Thursday, 15 December 2011


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 (Claude Kelly and Adam do the whole song)


cant wait 4 yall  fans to here the WHOLE BTIKM! told yall once u heard his INCREDIBLE voice u would forget any other version :)

tkradio:#Just heard the whole @adamlambert single... BTIKM is massive. Midtempo and will cut through all the "club banging" wall of sound stuff...

DEC 15 2011



(New York – NY) Global superstar Adam Lambert will release his highly anticipated second album TRESPASSING (RCA Records / 19 Entertainment) on March 20th, 2012. The album’s first single “Better Than I Know Myself” will be made available for sale on December 20th at iTunes and all digital music providers. 

On December 20th, fans who pre-order TRESPASSING from Adam's website, will also receive an instant MP3 download of his new single "Better Than I Know Myself." Fans who pre-order from the store will also have first access to exclusive album configurations and upgrades. 

Lambert describes TRESPASSING, which he executive produced as "an exciting journey through the past two years of my life. It's been a transformative period and I really wanted to make music from what I've experienced. All these songs honestly explore the ups and downs of my reality." 

In addition to co-writing many of the tracks, Lambert collaborated with an all star list of award winning artists, producers and songwriters including Pharrell Williams, Dr. Luke, Claude Kelly, Benny Blanco, Bonnie McKee, Nile Rogers, Sam Sparro, Bruno Mars, Nikka Costa and BC Jean. 

Since the release of Lambert’s debut album For Your Entertainment in 2009 it has sold over 1 million copies worldwide. Lambert was nominated for a Grammy for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance for “Whataya Want From Me” in 2010 and also released the Glam Nation Live CD/DVD and Acoustic Live! EPs. He is first AMERICAN IDOL to ever tour the world in support of their debut album in the year following their IDOL season. In November of this year, Adam took to the stage in the finale of the MTV European Music Awards to sing lead vocals with Queen, who were being honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award. Their captivating performance is widely regarded to be the highlight of the entire EMA ceremony and an indication of the outstanding years ahead in the career of Adam Lambert. 

Preview of “Better Than I Know Myself”

Sony_Music Sony Music Canada
Pre-order @Adamlambert's #TRESSPASSING on Dec 20th to get #BetterThanIKnowMyself as an instant download!

@jambajim hey Jim, hey. Did you see rca's press release? Adam/Bruno collab. Juuuust sayin.

jim cantiello
@slightly_askew XMAS CAME EARLY. so stoked that there's a press release with release dates and the whole nine yards. yes yes yes yes.

Articles based on the Press Release 

ABC news online

Hollywood Gossip


Claude Kelly Co-Writes Top Hits For Kelly Clarkson, Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears and Adam Lambert


Photo by @LeeCHerry Edited by @Scorptwitr

 Better Than I Know Myself drops on 

December 20th! avail on all digital music providers. Happy 


Hi Adam!  
Just maybe we can forgive you for being so secretive.  Guess it's a major undertaking to co-ordinate the world!  

Very excited to hear BTIKM in less than 5 days!
Have a great trip to China and Happy Holidays to you too!

adam2china Chinese Glamberts
some of us will be greeting Adam at the airport tomorrow. Very excited!

Original photo by @leecherry  Fan Art by @adamgasmic

Check out a preview of Better Than I Know Myself 

Download of AO and Amazon snippet thanks to @mmyy9: 

cold as iceand more bitter than a decemberwinter nightthats how i treated youand i know that i,i sometimes tend to lose my temperand i cross the lineyeah thats the truth

i know it gets hard sometimesbut i could neverleave your sideno matter what i saycoz if i wanted to go
(snippet)i woulda gone by now buti really need you near meto keep my mind off the edgeif i wanted to leavei woulda left by nowbut youre the only one that knows mebetter than i know my self.

all alongi tried to pretend it didnt matter(end of snippet) if i was alonedeep down i knowif you were gonefor even a day i wouldnt know which way to turncoz im lost without you.

i know it gets hard sometimesbut i could neverleave your sideno matter what i saycoz if i wanted to goi woulda gone by now buti really need you near meto keep my mind off the edgeif i wanted to leavei woulda left by nowbut youre the only one that knows mebetter than i know my self.

coz if i wanted to goi woulda gone by now buti really need you near meto keep my mind off the edgeif i wanted to leavei woulda left by nowbut youre the only one that knows mebetter than i know my self.

coz if i wanted to goi woulda gone by now buti really need you near meto keep my mind off the edgeif i wanted to leavei woulda left by nowbut youre the only one that knows mebetter than i know my self.


by Sam Lansky

Get ready, y’all, because the evolution of Adam Lambert has just begun.
See, I’ve had a chance to listen to the new Adam Lambert single, “Better Than I Know Myself,” — in full. Great news — it’s really, really good.
Thanks to @essellsari
Here's What Happened to Twitter !
 peeps suggestin I2send u screen shot of tweeter image when AdamCrashingTweeter with just his SingleImage 

Then Twitter explained the problem!

Thanks to @rainierstar


Surely US pop singer Adam Lambert couldn't have broken Twitter, could he? 
Curiously, around an hour after the singer tweeted the cover image for his forthcoming single, the global networking behemoth went into complete meltdown.


shoshanna stone

@MuuMuse just wait till you hear the rest!

Bradley Stern


@shoshannastone I already did! It's incredible!  Excited to hear the rest of #Trespassing next year!

shoshanna stone

@MuuMuse I can't even explain how brilliant it is - every song on the record could be the first single its that good!


Tweets from Friends!

: I heard about you  fans breaking a few websites today! Glad its not mine this time... :)


Adam's delivering his vocal dexterity all day long on his new joint… #BetterThanIKnowMyself


Squee! Flail! Woot! OMG! Listen to a snippet of @adamlambert's new single, "Better Than I Know Myself," out Dec. 20!

Cheeks @GoCheeksGo

@adamlambert Gurl you betta work that power ballad. Congrats! It's beautiful.


Thanks to @bani_

SonyMusique Sony Musique
Les fans de @adamlambert sont incroyables! Beaucoup de reaction de votre part!/ Adam Lambert's fans are awesome!Huge reaction from you guys!

: Check out a preview of 's new single  here:   (Belgium)

SonyMusicNZ: #NZGlittertribe it's gonna be super exciting building up 2 album release yeah? RT @adamlambert: Wanna hear a snippit?:

SonyMusicMY: Calling all GLAMBERT fans, so have you heard the snippet of #BetterThanIKnowMyself single? What do u think?

adamlambertJP: そして新曲「Better Than I Know Myself」、30秒試聴解禁!

SonyMusicAfrica: Here's a snippet of Adam Lambert's new song 'Better Than I Know Myself'... Enjoy GlamNation!

RCARecords: The snippet for @adamlambert's hot new single, #BetterThanIKnowMyself has arrived! Stream the snippet here

RCAPromo: “@adamlambert: Better Than I Know Myself drops on December 20th! avail on all digital music providers. Happy Holidays!!”

SonyMusique: Wow ! #BetterThanIKnowMyself de @AdamLambert est un 'trending topic'a Montreal! Montreal aime @AdamLambert <3

The first single off  new album will be "Better than I know myself" and it will drop December 20th.

@VH1: YESSSS! @adamlambert's new single drops Dec. 20: #GlitterKisses to all the Glamberts! xo


Everything we know about Trespassing So Far!



Sunday Times Culture : Adam will feature in this weeks issue get your order in & don't miss out

The Many Styles of Adam Lambert in 2011 thanks to ?

Adam Lambert Reveals 'Better Than I Know Myself' Cover Art and Snippet (read this one!)

In the artwork, Lambert is seen rocking his trademark edgy look. In the snippet, the 29-year-old singer who claimed his fame after finishing second on the eighth season of "American Idol" belts out the pop/rock tune in his signature powerful voice.

Glambert reveals new album snippet
Adam Lambert Reveals “Better Than I Know Myself” Artwork & Snippet

Adam Lambert 'Better Than I Know Myself' mp3 Sample and Cover Art





Last Night on X-factor-Feeling Good

(song starts at 2:20)

Melanie did a great job BUT!!!

(any excuse to post this song... amazing!)


Unauthorized Albums

If you love reading angry, passionate comments... links added



Adam is now #5 Best Male Singers and closing in on #3 so Vote!

This is how you vote for these two

Best Male Singer ( Adam is # 4 and moving up!!!!)

Who Should Sing at the Olympics (Adam is #2)


Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

Tommy's excited!

 TommyJoe Ratliff 

: Better Than I Know Myself drops on December 20th! avail on all digital music providers. Happy Holidays!!” fuck yeaaaa! ��

 Adam Lambert 

Check out a preview of Better Than I Know Myself here:

Retweeted by 

thanks to @lizzyyyyyxox


Adam Lambert.....pretty please??????

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Better Than I Know Myself by adamofficial (the download snippet is a bit longer)

Download here: (looped version thanks to @lovelightadam)


  1. Romanian sites about BTIKM: Carla

  2. Did I just miss it? I watched several entertainment news/gossip shows last night and didn't hear a single mention about the reaction to the preview of BTIKM and its cover art. I find that odd, especially since we crashed twitter.

  3. OMG if this snippet is so amazing I can't wait to hear the whole song! I feel a number 1 hit coming for sure!!! My nine year old sure loves it. He has listened to the snippet a lot since yesterday :) This cd will put Adam into the stratosphere my gut tells me. Music experts and radio dj's are sure excited about this cd.

  4. Can't tell you how happy I am, Gloria, looking at this beautiful picture of Adam and knowing that he has the chance now to achieve the stardom he always wanted. I'm both exhilarated and exhausted at the same time, hoping and wishing that this song gets the play on radio that it should. Can't wait for the entire song after the descriptions of it. Exciting times. Luv, Lee

  5. Thank you for another comprehensive collection of ALL THINGS ADAM. What an exciting day it way and once again you captured it all.

    I love the banner created by @thefilmqueen. Starting with our innocent (ha) idol and progressing to our dangerous lover, it's brilliant.


  6. ADAM STORM HAS STARTED!!! OMG, the 30 seconds of BTIKM is amazing, can't WAIT to hear it in full- blasting on the radio everywhere!!! LOVE the cover art by the super fabulous Lee Cherry - that "flooofy hair" - to die for!!!Oh Adam, I just can't WAIT TO SEE YOU ON TOUR - I LOVE YOU !!!
    Andrea @Powderpuffnails

  7. This song will be sooo damn good. I'm so damn excited. I can't wait and I can't even say more to express my joy. The new Adam era started right now

  8. Love the new banner. Look how far we've come! I'm almost speechless about BTIKM. It's going to be a hugh hit and the cover art is gorgeous (thank you Lee Cherry ). Worldwide reactions for fans and the music industry have been great. Adam Storm, Era2, whatever you want to call it ~ hold on, it's going to be an amazing ride in 2012!

  9. Can't stop listening to the mashup and imagining the whole thing with Adam's voice. Countdown 5 days to BTIKM and 96 days to Trespassing!

    Thanks for all the banner love! I'm really happy with it! Thanks Amaryllis!



  10. So excited, BTIKM sounds fantastic!!! Over the next 3 months as we calmly (not) wait for release of Trespassing, I am hoping that we'll get to flail over video that is released for Adam's 1st single "Better Than I Know Myself". I suspect it will have a similar vibe to "Whataya Want From Me".

    Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmaka, Happy Kwanzaa and a Very Happy & Healthy New Year to all of us!!!

  11. not sure i can wait 5 more days this is killing me

  12. I am crazy bout this site. U send me an email each time smthg new added. I rush to see and read really fun informative and if u lov adam best place to get all the news and pics no one else does as quick as u. U neva answered my comments so guess u dnt, but just wanted to let u kmow appreciate ur hard wk and time spent. Enjoy thanks.

  13. Hi Pamela.

    Thanks so much for your comment. I don't comment that much here unless there is a specific question but I really appreciate all the love for Adam and my blog! THANK YOU! I'm always available if you want to chat!




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