unique voice is impressive - drummer admires.

Listen to Queen and Adam Lambert's rendition of 'The Show Must Go On' below:

Adam Lambert - Getty
Could an Adam Lambert-fronted Queen be coming to a city near you? It’s a definite possibility.
During an interview with Billboard, Queen drummer, Roger Taylor, talked about the possibility of having Adam join the band out on the road for a few live dates.


_Pennyroyal Tim Foster

Ok... You get 2 hints about the next Signature Collection design...#givelight&love#Adamsturning30More soon.:)

They don't know about us!


December 7... Sauli's Blog in Three Parts!

Kysymys: How good is your partner’s new album ?! So desperate to hear it! -Beth

Vastaus:It’s amazing!! Really good!!


A DECEMBER bitter night!! 

(that's why this song has to be released THIS month!)

Better Than I Know Myself
by Adam Lambert

Cold as ice
And more bitter than a december
Winter night
That's how I treated you
And I know that I
I sometimes tend to lose my temper
And I cross the line
Yeah that's the truth

I know it gets hard sometimes
But I could never
Leave your side
No matter what I say
Coz if I wanted to go
I woulda gone by now but
I really need you near me
To keep my mind off the edge
If I wanted to leave
I woulda left by now
But you're the only one that knows me
Better than I know my self.
All along
I tried to pretend it didn't matter
If I was alone
Deep down I know
If you were gone
For even a day I wouldn't know which way to turn
Coz I'm lost without you.

I know it gets hard sometimes
But I could never
Leave your side
No matter what I say
Coz if I wanted to go
I woulda gone by now but
I really need you near me
To keep my mind off the edge
If I wanted to leave
I woulda left by now
But you're the only one that knows me
Better than I know my self.

Coz if I wanted to go
I woulda gone by now but
I really need you near me
To keep my mind off the edge
If I wanted to leave
I woulda left by now
But you're the only one that knows me
Better than I know my self.

Coz if I wanted to go
I woulda gone by now but
I really need you near me
To keep my mind off the edge
If I wanted to leave
I woulda left by now
But you're the only one that knows me
Better than I know my self.
@ByroncookeByron Cooke
@jam2885 not a TV performance

@FraskuFra sku
@Byroncooke should we play Twenty Questions? Do you have a release date for the single?

@ByroncookeByron Cooke
@Frasku it's better than a release date....the label will announce that...this is something a little more "personal" potentially...ha!

audreyc1877 Audrey Caron
@Byroncooke my best bet would be an interview?
in reply to ↑

Byroncooke Byron Cooke
@audreyc1877 you'd be right. Nothing confirmed but looks likely for LA and please ...ssshhhh ...I'm off to the gym now OUT

SonyMusicNZ Sony Music NZ
Glamberts, #NZGlitterTribe - caaaaaaannot wait to announce @adamlambert music news! Sit tight, you're being amazingly patient. x

SonyMusicNZ Sony Music NZ
Bahaha Glamberts have the best sense of humour. So many replies! We're putting some plans please climb down from the ceiling.


Two New/Old Pictures from @leecherry!!!


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Hi Sauli!!  

Haha!  You were in my dream last night.  You were modeling in a fashion show and you looked adorable!


Wow!  One Performance can change everything!  I've always wished that Adam would have a Ricky Martin "La Vida Loca" moment. 

Just hit me that the medley with Queen at the EMAs was the moment when everyone in the world took notice of the amazing talent of our Rock God! 

Still talking about it a month later 
 (of course WE are still excited cause we know the truth!) 

and remember this quote from Brian May after hearing Adam sing Time for Miracles in 2009

 "I have to say I was completely blown away ... it's truly sensational. In fact it's so obviously a number one smash, any bookie would be mad to take bets on it. I am not kidding. I'm not easily moved to jelly by male vocalists ... but Adam's voice reaches out with sensitivity, depth, maturity, and awesome range and power which will make jaws drop all around the world. Its an awesome performance. No doubt about it. The world of Rock has a bright new star." 

Brian May

Queen's original drummer, who put together an online global talent search called "Queen Extravaganza," talks about the band's past, present and future which just may involve a certain "American Idol" runner-up.

Last month, the band made one hell of an impression when the surviving members recruited American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert to take on vocals for a three-song medley, stepping in the very big shoes of late frontman Freddie Mercury, if only for a moment. And the band doesn’t rule out working with Lambert in the future, either. “There's nothing signed just yet but we're talking about live dates,” Taylor told “It could be very exciting. He has grown into a really great performer with an astonishing voice with a range that's great.”

Queen may recruit Adam Lambert for more live performances

Adam Lambert's phenomenal performance with Queen at the 2011 MTV EMAs made such an impact on the iconic rock act's remaining members that they are in talks to do more shows together. 

(lots of international articles too!)

(The following article gets posted cause they chose my favorite all time picture of Adam Lambert!!)


Wednesday, 07 December 2011Written by Elliott Batte
Adam Lambert Set To Join Queen For Tour?

American Idol star Adam Lambert is reportedly being considered as an on-tour singer for legendary rockers Queen, according to Billboard.

The iconic group have been searching for someone fit to fill the boots of original vocalist Freddie Mercury, who died in 1991, and are desperate to get back on the road for the first time since they worked with Paul Rodgers in 2008 – and, after impressing drummer Roger Taylor when they performed together at the MTV European Music Awards, it looks like Lambert could be the perfect candidate.

mtvema MTV EMA

They rocked! RT @upinthenorth#MomentsICanNeverForgetWhen Adam Lambert took the stage with Queen at the @mtvema

Top Ten TV Moments of 2011

5. MTV EMAs – Adam Lambert rocks us!
Something happened at the MTV European Music Awards. Adam Lambert performed with legendary rock band Queen! We were so pleased to see the lovely Mr Lambert join Brian May and Roger Taylor on stage to perform a medley of Queen hits. Freddie Mercury’s shoes are pretty gigantic shoes to fill, so it must have taken huge balls to sing his songs – that’s tough enough. What’s even tougher, is doing classic hits like “The Show Must Go On”, “We Will Rock You” and “We Are The Champions” justice – we think Adam absolutely nailed it.


BestLive Vocals thanks to ParamoreVzla

More here thanks to adamgasmlover

Adam Lambert and Christina Aguilera Meet – Finally!

Last night Adam Lambert and Christina Aguilera had a chance meeting at a bar in Los Angeles. Fans first got wind of the superstar encounter when another patron at the bar tweeted about seeing them there. But without photographic evidence, it wasn't confirmed until Adam himselftweeted today"Randomly met @TheRealXtina for the first time last night. She was lovely. #alwaysafan."
The meeting of these two singers has been a long time coming, as Adam has spoken of his admiration of Christina for a while. For example, he has tweeted about her songs in the past, such as, "X-tina's WooHoo is hot! I'm dancing while driving! Shwerk!" He also once tweeted a video of Christina singing "Impossible" and commented, "dont forget... listen to her VOICE! DAMN!!! liiiiving!" Of course, you can't get praise any higher than what Adam tweeted about Chirstina's album Bionic: "Bionic: XTina's vocals take other pop girls to SCHOOL. Production is A+ I'm entertained! Nuff said."

Thanks to @devenlane for finding this one!

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Unauthorized Albums

New parody video added!  Go see!!




Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

Tommy Joe Ratliff and friend thanks to ?



A retentive memory may be a good thing, but the ability to forget is the true token of greatness.


On this day of your life, you know...

...that your fears have stopped you before,
but they need not stop you now.

What's the worst that can happen? And if that  happened,
what would happen then? And if that happened,
then what?

Now... if you give in to your fears, where will
that leave you? Right where you are now?
And if that's where you want to be, why is the other
option even a little bit exciting to you?

Neale Donald Walsch

-------Adam Lambert

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  1. aw love that coffee cup how cute. and would love to enter your contest but i've sent you all my adam stories i have none left.


  2. I'm not loving this buzz about Adam fronting for Queen. Yes, I loved their performance at the MTV EMAs but to go on tour with them just doesn't seem like the right path for Adam to take at this point in his career. Talk about "type-casting". Does Adam want to be ADAM or Freddy II? Just saying.

  3. I think I need a coffee mug like that ;) Adam and Queen... I'd LOVE to see Adam do a "few select dates" with Queen (like here in Vancouver please) haha - but ultimately we need to see Adam touring with his new CD and blowing that shit up !!!
    Andrea @Powderpuffnails

  4. Ana Glam: I'm really excited about the Queen buzz. Except for the fact that Adam is going to have to answer a million questions about it during his album promo.

    I think it is giving Adam a great deal of extra exposure around the world and this will hopefully translate into bigger sales for Trespassing and FYE. I think all the hype and media coverage bodes well for Adam. People are hearing his name and that is all good.

    We know that if Adam works with Queen it will be select times and that his album promotion and tour will be his top priority.

    I love the idea of Adam performing with Queen at the Olympics... let it be!



  5. Each morning I wake up and think - is this the day? Perhaps the announcement will be Friday? They can't keep us hanging much longer. C'mon, guys, it's TIME!

    Read and watched everything on this great blog today, Gloria - exhausted - lol.

    Luv, lee


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