Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Glambert To Do List!


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Adam and the Band on the way to the Amway event

Most Anticipated!


Adam Lambert  Click on picture for gif thanks to @illuxxia


This Morning!

Finland: BTIKM remains #1 on Itunes

USA  #11 Pop #21 Overall

Canada  #8 Pop #12 Overall

Sony Music Singapore
  Hi there!  will be available for download on from tomorrow, 22nd Dec onwards!


Greetings from Adam!


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MattyyBabyy ☺ † Matty Gaga † ☺
3 more copies of "Better Than I Know Myself" by @adamlambert are being gifted here. Send me emails. Thank @livelovelambert
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tlstls3113 Trudi Schwartz
“@GrammyboyXD: I venture to say that @adamlambert is probably the music industry's BEST male singer right now!”
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Crazzyjimi Jimmy Hardman
#BetterThanIKnowMyself is such a good song. Can't wait for the album @adamlambert

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 (type in Better Than I Know Myself in "request a song" and you can put your email address in to be notified when)

Z100...largest US Radio audience (I think)

Type in Better than I know myself...

@Z1035Toronto RUMMBBLLEEE TIME! 1 night Champion Adam Lambert goes toe-to-toe against Dev Ft. Enrique Iglesias! Get YOUR votes...

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Thanks to @FoxVegas

Lapland! Hope you get to see this Adam!

Sauli Koskinen screencap thanks to @lilybop2010


Adam Lambert enhanced by @scorpiobert


AliceRadio: New @adamlambert next! Tune to 97.3 FM right now and freak out with @jaynatalice .... #betterthaniknowmyself #obsessed

Have you seen this Interview with Jaynatalice from 2009 during Idol tour?


I actually like this!

Male Musician of the Year


Miles Tougeaux @milestougeaux
@negativeneil get to work:

Piano Cover of BTIKM thanks to MelodicGlambertPiano


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Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

Tommy has opened another tumblr account .  He asks for us to be respectful!

It's the 2nd coming! ; )

(LOL!  I asked for new pictures of TJR last night and they appeared!  Thanks to

 Tommy Joe Ratliff, Isaac Carpenter and Ashley Dzerigian


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  1. as always you are amazing in what you do here. plus still looking to gift Adam new single so let me know if you know someone who wants one

  2. Gloria-

    I heart you. Your column brings me a smile every day.


  3. It's all good! <333

  4. What does Tommy mean? For us to be respectful? Has somebody been disrespecting one of the most beautiful boys on the planet?

  5. Gloria, I was just surfing the net and found this. Do you know anything about it?

    Big J


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