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Whole Lotta Love for Better Than I Know Myself!

Thanks to @essellsari

"I know it gets hard some times, but I could

 never leave your side, no matter what I 


Liam McEwan's Adam Lambert Hour

(he plays BTIKM three times!)


adam is soundchecking iihy

(10:15 EST)


the policemen (yes,policemen not security guards) didn't 

let the fans come in


 Exciting! I'm checking Japanese side. The people who are attending tonight event are tweeting too! (no Adam mention yet tho. )


Adam signed for the fans outside E1 and very sweet to a little fan girl

a fangirl was so excited , and can't say nothing, except repeating thank you, and Adam hugged her

Order from Amazon!  You will not be charged until March and we need to have the sales rank in the top 100 at least !

Update:  Trespassing is now #54... keep it moving up!


Sunday Times Amazing Article!!!!

Here's the whole thing Thanks to @UKGlambert and 

thanks to @terra_zephead

for Transcription 

Hey, Scaramouche, will you do the fandango?

Adam Lambert is Brian May’s chosen one to front Queen — so is the American ready to be Freddie full-time?

Lisa Verrico

The Sunday Times
Published: 18 December 2011

Caption: One vision: Brian May and Adam Lambert conquer the stage (Leon Neal)

Filling Freddie Mercury’s shoes must rate as rock’s most daunting situation vacant. Fronting a performance by Queen, to be seen by a TV and internet audience of millions, with only one week’s notice is certainly a challenge few established singers would be willing to accept. Tarnish their memories of Mercury and Queen’s fans will never forgive you; try to outdo the flamboyant front man and you’ll fail.

At the European Music Awards in Belfast last month, the former American Idol contestant Adam Lambert not only took up the challenge, but pulled off a performance so perfect, plans are already afoot for further shows. Both Roger Taylor and Brian May have regularly spoken of their love of Lambert. Taylor recently described him as a phenomenal performer with an unequalled range. May, meanwhile, has been comparing the Californian to Mercury since the 2009 American Idol final, when Queen backed Lambert singing We Are the Champions in a voice that summoned the spectre of Freddie.

“After Idol, we discussed performing together again,” says Lambert, 30 next month, who came second in the talent contest and went on to sell more than 1m copies of his debut album, For Your Entertainment. “Every time I saw Brian, the same conversation came up. A week before the EMAs, he called to say that Queen were getting an award, and would I sing with them? Was I scared? Hell, yeah. Freddie’s are f***in’ big shoes.”

Perversely, shoes proved to be the least of Lambert’s worries. For the performance, he opted for a worn-in pair of wedge-heeled boots by Rick Owens. Combined with his 6ft 1in frame and hair in a high quiff, he towered over May when the pair strode down a walkway and posed back to back. But it wasn’t Lambert’s shoes that stole the show. Or his black leather off-duty-Batman outfit. Or, thank heavens, any attempts to ape Mercury’s moves. From the start of the opening song, The Show Must Go On, Lambert had the arena audience on its feet because of his confidence and a voice that seemed to stun even May. He couldn’t stop grinning, as though relieved that a 20-year search for a suitable successor to Freddie had finally ended.

Lambert shares not only Mercury’s vast vocal range, but a theatrical delivery that comes partly from growing up listening to Queen — he sang Bohemian Rhapsody for his Idol audition — and partly from a decade spent starring in musicals.

That Lambert outshone even Lady Gaga and her pricey, prop-stuffed set at the EMAs was particularly impressive considering most of the crowd had no idea who he was. This side of the Atlantic, Lambert has yet to have a hit, and his appearance was unannounced on the night. As the set closed with a mass, arms-aloft clap-a-long to We Will Rock You, you could hear astonished voices asking who he was.

The Queen connection should help Lambert to break Britain with his second album, Trespassing, due out in March, but it may also prove problematic. Queen are reportedly keen to tour soon with the singer, and, should he accept, Lambert would make millions. First, he insists, he will see how Trespassing fares.

“Brian and Roger understand that I have my music and my own career to progress, and they are supportive of that,” Lambert says diplomatically. “But we will definitely perform together again. Standing in for Freddie feels natural for me. I adore Queen’s music and, as both a showman and a singer, Freddie is one of my idols. I also connect with him, being gay. It’s not an easy thing in mainstream music to be a gay man. In Europe nobody cares, but in the States it’s still a big deal. I’ve had to jump a lot of hurdles and take a lot of hate at home. I can’t imagine what it felt like for Freddie as the front man of the world’s biggest rock band, back in the 1970s, worried how people would treat him if they found out.”

It is fair to say Lambert’s career has suffered. When he came out during American Idol, there was outrage. His confession almost certainly lost him the title — watch the performance with Queen in the final and see him demolish the winner, a cute but boyband-bland chap called Kris Allen. When Lambert kissed his male bassist on stage during the 2009 American Music Awards, a media campaign was mounted against him, leading to his being banned from the ABC channel after 1,500 telephone complaints.

Lambert’s sexual orientation, however, didn’t stop an impressive array of writers wanting to work with him. For Your Entertainment included songs penned by Muse, Lady Gaga and Sam Sparro, and, bizarrely, Justin Hawkins of the Darkness. Why none of a series of singles, notably the Grammy-nominated Whataya Want from Me, became a hit in Britain is tough to fathom, not least because Lambert seems a natural successor to Robbie Williams.

While his debut was assembled in only six weeks, for Trespassing Lambert was allowed to take his time. After almost a year on tour, he rented a house in LA, saw family and friends — and, crucially, fell in love.

“When the tour ended, I was exhausted and a little depressed,” he admits. “I was definitely in a dark place when I started writing. My songs were moody, broody and angsty. I decided to make an honest, organic, stripped-back album. Then, thank God, I met my boyfriend. I was so happy, I started writing fun songs, party music.”

Half of Trespassing was co-written with Bonnie McKee, the woman responsible for Katy Perry’s California Gurls and Teenage Dream. Two songs — including the album’s clubby title track, which borrows its bass line from Another One Bites the Dust — were recorded in Miami, with Pharrell Williams producing. “Funnily enough, months before I got the Queen gig, Pharrell was calling me Freddie,” Lambert says. “He told me to go to Freddie for my dance music. Freddie and Off the Wall-era Michael Jackson, that’s the mix we were aiming for.”

Jackson-style funk is one of Trespassing’s key ingredients, not least on a slinky song called Shady, on which Chic’s Nile Rodgers crops up playing bass. Lambert contacted the guitarist via Twitter, and his million-plus followers watched as the two tweeted each other for days before meeting up in New York. Rodgers later tweeted that “working with Adam Lambert was one of the most organically perfect jams I’ve had since Bowie”.

Elsewhere on Trespassing, there is pumping 1980s rock, Euro-techno and electro, along with a couple of emotive mid-paced anthems, including the first single, Better Than I Know Myself. The defining feature of every song, however, is Lambert’s astonishing voice. Rather than the personality-free electro-pop of, say, Lady Gaga, Lambert’s dance music hinges on his theatrical, versatile vocals.

Brought up in San Diego on his former DJ dad’s 1970s record collection, Lambert joined a theatre group aged eight and was performing in professional musicals from the age of 10. He enrolled in university to study musical theatre, but lasted just five weeks — “I’m not a classroom kinda person,” he says.

In his early twenties, already openly gay, Lambert spent six months in Germany performing in Hair, an experience that he claims changed his life. “Being removed from the States, in a progressive country, getting naked on stage every night, I was cracked wide open,” he says. “I felt liberated and I found my identity. It was a huge turning point for me.”

There were lows to come, however. He got a gig acting alongside Val Kilmer in 10 Commandments: The Musical. While his performance as Joshua, leader of the Hebrew army, was praised by critics, the show sank.

Two years into a national tour of Wicked, Lambert decided to get out of theatre and start making music. He briefly fronted a garage band, did session singing and worked with producers who would come back to sue him when he became famous.

Frustrated by his lack of success, and after two years of careful consideration, Lambert auditioned for American Idol. “I was a fan of the show and I wanted to be on it, but I know it’s not cool,” he says. “There’s always a stigma among tastemakers if you come from a TV talent show, but I did what I had to do to get myself on the map. I mean, I was a 27-year-old white gay guy who wore make-up and heels. No major label was going to touch me. The fact is, 30 million people a week watch Idol — you can’t buy publicity like that.”

Earlier this year, Lambert left Simon Fuller’s 19 management stable and signed with the team behind Katy Perry. While he has claimed he regrets some of his outlandish behaviour after Idol, you doubt he meant it. “Looking back, er, objectively,” he says, “to an American audience who came to know me on a TV show, some of my first moves with my music were maybe a bit hyper-sexualised. But I was just being myself, I can’t really regret that.”

As for the shoes — and the hair — they’ll keep getting higher.

“I’ve just bought a pair of bright blue brothel creepers that make me ridiculously tall,” Lambert laughs. “Freddie would have approved. No man objects to a few extra inches.”

Here's what it looks like... read it above!


So much love for Adam and Better Than I Know Myself... tweets and articles so positive!

@shoshannastone @MuuMuse I can't even explain how brilliant it is - every song on the record could be the first single its that good!


The sophomore slump is something that every artist has to worry about at some point, but the chances of falling victim to it are especially high for Idol alumni. Once all the hype dies down and the next batch of talented hopefuls hit TV screens, old favorites are quickly forgotten and replaced with fresh faces, and thus the wheel keeps turning.
Adam Lambert may have outsold Kris Allen, graced the cover of Rolling Stone, and become the biggest star that American Idol has produced in the past five years, but now is when the hard work really begins. With a hit album behind him and Idol now a distant memory, Lambert and his slickly-gelled quiff are now in the big leagues competing against the Katy Perry’s and Rihanna’s of the world, and anything less than pure pop perfection will simply not be good enough.
But Adam knows that. As an avid Top Forty listener who cites the likes of Lady GaGa and P!nk as personal favorites, Glambert understands exactly what it takes to make a good pop song, so it’s only natural that he’s enlisted the indestructible team of Dr. Luke and Claude Kelly to helm his new single, “Better Than I Know Myself”.
“Better Than I Know Myself” positions Glambert somewhere between being the male Katy Perry and the gay Bruno Mars. The production is tighter than a Thai teenager, with cascading, Tedder-style drums and twinkling piano melodies that have been carefully engineered to burn a hole in the Z100′s afternoon playlist. It’s incredibly radio-friendly, but at the same time, it doesn’t feel even the least bit redundant or generic.
Lyrically, Lambert takes a more realistic look at love than most made-for-radio pop ballads before him have, confessing his flaws as a bad boyfriend, while desperately professing his undying love at the same time. For a Top Forty tune, it’s beautifully poignant and honest, containing that rare type of magic that’s made records like Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” and Kelly Clarkson’s “Because of You” so timeless and touching.
And as much as this is the masterwork of Dr. Luke and Claude Kelly, Glambert deserves just as much of the credit as the hitmakers behind him. It’s his emotional delivery that truly brings “Better Than I Know Myself” to life, topped off with that now trademark rock star falsetto that’s made the 29-year-old one of the finest male vocalists in the industry today.
As far as pop music is concerned, it just doesn’t get much better than this. With songs this stellar, Adam Lambert could be looking at his very ownTeenage Dream when Trespassing hits stores this March.

Adam Lambert Debuts “Better Than I Know Myself”

There’s no doubt that Adam Lambert has another hit on 

his hands. Judging by the new song, Trespassing should 

have more depth as a mainstream record.

Random page of my feed... 

glam_alidol: sorry, the new lane is not called david or

 alison, the body guard named david, and the new "lane "

 called jeremy

glam_alidol: some one saw  lambert and his staff at

 a suit shop

glam_alidol alidol
Shanghai is famous for custom made suits, and even the Queen of UK bought a ustom suit in shanghai . the shop adam went to was a famous one

glam_alidol alidol
somebody saw adam at 田子坊 ,a famous art market

glam_alidol alidol
I think Chinese glamberts have planed to go to Amway event tomorrow, and plan to listen outside if they couldn't get the passes. 

glam_alidol alidol
ok, I'll tweet: adam ordered a custom made suit in the famous suit shop, and posted for a pic under the sign "no photo" in 田子坊


wow, somebody who saw adam today thought adam is a 

mixed blood model ( he didn't know adam),loooool adam 

,you have a model standard body

glam_alidol alidol

Adam was buying the shell for his iphone,75yuan, he thought it's high, and he asked fan to come in to bargain for him, but failed ,loooool

                      Enhanced by @scorpiobert

glam_alidol alidol

bargaining failed ,but adam still bought many iphone shells

Good airport video: 

Order Deluxe Version of Trespassing on


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 Adam Lambert 

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 The Montreal radio premiere, on Monday!!! “ 

BorneoBert Hey kiwis, listen to ZM radio. G says they're playing @adamlambert's BTIKM already!


Sampling of Articles

Lambert Gets “Better”: Listen to the Full Stream of Adam’s New Single! (Lyndsey Parker Glambert)

Adam's sophomore album Trespassing (out March 20) may boast a few cuts with an edgier, dancier vibe than this, but I think "BTIKM" is the perfect reintroduction of Adam Lambert to the general public, especially to more casual fans mostly familiar with the radio hit "WWFM." It's a smart move artistically, and commercially (a precarious balance not always easy to find in this business), and I imagine "BTIKM" might even be up for another Grammy in 2013.


go to and preview my boy 

@adamlambert new song, its amazing, youll 

gag! - that superstar gorgeous voice is BACK!

Overall, ‘Better Than I Know Myself’ is a lush,

sweeping mid-tempo song about an enduring 

love. It fits Lambert, who certainly captures

 attention when he walks into a room. There’s 

almost a bit of nu wave influence in some of the 

synths in the song, especially in the fade out. It 

leaves us wanting to hear more of what Lambert 

serves up on the full album.

Adam Lambert is gearing up for the upcoming March 

20 release of his sophomore Lp Trespassing, and the 

first single has officially landed. Check out Better 

Than I Know Myself. I’ll be honest, the 30 second 

snippet from a few days back did this song no favors. 

Lambert’s voice is 100% certifiably flawless on this 

track. It’s perfect power pop. Will it be a hit?

i rewrote suit Adam's style. RT: We're really curious - who wrote the bridge on Better Than I Know Myself?? It's gorgeous.

Thanks to @adamgasmic


Ashley D (bassist)

Thanks to pumkinthegreat

More Videos of Adam and band arriving in Shanghai

video 5 from nikki

video 4 from nikki

video 3 from nikki

video of adam's band from nikki 

(via ALFC on FB)

Newest video


Thanks to 


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Adam Lambert.....pretty please??????

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  1. OMG, I can just see BTIKM climbing the charts with lightning speed! The song and music is absolutely beautiful. Showcases Adams' beautiful voice and diffeent ranges, the lyrics are heartfelt and the melody and rhythm of the music is beautiful!
    Gloria476 aka LuvAdam476


  2. One word for Better Than I Know Myself...WOW...just WOW!

  3. I am listening to this song over and over and each time I marvel over something different. No singer has ever affected me like Adam. I am in tears. Jennifer

  4. OK, so I listened to BTIKM about 75 times and now I'm not let down. I can't get it out of my head! I love it.
    I would have produced it differently, but wtf do I know!
    Onward, glamberts! Let's make this number 1 everywhere.

  5. Jennifer's comment is so apt for me as well. Each time I listen I hear something more - the gorgeous backing track - his harmonization with his own voice - pure glorious sound - I'm in heaven. Luv, lee

  6. Where is Lane?

    Does anybody know?

    I thought a job was created for her at the fan club just so she could keep working for Adam until something like this came up again.....?

  7. Lane went bye bye when Adam left 19 Entertainment. Last we heard, she was working with James D. Not sure if the guy Jeremy is Adam's new "Lane". Time will tell



  8. Am so excited about Adam's BTIKM and want to thank you SO MUCH on this Adam site for the most up-to-date info on him! Your postings of all the great articles are MUCH appreciated. Love you for this and LOVE ADAM!


  9. I've preordered my deluxe Trespassing CD from Amazon. Just a note to say HOW MUCH I appreciate this post everyday. And how cool it was to see little Tommy with Adam again, looking so tired from the flight. I don't think Adam would have heard the end of it if he'd left Tommy behind. I'm so curious to see what he does on guitar for this tour!


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