Sunday, 18 December 2011


 Adam Lambert 

Jetlag knows me  

Use this link for the Deluxe Album 


Enhanced Screencaps thanks to @lilybop2010


Thanks for the Retweet Adam!  I already love you forever!  
Way to make my day!!  

Off to the crisis centre...fortunately, I can do more than two things at once so I'll be back on with updates and pictures soon.  Amway performance is starting and there should be pictures so stay tuned!

By the way, Trespassing is now #15/16 #13/14 so lets get it to #1...
Order it now (you don't have to pay til March)

Not sure I can handle better!  It's so good!

Adam said the official release version (itunes or amazon) quality of BTIKM was more better than this one, and made a gesture of headphone

@adamsanaconda: Just checked amazon UK and Trepassing is charted at number 5 on pre orders . Ive really good vibes about the UK this time

Hardcore!  Me!  Yes!

Recap from Merrie 

Last Nights tweets An Editor from London TWEETED 

ADAM & SAID ..WOW @Adamlambert FANS ARE

HARDCORE... Adam back at him..DAMN RIGHT THEY 


Love Him ♥ Then he retweeted AdambertDaily on her 

TWEET about Amazon & His CD Moving up The Charts 



How Beautiful!

@auntbert_ OMG! My hubby just give me an early Xmas 

gift - Adam blanket. He just put a huge smile on my face! :)       

Found this picture lightened up a bit!  
Gifts of BTIKM! (@)

We are Gifting downloads of BTIKM by Adam Lambert from iTunes, starting Tuesday, 12/20! 

If you want a copy, please DM us at this account, and let us know your name and iTunes email address. You must have an iTunes account in the USA. To DM us, you will need be be following this account, and we will make certain that we are following you back! 

This is legit! This Twitter account is from the Adam Storm web site.

(if you go to the site, there is a contact for Canada Itunes too)
Amway Event!


adam back to the hotel,and waving to the fans


four songs: fye ,dtrh, strut,20cb


a fan boy saw somebody recorded in the hall

(may have videos!)

: Adam asked the audience if they are having fun

Thanks to @makinagi37
Fans dancing! Happy!

Amway event:  Adam Lambert


another girl confirmed adam had sung 13 songs, the last one is iihy


FYE dtrh 20CB Strut Sleepwalker WWFM sfw fever aftermath MA MW iihy

Adam signed for a fanboy via @glam_alidol


the girl inside hall: 1,adam is so sweet .he hold the hand 

of a 60 years old woman,said you are so beautiful when 

he was performing.


adam said to the audience:"you are beautiful audience " 

several times


yeah!a girl recorded video


maybe tomorrow, she just arrived home , too late,1am here


MUST READ!  Sunday Times Article, Prophetblog review, Deadbolt review... all on yesterday's post!

Here's another good one!

Really though, Adam himself is the one responsible 

for just how good this is. His sharp, soaring vocals 

boost Better Than I Know Myself to another level 

whilst slaying all your faves in the process. “Cold as 

ice and more bitter than a December/Winter Night, 

that’s how I treated you,” he snaps over the icy trips.  

And with a chorus so powerful and honest, its hard 

not to be moved by it. This once again solidifies my 

statement of Lambert being one of, if not, the best 

male artist in the male today.




@glam_alidol the girl in that pic , said to adam she liked the single very much, and would buy it. adam was so happy. and the girl bowed to Jeremy for his help (taking pic for them.), Jeremy bowed back, and Adam did the Buddhism way to thank the fans again , looool

when Adam was waiting for Nikki to find her pen and notebook, nikki said she was so nervous. But adam was very sweet, said "don't be nervous, take your time"


 they had told adam South American fans were waiting for him. Adam said "thank for their love ",and he would go


Review: Adam Lambert – Better Than I Know Myself

Adam Lambert is back with an infectious new single titled “Better Than I Know Myself.” The track is the lead single from his forthcoming studio album Trespassing, the follow-up to his million selling debut album For Your Entertainment .
Trespassing finds the American Idol runner-up working with an army of top-notch writers and producers including Pharrell Williams, Dr. Luke, Claude Kelly, Benny Blanco, Bonnie McKee, Nile Rogers, Sam Sparro, Bruno Mars, Nikka Costa and BC Jean. Lambert describes the album, which he executive produced, as “an exciting journey through the past two years of my life. It’s been a transformative period and I really wanted to make music from what I’ve experienced. All these songs honestly explore the ups and downs of my reality.”
If “Better Than I Know Myself” is any indication of what Adam has in store for us on Trespassing, we are in for a spectacular album. The track, which features the production skills of Dr. Luke, is by far Adam’s strongest single to date. When Adam’s voice swells to declare, at the opening of the song’s chorus, “Cause if I wanted to go I would have gone by now, but I really need you near me,” it’s nothing short of remarkable.  When Adam belts out the chorus, you can feel he has a personal connection with every word he sings. “Better Than I Know Myself” is an interesting choice as a single because it lacks all the gimmicks and cliché’s that can be found on most modern pop songs, but still sounds current enough to have mass appeal. The track is beautifully arranged, and with Adam’s strong vocal delivery, it should have a strong presence on pop radio.
Adam Lambert will release “Better Than I Know Myself” on December 20th with Trespassing to follow on March 20, 2012. Do your part and support this incredible talent. Listen to the track in full below.


Thanks to Rheimer on ATop

glam_alidol alidol

Videos from 被井爷霸王色霸气外露震撼到的X : 1 ,airport, yesterday in the suit store

glam_alidol alidol

3, leaving 田子坊 art market, another store


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 Adam Lambert 

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Adam is now #4 Best Male Singers and closing in on #3 so 


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Best Male Singer ( Adam is # 4 and moving up!!!!)

Who Should Sing at the Olympics (Adam is #2)


Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

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As selfishness and complaint pervert the mind, so love with its joy clears and sharpens the vision.


Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase.


Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness.

Adam Lambert.....pretty please??????

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  1. I love your new banner, Gloria....great way to start my day!!!

  2. YAY!!! Congrats on the retweet from Adam. Look forward to seeing you and perhaps getting a chance to buy you a drink on next tour!! Keep in touch for travel planning/sharing too. Thanks so much for all you do to keep me and all of us up-to-date with our hero. it is so exciting to finally have the single to hear and it is so wonderful! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!! Looking forward to your coverage from Shanghai btw. Love, @MarCurtis

  3. I already new you totally rock but that retweet by Adam proves you are even more amazing. How awesome was that. hope you are having a good day. hugs

  4. Glad you got the ultimate 'pat on the back' from Adam's RT! Most deserved! Love your new banner too. Looking forward to your Shanghai concert post! Happy Holidays to you and yours-from all of your followers.


  5. Hi Gloria,

    Thank you sooooooooo much for being so on top of all things Adam all the time. Can't imagine my day without checking in here at least once.

    #indispensable, that's what you are.

    Holiday L&L,


  6. Gloria, Thank you. Adam's retweet to you made my heart flip. I have preordered 3 copies of the delux Trespassing. I will also buy some in stores to give away. I love the label "hardcore fan". I am going to tell the people in my life to call me that instead of "over the top" 0r "obsessive". I also like the term passionate. XxOo, Glenda

  7. Thanks to everyone for your comments and tweets and love! I am just so happy that Adam is doing so incredibly well. I love BTIKM and I can't wait to see him on tour. And maybe even perform with Queen! He must feel so incredible..makes me smile!



  8. So happy that you got retweeted by Adam. Saw it on my phone and didn't know it was a RT, just thought it was him being clever. But it was you!! :)

  9. When Adam said he was making a stripped down angsty organic album, pre-Sauli I thought, oh, like Adele- I would have LOVED that! But I will love Trespassing and I am so happy that Adam is happy. The truth is Adam could make any album in any genre and it would be fabulous. There is no one like him and finally the world is starting to catch on. Love your blog!! Jennifer

  10. YAY!!!! ADAM RT YOU~ that is...WOE NELLY!!!! I'd be dying!! Congrats Gloria!!
    Andrea @powderpuffnails

  11. I've been out at holiday functions all day so I'm just now getting a peek at today's post. A RT from Adam, how awesome is that? I would die! Love all the pics of the glam boys and I love being called a "hard core" fan. It goes well with that moment in Jun 2010 at Adam's concert in DC when he turned to where I was standing and said "Take my picture, bitch!" to someone near me. I said then, "Adam is the only person who could call me bitch and I'd consider it a compliment." Well, he can call me anything he wants...just keep singing and please, please let there be a concert in 2012!


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