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Lambert Gets “Better”: Listen to the Full Stream of Adam’s New Single!

Adam's sophomore album Trespassing (out March 20) may boast a few cuts with an edgier, dancier vibe than this, but I think "BTIKM" is the perfect reintroduction of Adam Lambert to the general public, especially to more casual fans mostly familiar with the radio hit "WWFM." It's a smart move artistically, and commercially (a precarious balance not always easy to find in this business), and I imagine "BTIKM" might even be up for another Grammy in 2013.

go to and preview my boy @adamlambert new song, its amazing, youll gag! - that superstar gorgeous voice is BACK!

The last time Adam blended honesty, vulnerability, and finely tuned vocals so seamlessly he produced “Whataya Want From Me” and earned himself a Grammy nomination. Can he do it again? We wouldn’t be surprised.

Overall, ‘Better Than I Know Myself’ is a lush, sweeping mid-tempo song about an enduring love. It fits Lambert, who certainly captures attention when he walks into a room. There’s almost a bit of nu wave influence in some of the synths in the song, especially in the fade out. It leaves us wanting to hear more of what Lambert serves up on the full album.

i rewrote suit Adam's style. RT: We're really curious - who wrote the bridge on Better Than I Know Myself?? It's gorgeous.


This is where he is staying!  The best!


And also told Adam was living in the most expensive and lucky level in that hotel,others are different levels

The man walking with Adam is Jeremy Nielsen.. not sure if he is the keyboardist or there for some other reason.

(Still working on this post but start with these!)

More here:

Adam is squatting down here... anyone enhance this please!

Glambert Craze
New band member! He is Jeremy Nielsen. People saw him arrived in Shanghai with the band.
    This is Ashley - new bass player

Band video:

Check out tweets from @glam_alidol for information!

More details by @glam_alidol about ADAM LAMBERT's arrival in Shanghai, China a few moments ago (12-16-11) for Amway Event on Dec 18, 2011:
adam went to the hotel,and the guards said he wouldn't come out tonight
adam didn't wear sunglasses first,and he saw so many people waiting outside , a little scared,and wore sunglasses
adam and the band got on different cars
some fan girls cried...
sorry, they didn't talk the band on forum yet, i have no info
Adam signed for many people, very very nice
fanboy:傲娇Trespassing:丫手很有肉也很暖,我一伸手他就握了,握得挺用了的,然后我不肯松又捏了一下,他也回捏了一下,哈哈 -- I don't know how to translate, very funny ,berting
They think adam gave them a perfect night. pics and videos later
adam said happy brithday to a chinese fan --- sorry ,i'm on the phone now
oh ,no ,the boys were busy berting...forgot to take pics....
adam has shaked hands and hugged with many fans ,so nice
fanboys said adam is so handsome than tv
about one hundred fans,adam is so nice,shaking hands and hugging


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OMG... those freckles!

Bridge to BTIKM

 ♏ Scorpios4adam 

THE BRIDGE!!! “I get kinda dark/Let it go too far/I can be obnoxious at times/But try and see my heart.” TY 


New Clevver Music video

Thanks to Carla C for sending this Romanian magazine!

Under the title "What celebrities want for Christmas" there was this picture of Adam with a few lines, something like: "Adam Lambert - eye shadow: Panicked not to remain without make-up in front of the world, Adam is satisfied with some eye shadows for Christmas".

nilerodgers Nile Rodgers
Have a Great Weekend EVERYBODY! Yo @AdamLambert good luck w new project -

Articles about Trespassing!

Thanks to @illuxxia

Sauli's Blog

Today's blog:

Sauli's personal blog, 12/16/11, translated by @moomimbert

To Finland!

Okay, it's off to Finland! I'm so nervous and excited about this trip. It's been soooooo long since the last time I was there. Packing is kind of futile, too, since I mainly have summer clothes with me. I was just wondering, would a leather jacket be sufficient, or should I rush out and buy a winter coat? I've been packing for an hour and managed to pack a few pairs of socks and a hat... Hah! My head is spinning and my stomach is churning... This is so much more complicated than I ever imagined. I've always hated packing and I always leave everything till the last possible minute. I have half my Christmas presents still to get, and about a million other things to take care of. Whoa! What is it about Christmas presents that makes it so you can never ever buy them until the week before Christmas? I'm sure others have the same problem?? Christmas may be a time of peace, but the week preceding is the complete opposite!! I'm already freaking out about the craziness of next week!

It'll be lovely to visit Finland in any case, and to see my family and friends! So off to pack, about 20 hours' worth of traveling, and then the jet lag produced by a 10-hour time difference... Finland, here I come!


original blog at , give him hits :3

He's on his way to Finland.

Yesterday's Blog


Hello! Many of you have asked me if I get homesick. Well, I guess you always get homesick for friends and family, even if you're happy somewhere else with other friends you love, or even if you're not that far away!! It'll be so good to see all my old friends soon! I've been watching all these vids recently, and here are some I ran into... Here are some vids where you can see what my friendships are like. I don't have video of all my friends though!! :) The Tutka vid from last spring may give you an idea of what else is to come when I visit Finland, hah!! :)

(Sauli links to videos from Big Brother)



Unauthorized Albums

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Download here: (looped version thanks to @lovelightadam)


  1. Gloria, you are the best!! Love the new banner! Thanks for always bringing us all the Adam info we want and need... always complete and timely. How do you do it??? Thank you sooooo much!

  2. Wow Adam, you look fabulous! Pleeeeeeease someone video this concert for the rest of us. (Thank God for Youtube). Ahem - who is the bodyguard?

  3. Wow, lots of stuff happening. The excitement of a new single, Adam in China, new band members etc. It was lovely to see the pictures from the chinese Glamberts, they love Adam there! And I love the fact that Sauli says he's "visiting" Finland, so obviously not staying. Hopefully he'll be back with Adam soon. :)

  4. Dee Wallace, Canada16 December 2011 at 14:08

    Love the crouch pic - so even Adam has plumber's butt, LOL! I'm so excited about all the Adam things happening these days. Such a very needed diversion for me and thanks to you, Gloria, I get to see it all unfold on your pages. :)

  5. I love the energy in the air right now. Adam's new single, fans are hyped, Adam is giving a live performance again, Tommy is still with Adam, new band members, Sauli going home to visit family and friends, Trespassing feels so good to be a Glambert! Thank you Gloria for bringing all this into our lives every day. You really are The Best! <3

  6. hi Gloria, have been reading your blog daily since day one and it's my best source of info for everything adam. i do not post often, but i admire your effort and commitment and thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything that you do for us. LOVE your banner - it is PERFECT!!!

  7. Love the new banner and thank you so much for always keeping us up to date on Adam and everyone else. My son reads your blog every day just for Tommy's corner as he adores him. again thank you for all you do.


  8. AHHHHH..... THIS IS SO EXCITING!!! Adam and the band arriving in China- reminds me of GNT !!! I'm so excited for EVERYTHING ADAM !!!! This is such a special time, another era for Adam and us -2012 is going to be SO SUPER FABULOUS - I can't wait to hit the road and meet new Glam Friends and BERT THE 'EFF OUT!!!! WHOOOOOO!!!
    Andrea @Powderpuffnails
    OH, and the new Banner is awesome Gloria !!! xoxo

  9. I like the chorus. Soaring Adam! But I don't like the stop/start production in the verses. bum bum bum clap. It's 4/4 time, but to my ears doesn't get a good groove on. Too syncopated. Even the chorus with the main snare hit on the 3rd beat of the measure just doesn't groove. This sounds just like a Rhianna or Justin Bieber production. I think the lyrics are good and it's got a decent hook. But still. I am a bit let down. The "contempary production" will sound dated in a few years or so, just like all the snyths and drum machines do from the 80's. Even the retro synths used in this song referencing that cheesy sound seem overused to me. I am just a lowly, unfamous musician. But in my opinion, a classic snare hit on the 2 and 4 in the chorus would have kicked the whole thing up a notch in intensity and momentum. I hope it's a huge hit for him! Just his voice alone assures that it'll be better than 100% of the crap out there these days. SO come on, public masses! Buy this music!It's made for you!He deserves a gigantic hit!

  10. Hi, Every day I look forward to your blog and all the scrumptious and sexy pics of Adam \. Thanks so much. One thing I noticed was that he WASN'T WEARING NAIL POLISH when at the shanghai airport. So we finally get to see more skin! Wish he'd pose in Playgirl! OMG did I just say that? YES I DID!

  11. If this song does not become a radio hit, I don't know what else Adam can do. This is si current, reminds me of Bruno Mars' sound. Perhaps they will go head to head for the grammy again. Only this time, ADAM WILL WIN! Love the way he takes us to those heights that no one else can. Can't wait to for the rest.


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