Thursday, 22 December 2011

Love Is Forever!

 Adam Lambert 

Violence is not to be taken lightly. Embarrassed by 

drunkenness. No punches thrown, no injuries and no 

charges. Media always exaggerates.


PERFECT!! HAHA RT AlGrossi: So Adam Lambert got 

arrested? Hummm..That reminded me to download his 

new single "Better Than I Know Myself

CBS news...

Thanks to McerRocks and Retweeted by Adam!

Adam Lambert and The State of American Male Pop

The pop music gods be praised! Adam Lambert has finally given us the lead single off of his next album! Adam's new single 'Better Than I Know Myself' is everything I could have asked for in a pop song. Stellar production, meaningful lyrics and a sweeping, synth-tastic instrumental make this a great lead single for his upcoming album 'Trespassing.' While this isn't nearly as uptempo as past singles, such as 'If I Had You' (my favorite from his last album), this song serves as a powerful electropop ballad that really shows off Adam's power-house vocals.

Mexican Radio talking About Adam for the second time!



currently #11 Itunes Pop, #20 Itunes Overall. #21 Amazon 

Pop, #35 Amazon Top 100. 

 Miles Tougeaux 

Got our charity water autographed photo in the mail 

today! Put it on the fridge with the poetry 


 Laurelle Martin 

 Heard BTIKM for the first time on radio in South Africa-knew whose song it was before I even heard the chorus! Love that voice

Adam is #3 Most recommended in the US behind Lady Gaga and Justin B

                          Adam Lambert July 16.11 The Box NYC
Thanks @14gelly

 Adam Lambert 


Us÷blackout=irrational confusion. 

jail+guilt+press=lesson learned. 

Sauli+Adam+hangover burgers= laughing 

bout it. :)

illuxxia illuxxia

"Everything is ok and we'll be laughing at this soon. Happiness, sadness, quarrels and love are part of life. But love wins."  (Sauli quote ?)

Adam!  Are You Promoting "Better Than I Know Myself" a Little too Intensely?

Cold as ice

And more bitter than a December

Winter night

That's how I treated you

And I know that I

sometimes tend to lose my temper
And I cross the line
Yeah that's the truth

Adam Lambert.  Click for Gif!

Adam Lambert and Sauli Koskinen thanks to @SammieMa

Review of the Evening:

Thanks Toby!

Police End Investigation Their enthusiasm, Adam Lambert and Sauli Koskinen's bar fight

Police End Investigation Their enthusiasm, Adam Lambert and Sauli Koskinen's bar fight
Sauli Koskinen, and Adam Lambert

Chief Investigator, Petri Juvonen Told 's Entertainment News The Incident That will no longer be investigated Because HAS Injuries Neither party, nor've Been Any charges raised by Any of the parties Involved.
The police have dropped the Investigation Because Would Any Potential charges have resulted in no more than just a fine, Juvonen said.
Juvonen Revealed That HAS Also, they discussed the matter with the Foreign Police, and Foreign Officials Will Not Take Action Regarding The Incident.Juvonen That confirms the Investigation HAS ended.
Both Adam Lambert and Sauli Koskinen've Been released.
(MTV3 - BARRY instinct - Ann-Mari Leinonen)

Adam Lambert Fan club

We have learned it's not as bad as it sounds. Adam & Sauli got in a "fight" in front of a well-known gay bar Don't Tell Mama in Helsinki, Finland after a little quarrel & are now in a drunk tank at a police station & will be released soon. Apparently, the press exaggerated the fisticuffs! The police are now saying this was a minor fine-able offense for being drunk & disorderly, if that. After the hearing and preliminary investigation they will be free to go. They'll be out in no time, as it seems none of the people involved (including an unnamed 3rd person) plan to press charges.The police said the situation was over when they got to the bar, so it was really just a drunk & disorderly bust,which is apparently no big deal in Finland... They'll both be questioned in Pasila and then released.

(Sources: Several Finnish Glamberts on Twitter)


Sauli's Blog (after he was released from jail)


Publicity is not easy. But celebrities are only human people.Love is not easy but it is forever! Thank you for Namu, DTM and dear ones a memorable evening, and forgive Hardell (the fuss) and worry, but everything is really good! I now live in private moments and comment. All seem to know things in any case, me myself better. Hey, the evening was pretty funny and unconscious hangover suddenly goes over! Yay!


/ S

P.S. By the way, paparazzi, including police stations in the rear doors ... Go home already!

Adam Lambert Arrested After “Fight” With Boyfriend

Adam Lambert & Sauli Koskinen. Photo:
Adam Lambert & Sauli Koskinen. Photo:
Pop star Adam Lambert was arrested in Finland after a skirmish with his boyfriend Sauli Koskinen. Contrary to other reports, the fight was small and there was no violence on Lambert's part.
After seeing the Daily Mail quote a blogger who shall remain nameless about what happened who wasn't there, we decided to take to Twitter and track down a few people who were in Finland and knew what really happened.
It does appear that Adam and Sauli were intoxicated and did fight outside a gay bar titled "Don't Tell Momma" early Thursday morning.  Another couple tried to get involved to break it up and Adam swung at the woman, but the woman says Adam swung at her accidentally and did not do it intentionally.  Adam was emotional and apologized to the woman.  Keep in mind, these people who were involved know both Adam and Sauli. One Twitter user had more info than others so thank you to Illuxxia
It seems like it was more of a yelling match then say fisticuffs. It is a minor incident and was not violent, despite what that other dumb blogger says.
This is highly unlike Adam.  It is not like Adam and I are BFF.  However, I have seen him at several events in Los Angeles and he is always quite the gentleman.  Taking time to talk to young fans and pose for pictures.  He is friendly and down to earth.  Always a thank you and a please when asking for things.  Basically, a lot in Hollywood and former Idol winners could take a lesson from Adam.
As I stated before, this is not like Adam.  Everyone has an off night and for Adam, this was a case of being at the wrong place at the wrong time.
Adam is coming off quite a successful year with his new single "Better Than I Know Myself" which is rising up the charts with a video to follow in January 2012.  He rocked the Euro MTV Awards performing with Queen and is putting finishing touches on his next album "Trespassing" which will feature songs with Nikka Costa and Nile Rodgers.  The album is due for release in March 2012 and we have a feeling tonight's actions will be barely remembered by then.
When we have more info, we will pass it on.  Sauili has been released and said it was "drunk hugging" more than a fight.-DocFB
Diagnosis:  We Got You Adam.......

Adam Lambert Arrested, Jailed in Finland! Police tells @THR Adam + boyfriend will be released after interrogation


Seems appropriate today!!!


 are you planning real-life reenactments of 

all your songs?  

#ShutUpPerez is trending in Hungary (screenshot) #HunGlambertsRock

#ShutUpPerez trending in Hungary thanks to @HunGlambert!


Hello! I tried to translate the article about Adam and Sauli brawl. I just focus on the things what google translate didin't too well.

Sauli Koskinen and Adam Lambert's long-awaited visit to Finland ended in an embarrassing.

Because they just arrived in the country they decided to celebrate the Christmas holiday at nightclub Mama Do not Tell. Early-morning feelings arose between the lovers and they ended up to have little shouting between them. The situation got worse outside the restaurant, with Adam Lambert and Sauli Koskinen started a fist fight. Fighting took place at four o'clock in the morning time.

- We have an investigation story about Adam Lambert has been in a fight with her boyfriend. There were two people who tried to stop fighting but Lambert hit them too. But these are minor assaults, investigation, Petri Juvonen, Helsinki, police confirm Iltalehti.

- They both have been arrested, and they have been in the night in jail, Juvonen said.

- Exams have not yet begun. After interrogation, we consider when we release them, how big are injures and what are the penalties.

At the moment, Adam Lambert is Pasila police station jail, Sauli is at Töölö jail.

Police believe that bout of them are released before the Christmas holidays.

- The fact that the detained are celebrities, does not change police practices, Juvonen said.

illuxxia illuxxia

mkay, starting to look like not that much of a fight between them after all, but the ppl involved were REALLY involved... what a mess  (6:30AM EST)

illuxxia illuxxia

IL reports the other ppl involved were Niko, Sauli's bff from the BB days and his girlfriend. S is said to have gotten into a quarrel w/ the gf, and Niko defended her making Adam go at him.

(6:30 AM)

illuxxia illuxxia

the other couple is now denying all involvement, so... grain of salt, grain of salt all of this until we get anything official

@ghosst_: oh Sauli is out and giving comments

illuxxia illuxxia

...and sauli is out already, no injuries, no claims - says it was all just drunken "hugging"

illuxxia illuxxia

no charges, both released with no injuries or claims towards each other

Director of the investigation, Petri Juvonen says MTV3.fin Entertainment news police closed down the investigation.

Director of Investigation, the investigation was discontinued because neither party is injured and the requirements towards each other.

- The police decided to pre-trial investigation, since there would not be followed by a higher penalty fines, Juvonen said.

Juvonen reveals discussed the matter with the police is also an alien, nor the foreign authorities do not take action on the matter. Juvonen, to confirm that the investigation has been terminated.

So, Adam Lambert, as Sauli Koskinen, are exempt.

Earlier Tweets

@illuxxia: police says now "a very basic bar brawl, and no serious accusations have been made", interrrogations shortly today

@LALALAMBRIT The latest from newspaper says police will take Sauli to meet Adam soon.

KatriUtula Katri Utula

I had a great night with lovely people!!! I'm very confused.. Someone just said this is the Finnish way to spend Christmas!

@illuxxia: police: official questioning now started on Adam's behalf, no word on Sauli

illuxxia illuxxia

radio interview of the head of inquiry , keeps repeating it's a minor incident

illuxxia illuxxia

police says now "a very basic bar brawl, and no serious accusations have been made", interrrogations shortly today

ghosst_ anni

according to this police they've been ~wrestling and A has kicked two outsider away when they tried to go between them

illuxxia illuxxia

recent press is making it sound like the quarrel would have died on it's own had there not been the outsiders...


Press waiting for Adam to be released!


And In Other News!

Band rehearsal Last night!

@IsaacTheCarp @TommyJoeRatliff Nice rehearsal today, guys! Nailed it

@vanglam: BTIKM by @adamlambert is available on Itunes Argentina… Adam Argentina loves your music!!

mmyy9 mmyy9
Better Than I Know Myself Single CD Limited ed available for pre-order: Sony Music Shop Japan delivery only)


Mulled wine!
December 21st, 2011

Translation by Miachihu (@miachihu) and Zinnia (@tiiqqu), posted on December 21st, 2011

For pictures go to Sauli's original blog (link above). Please also, feel free to leave comments to Sauli on the site - use the text box at the bottom of the page. You can also write in English.

I took my American guest to have some mulled wine (glögi in Finnish) over the rooftops of Helsinki!! Hah!! That was the first glögi for me too this year, and oh boy how it tasted good!! And oh, how Helsinki looked so pretty from the high above!



P.S. I added now a couple more pictures to my Sunday Dec.18th blog, for example of me and Katri!! Yay!!




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 TommyJoe Ratliff 


 lucky we are! :) lookin' forward to seeing those beauties! I'm gonna hold ya to that! Haha! Love back to ya, brotha! :)

 TommyJoe Ratliff 

 Like I said, "We're lucky guys." We get to play music for a living with great people too!” DAMN RIGHT! :)

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  1. Wow, what a night!!! I hope this doesn't get blown out of proportion...#BTIKM needs to remain in focus!
    Thanks for the info, Gloria.

  2. JMO

    Adam... I know you are going to come out of this incident smelling sweet because that is just who you are.

    I would love to never again hear about drinking too much, a blackout, fighting or jail. Perhaps consider a full time body guard for you and anyone near you when you go out?

    Regardless of what you do in your personal life, I will always love you and your incredible talent. I suspect that you and BTIKM will gain a whole new group of fans today and that is wonderful.

    You always do keep it interesting.



  3. Very nice Gloria. Perfectly said. Back to BTIKM.

  4. Well said, Gloria. I think most true Adam Lambert fans are always going to support Adam. I will always look forward to his music and his performances because they send me into a nirvana that I can't even describe.

    His personal life is exactly that--HIS. I don't understand it sometimes. But I am choosing not to judge it. My continued support of Adam in all of his escapades has helped me learn to stop judging and accept that people are doing the best they can.

    Non-attachment to outcome helps!!!

    All is well!

  5. those poor boys the press is going to have a filed day with this just because they can. i feel bad for them but on the bright side the making up will be lots of fun.

  6. Gloria, you said it perfectly. I love Adam and am just glad he and Sauli are fine and laughing. I did find a need to listen to "Soaked" several times today. :D Glenda

  7. It seems to me that really unfavorable press about Adam always originates from the same source. Is there a grudge there? But, Adam, you're too old to pull this shit.

    I wish the coverage had begun, "Adam Lambert, who just released his new single......"

  8. Adam is entitled to live his life the way he chooses, but I hope he keeps his eye on the prize...his incredible future. He has worked too hard to achieve his dream to let drinking become an issue. Booze and fame can be a deadly combination. JMO

  9. Having traveled with my band to Helskinki in the past, I can personally attest that vodka and lots of it is everywhere! It's the national drink. We saw lots of drunken singing in the streets at 3a.m. and a few brawls too. I feel bad for Adam. I was inappropriately concerned (because he does deserve a private life) about him leaving China unescorted and landing in Finland unescorted. Trouble in paradise? Who knows. It's none of our business. But bad publicity isn't so great. On a weird side note, I do think he looks extra hot in that clip you picked, Gloria, with his hair all messy! Cute! But the drunkeness...worrisome. I only wish the best for our talented Adam. I hope the pressures of it all don't get to him. He seems like such a good, sweet person, and is obviously a talented one. The focus from the media needs to be on his music, not his private life. But we all want to know what happens, don't we? I heard about it and couldn't wait to get home to read this blog and find out what the heck really happened. Thanks for keeping it real.

  10. Yes, of course I wish it hadn't happened, but it's a minor blip and will soon blow over. No one hurt - no legal problems - the incident will fade away. I'm sure he "learned his lesson." He's human and is a passionate man - one of the many reasons we love him so. Thanks for the info today, Gloria. Luvya, Lee


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