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Finnish Greetings!

Adam Greets Finnish Fans!

and Finnish boy greets Adam!

Finnberts rule! They sent @'s "Better Than I Know Myself" right to #1on iTunes Finland!  Thanks to 


Finnish Itunes!  You guys rock and totally deserve Adam as your country's best son-in-law!

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Adam Lambert and Sauli Koskinen's love story in pictures



adamlambert Adam Lambert
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Adam Arrival Video!

More pictures from Finland here: https://twitter.com/#!/lilybop2010/media/grid

Adam Lambert with Chinese fans enhanced by @lilybop2010


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ashleydzerigian Ashley Dzerigian

Just got back on LA soil. The Shanghai show was such a great introduction to the Glambert family. You're all so sweet for the warm welcome.

I almost hope Adam doesn't tweet for a while!  I love looking at this on my page!! Still buzzing! LOL

Thanks to Ludifig16
More Great Reviews!

Adam Lambert, Trespassing (Second Studio Album)
adam lambert reveals better than i know myself cover art MuuMuses Most Anticipated of 2012 (Part Two!)
What it is: Pop’s reigning bad boy coming back stronger than ever.

Expected shelf date: March 20, 2012
Confirmed tracks: “Outlaws of Love,” “Trespassing,” “Better Than I Know Myself”
Production byDr. LukeBruno MarsPharrell WilliamsBenny BlancoNile RodgersClaude Kelly
What we know: It’s a big one: MTV confirms that the singer worked with an staggering array of top pop producers, including Dr. Luke, Bruno Mars and Pharrell (who co-wrote the title track). Earlier in November, Lambert told The Advocate that he was crafting his “dream album,” promising a “more personal” record mixed with “singer-songwriter tracks, electrofunk” and “Nine Inch Nails meetsGeorge Michael” synth-pop. The album’s lead single, “Better Than I Know Myself,” just dropped this week–which we quite like.
MuuMuse hopes to hear: An unexpected pop masterpiece that propels Lambert from pop star to music royalty.

This one talks about all Reviews:

Adam Lambert’s “Better Than I Know Myself”: Review Revue

Adam Lambert Better Than I Know Myself single cover art
Before, you may have thought you really knew Adam Lambert — and it turns out your were right! The honorable American Idol alum’s new single “Better Than I Know Myself” arrives on iTunes tomorrow, and ahead of that, fans got to hear the track late last week. If the critics’ opinions on the first taste of Adam’s upcoming album Trespassing (due out March 20) are anything to go by, the Glam One may just have a smash hit on his hands. Hop below to catch our roundup of what the Internet at large had to say about “Better Than I Know Myself”!

Adam Lambert B&W 1
:: The new single was music to The Prophet Blog’s ears: “…as much as this is the masterwork of Dr. Luke and Claude Kelly, Glambert deserves just as much of the credit as the hitmakers behind him. It’s his emotional delivery that truly brings ‘Better Than I Know Myself’ to life, topped off with those now trademark rock star high notes that have made the 29-year-old one of the finest male vocalists in the industry today.”
:: HitFix thinks it knows the song’s formula from somewhere else: “The mid-temp rocker is somewhat reminiscent of his previous hit ‘Whataya Want From Me?,’ with a soaring, anthemic chorus, big drums and lovelorn lyrics.”
:: PopCrush also hears something familiar: “Are we crazy, or does some of his crooning in the verses remind us a wee bit of Joe Jonas? Just a hint?”
:: Pop Blend was somewhat surprised, but in a pleasant way: “I have to admit that this song is not at all what I was expecting, but I am very pleased and have had it on repeat for the past hour… If ‘Better Than I Know Myself’ is any indication of what Trespassing will be like, we’re all in for a treat.”
:: Arjan Writes thinks the tune could lead to a big breakthrough for the Glam One: “…’Better Than I Know Myself’ reveals a potent, radio-ready new sound that will surely help Lambert propel to a new level of success. The track neatly combines Dr Luke’s soundboard savvy with Lambert’s larger than life vocals that is the perfect marriage of style and substance.”
Adam Lambert OUT magazine 2011
:: Neon Limelight also has high hopes for the song: “The last time Adam blended honesty, vulnerability, and finely tuned vocals so seamlessly he produced ‘Whataya Want From Me’ and earned himself a Grammy nomination. Can he do it again? We wouldn’t be surprised.”
:: AOL Music Blog hears the voice of a rock angel: “Glambert’s gifted vocals soar on the new song. It’s no wonder legendary rock band Queen is making moves to make him their new lead singer!”
:: Likewise, Allure Of Sound notes the following: “The track, which features the production skills of Dr. Luke, is by far Adam’s strongest single to date. When his voice swells to declare, at the opening of the song’s chorus, ‘Cause if I wanted to go I would have gone by now, but I really need you near me,’ it’s nothing short of remarkable. You can sense that Adam has a personal connection with every word he sings.”
“Better Than I Know Myself” will be released tomorrow. What are your thoughts on Adam’s new single? Let us know below!

Adam around 5:20


IS-Tutka: Sauli in Finland: These places I would show to my American guests!
December 19th, 2011
Uploaded by Miachihu on December 19th, 2011
Transcript by Zinnia (@Tiiqqu), translation by Miachihu (@miachihu)
Posted on December 19th, 2011
Sauli and Katri appear from under the desk.
S:… that we could put that one there too.
K: What, what…
S: … We had this planned… (laughter)
K: Hey… eeeek! (jumps up and down all excited)
S: Yee, Sauli is in Finland.
K: Really, I can’t take this… I have to tell this to you, too… Sauli called me just a while ago, I was at the Railway Station and he was saying like, “We’ll see in a minute”… and then I was, like… I can’t take this, really, that… we sorta… we haven’t been able to see each other for six months, and then Sauli is saying me on the phone, “We’ll see in a minute”…and I was like, this can’t be true, and then I almost started crying.
S: Mmhmm.
K: I think it’s so wonderful.. I’m so… (hugs Sauli)
S: But somehow when I came here I was thinking that… that you know, it really isn’t… this is such a safe and familiar place and we’ve been here at this same place for so many years… But I have to say that something new has turned up here, we have this fine new microphone, and we have elves here…
K: The stand is the same, did you notice? (lifts the glass where the mic is standing up)
S: Yeah, the stand is the same… and, well, you look the same…
K: You don’t!
S: Thank you! I was just going to say that you have become so beautiful, but now I’ll leave that unsaid… Then we’ve got three cameras here… we aren’t… we don’t have just one camera anymore but we are using three cameras here…
K: Honestly, this is horrible… I think I’m supposed to talk that way now (points)... and you are supposed to talk that way (points)…
S: … crossing (points)… and then I guess they are going to edit these films from different cameras somehow…
K: I mean, we were totally shocked! We’ve been talking with Skype for the past six months, like, “where was that, which button are you supposed to push…this is not working…” Nothing’s working and we didn’t, we weren’t even thinking about us being taped
S: Mmm…
K: And now suddenly Tuomas turns up here and sets up three cameras!
S: …puts up three cameras here…
K: All the time we were like, “Are you serious?”
S: I don’t know anything at all, but I’ll just look into all of these cameras, then… so then you’ll have fun editing it later.
K: (laughs) OMG, I can’t take this… You see, obviously the technique has moved forwards while you’ve been away…
S: Oh, yes it has… But this is much more wonderful, because while we are making the.. the… the… Skype-Tutka, it always takes us an hour because we are having perhaps JUST a little bit technical problems with them… (laughs)
K: (laughs) Always like, “Now, Sauli, quickly! It’s already 11.30 here in the evening” or the other way around, it was even 1 am for you sometimes. And it was, like, “yeah, yeah, now really quickly”, and then we have nothing working! It always takes us half an hour to even get that rec on, since neither… either the picture or the sound isn’t working… argh..
S: Right..
K: Something’s always wrong somewhere!
S: Yes. But now I have to say that I’m a bit depressed... I mean, it was wonderful to come here and wonderful to see everyone, and we had such a wonderful… on Saturday I saw all my friends and I’ve seen my family and all. But then that weather! I was so much looking forward to a white Christmas and all, and there’s still… that grass is still green and it’s raining. Awfully dark and gloomy, so this isn’t really going to work at all…
K: Yes, I mean, really, it’s half past twelve in the afternoon, and it really feels like that it’s something like five pm here.
S: It’s like [in the movie] Independence Day…
K: (laughs)… I mean, really! It’s awful! Sometimes actually… last weekend I had to turn on all the lights at home so that I got… so that it started to feel even a little bit like it was daytime…
S: Mm
K: In the middle of the day at two o’clock it’s soooo dark that it’s absolutely insane…
S: Just awful, yeah. So it… like…
K: Welcome!
S: … it sort of makes you depressed - so does anyone have any hints about how we could get some snow here now…
K: Yeah! (laughs)
S: I mean, like if we got those snow cannons from Lapland and all the ski resorts, to shoot some snow over Helsinki here.
K: True, not a bad idea.
S: Right.
K: Where were you thinking about placing them… (laughs)
S: Well, to every corner… everywhere all around… so that we could have a white Christmas here in Helsinki.
K: Oh God. Okay, so maybe we can make this appeal, that please bring all those snow cannons of yours here now for a moment… it doesn’t matter if there’s snow there in Lapland, you see, because now there…
S: Yeah, you see, it isn’t… it really doesn’t matter now.
K: Mmm… Who goes there, anyway…?
K: … anyway, everyone is going there for Christmas…
S: Right.
K: But really, it would be so wonderful to go there for Christmas, I mean now that this weather is what it is.. but.. Yeah, but well… So, how did it feel to come here, when you came into that rain?
S: Well… Well I was just saying that I’ve missed people an awful lot and really sorta… I was so nervous about coming to Finland… The day before I left from LA, I was totally messed up and I had butterflies in my stomach and all. But then, when I got here, it was like, well, nothing has changed here in any way, after all. Maybe there are some new buildings here around – that Helsinki Music Centre…
K: Helsinki Music Centre.
S: …. but you showed me even that one already before.
K: (laughs) Yeah, true. So it’s old news.
S: … but, well – awful jet lag… You see, that time difference and that, you know, 10 hours and such… I also spent last night only half asleep, and maybe there were some lizards…
K: Oh yeah, just because of that, because of the jet lag…
S: Maybe there were some lizards there in the mix, too, somehow… but I mean, really… and then because I couldn’t get any sleep at all, I don’t know how I’m going to get back to rhythm.
K: That’s awful, really…
S: Mmm
K: If you there have any jet lag hints, send them to Sauli, because I too have always this same problem.
S: Right.
K: … Especially while you’re flying from that direction, or from LA, yes, especially from LA… (laughs) Not from New York…
S: Naaw.
K: … or anywhere, but from LA…
S: It’s specifically when you are coming from LA you practically ruin your whole life.
K: Yeah, yeah, like always!
S: Mmm
K: Somehow, I don’t know, I always… last time it took me a week to get myself… You now have just enough time to recover before you are heading back.
S: Well, I will be here… I really don’t know yet when I will go back…
K: That’s true. But really it’s annoying because then when you really have…
S: Mm
K: … those two or three week trips that people are making – you have just enough time to recover and then you’re going back.
S: Right, right, true.
K: Yes, annoying.
S: It is pretty awful.
K: Yeah. Well, what are you planning to do, now that you are here?
S: Well, I don’t know… I’m going to have a blast so what am I supposed to do here…
K: Well yeah, say no more.
S: See my friends, go out to eat, and then of course I’m waiting for Christmas, and I’m spending Christmas with my family, so I’m sure it’s going to be a pretty peaceful and traditional Christmas, after all..
K: Mmm
S: Yeah.
K: So, well – just hypothetically thinking… If you had some friends from America coming over…
S: … Hypothetical… What does hypothetical thinking mean?
K: Well, it’s like that it’s not maybe possible but like, let’s think that IF it would happen…
S: Mmm
K: …that you had some friends from America coming over here, what would you do with them, what should they definitely see here on Christmas?
S: (thinking) Well, I don’t know!
K: (laughs)
S: Probably you! (laughs)
K: Well definitely me, of course, I’m surely such a great spectacle!
S: Well, right now I’m going to say that I would show them all kinds of places, it would be so nice, but it’s just that the weather is looking so gloomy. But we do have really great places here. I think Helsinki – and especially I was going to say that now when I came from LA to Helsinki after a long time, Helsinki still looked gorgeous. In my opinion this is a great looking city, after all, and old and all the buildings are so pretty compared to, like, those billboards in LA and…
K: Yeah, true!
S: … and all those things there are. So, Helsinki is a much better looking city when compared to LA.
K: Well that’s so true!
S: Of course, then, the downtown there, and there are fine places… Beverly Hills and those look great, but in my opinion Helsinki is a fine-looking city. So I guess I would just show them, like… Helsinki.
K: Yes, sorta like…
S: … street views, like.
K: … Yes, like Pohjois-Espa and the other…
S: That Helsinki Cathedral, yes.
K: Ohh! Yesyesyes…
S: But even that, if sun just was shining…
K: Yes…
S: .. and there was some snow, how beautiful it would look like.
K: Right.
S: So nothing looks great here with this…
K: Right, that’s it!
S:…Independence Day [movie] darkness…
K: Like, just when you think about when we were… I can’t remember… yes, when we were there at the Cathedral when we were about to leave to the States. How wonderful… You even had that…
S: Yeah.
K: … there in your blog that…
S: Yeah, I had.
K: …link
S: Mmm.
K: It was so wonderful when everything was so white and so beautiful… so when it’s like now…
S: Mmm.
K: …it’s not.
S: No, it’s not.
K: But that Cathedral is still great.
S: Yeah, it’s great, but really, this weather really makes you angry.
K: Mmm, true.
S: But anyway, let’s not let that now… we aren’t going to start taking tranquilizers or anything like that here because of the weather…
K: (laughs)
S: …but so, yeah.
K: You just have to start listening to Christmas carols, you know!
S: Actually, I really don’t like Christmas carols… or, well… so…
K: (sings Jingle Bells)
S: Katri, you are listening to… I know what you are listening to – ”The most beautiful Christmas carols” by Vesa-Matti Loiri!
K: (bursts into laughter)
S: (laughs)
K: How did you guess…?
K: Well, actually I haven’t been listening to it now… but well, that must be one of my… You know, I didn’t even know about Michael Buble or Bubble, Buble, whatever. He is even from Vancouver – my favorite city. Now he’s sold an awful lot of all kinds of records…
S: Mmm.
K: …And there’s some Christmas-CD coming out by him – that’s probably the only one I maybe would like to listen. Maybe not any of the others. Samuli Edelmann is good, too…
S: Really nice, and… but somehow I don’t [like] those Christmas carols… It’s nice to listen to them for a while on Christmas Eve and so, but now when all the malls and every place is just bursting with these Christmas carols…
K: Yeah…
S: … so there’s a bit too much of that. I’m not that… even though I am a Christmas person and all, but I’m not really that sort of an extravagant Christmas person, so I have enough…
K: Yes.…
S: … with that one day, Dec 24th, and that’s when it’s Christmas, and before that I can’t take all that Christmas fuss…
K: Right…
S:… and then not after that, so…
K: That’s true.
S: …so then you start thinking about the New Year and all. Do you have any wishes for Christmas presents?
K: Oh yeah… where ARE my Christmas presents?
S: Well, they are there… in Santa’s sack.
K: Oh, they’d better be!
S: They are, they are!
K: So well, okay, hey – I want a bright light lamp.
S: A what??
K: Bright light lamp. I can’t stand this any other way!
S: Ah, you mean that, that kinda…
K: That one which gives me some more energy. Listen, I’ve been trying to pump in all those vitamin D’s – nothing helps. So I have to have a bright light lamp.
S: … bright light…
K: That’s right!
S: Wouldn’t you rather take a trip to the Los Angeles direction, for example?
K: Well, I am coming there…
S: Yes.
K: …next. Well, we are going on a trip for one week after Christmas, but I would need something for a longer term, so I almost have to buy that bright light lamp… or ask it for a Christmas present, from Santa Claus.
S: Well, what would I like to have… I’ll take one of those snow cannons to LA, then!
K: Well of course!
S: Of course, if you’re having a bright light lamp, I’ll have a snow cannon.
K: If I can get the sun here, you’ll get to take some snow there.
S: Yeah, and a snow cannon.
K: True, really – that is… Hey, I want to see when you’re taking that on the plane. “Well here’s still this one…” Surely they weigh at least about… a ton.
S: Well no, there must be some smaller ones, too.
K: You know, you have to have good connections.
S: Yes..
K: Hey, well, then, then… what I like most about Christmas is that you get to eat Christmas tarts and drink mulled wine, and you get to see your godsons and godchildren… godsons and godchildren! I mean, goddaughters and godsons will get their presents. But the problem this year is that honestly, I haven’t bought any presents to anyone. (bursts into laughter)
S: I still have some Christmas shopping… shopping to do, but well, yeah…
K: But didn’t you bring all kinds of wonderful things to those kids from LA now…?
S: Well, yeah, I did, yes yes, I brought some…
K: Good.
S: … but there are still some I have to buy. Because I didn’t have that big a suitcase… I was picked up by the customs!
K: Nooo!
S: Yeah, I was the only one from our plan and see,…
K: And you look like that!
S: … looking like this… I got picked up by the customs! And there they started asking, ”Do you, do you have stuff here worth over four hundred… something?” I said that I don’t know how much… how much stuff I have or what the stuff is worth! “So like new stuff, do you have something new like Dolce, no, I mean those… Louis Vuitton bags or such?” I was like, I really don’t have any of those, so…
K: (laughs)
S: Then he was like, ”Because you are not supposed to have stuff worth over 450 euros.” I sure haven’t known about this, and what kind of stuff…?
K: At which end?
S: At this end, Finland. It was weird, somehow… So then…
K: I see…
S: Then they asked some weird questions but then they were nice – wished Merry Christmas, I went through that scanner…
K: Yeah
S: … I got away okay from there, they didn’t start rummaging around my staff or anything.
K: … no rummaging…
S: … but I really didn’t remember what I had put in there…
K: Right! As if you just…
S: Yeah.
K: … when sometimes I’ve had my whole bag turned inside out and it’s a bit scary. But hey, then…
S: Help, now we’re running out of time… one minute and something…
K: Oh, we have one minute left! Hey…
S: What are we going to…
K: …what do you wish for Christmas present?
S: Mmm… I don’t know, just… good spirits. No, I don’t, I don’t want any Christmas presents. I like more giving the Christmas presents than getting them to myself.
K: True, that’s so true.
S: And well, about New Year we aren’t going to say anything yet because about that we will talk …
K: Yes…
S: … still later.
K: Then we are also going to make a separate Christmas-Tutka. We will go and circle around here in Helsinki.
S: Yes.
K: We are going to show you what it really is like here…
S: Yes, yes.
K: … so you can see yourselves, this wonderful rainy Helsinki one more time.
S: But I do have this one relaxation thing reserved for you yet, at least.
K: Oh!
S: … so maybe we’ll go and have some relaxation here as well…
K: Well, it’s sure needed…
S: Yes.
K:… after this whole year, really.
S: True, let’s hope they have a bright light lamp there, then… (laughs)
K: So we can still talk more about this year… even about all the entertainment next time. But hey, this was sort of a Sauli’s Welcome-Tutka.
S: It’s wonderful to be here!
K: Let’s drink to that!
S: Yeah, let’s drink to that! (they clink their coffee mugs) Kossuu! (Koskenkorva vodka)
K: Changing again! We always have here just some kossu… Cheater!
S: Byeee!
K: Bye bye bye!

Link to Translation: http://t.co/sMEtK9Ge




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    Love that pic of Adam on the street in Helsinki - so tall, slender, and beautiful. And it seems in cold climes he usually has fur around his neck - gotta protect those precious pipes.

    So happy with the song - the album will be stupendous. Thanks for all the great stuff here today, Gloria.


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