THE ADAM LAMBERT pitch machine is on full blast!
His label, RCA, is working radio with BETTER THAN I KNOW MYSELF, and they're hyping even more about the new CD, too! Take a look at the list of super talent and producers Lambert's been working with, above!

The label is impacting his song 1/30.

The feeling the label has is that since BTIKM is a mid-tempo song, it will cut through the clutter of overproduced club banging uptempo wall-of-sound music which currently dominates the pop landscape. Additionally, the label is working the song to POP and ADULT POP formats, meaning they're going for airplay on stations which target people - specifically females - ages 12 to 54.

The message: Adam Lambert is mainstream. And if this project does what it looks like it could do, it could have the same impact on pop that Lady Gaga has had.

Tall order, but entirely possible. Especially if the music is amazing.