Wednesday, 14 December 2011

FINALLY! 14/12/2011

 Adam Lambert 

Better Than I Know Myself drops on December 20th! avail on all digital music providers. Happy Holidays!!

 Lee Cherry 

Yes, i shot  's  and also did the graphics/layout. :D


Adam Lambert Reveals Single Artwork, Song Snippet; Internet Explodes

Better Than I Know Myself by adamofficial (the download snippet is a bit longer)

"Daym. The man's looking good. I'm guessing if the finished version of "Better Than I Know Myself" sounds even half as good as this artwork looks, Adam's got a big hit on his hands."

More here:

Download snippet here:

Download looped snippet here: (thanks to @lovelightadam)

Another snippet:

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Amazon..snippet gone!

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Interview with RCA


t: "Just chatted with insiders at the label. Adam Lambert single release date is next Tuesday."


 Adam Lambert 

Countdown begins.... 12 hrs until a big unveiling...



More pictures from Rasputin Restaurant here:  


Thanks to Manon D

These are only my PREDICTIONS and dreams...NOT necessarily true!

What are yours? 

(Leave yours in the comments below)

1) Single released to Itunes Dec 20

2) Song will be released on Dec 18th on Adam Official which will crash (although the site is down for some reason today?)

3) Adam will perform Better Than I Know Myself on the X-factor on Thursday night

4) Cover Art and pictures!

5) Some sneaky Japanese fans will tape Adam singing BTIKM and TFM live and share with us

6) BTIKM will be #1 on Itunes cause we are all going to buy it and gift it to all our friends for the holidays

7) Music Video in January, please!

8) Lots of good Adam news for 2012

\0/ \0/ \0/

Album Details Leaked?  (Not really but it's funny)

But really

Adam Lambertin uusi biisi Better Than I Know Myself soi NRJ:llä tiistaina 20.12. Mikäli pidät miehen musasta, pysy kuulolla! : )) -M


Adam Lambert's new song Better Than I Know Myself Playing NRJ on Tuesday, 20.12. If you like a man musasta, stay tuned! :))-M


 A big thanks to  for joining us at the wildlife waystation last week!


Taylor and May compete to be the greater Berter!


  For the doubters!


Adamholic: Amway event will be on Dec. 18th starts at 4:30pm (Shanghai)– 3:30am/EST 0:30am/PST Detail: 

World Time Clock for Amway event thanks to @GaleChester

Thanks to @bani_

Thanks to @nikki_Trespassing


Lol I wonder if Adam will perform TfM in shanghai cos that's quite a popular song in various Asian countries, right? :P

glam_alidol @ Yes,it's popular here. and his Chinese male fans really hope he could sing this song once. They really adore his singing ability. They even have their own forum to analyze his live each time

glam_alidol alidol Just got the info :Adam will leave Shanghai on 19th (Shanghai time),back to LA.


Creative Fans!  I'm looking for a new 2012 Adam Banner for the top of my home page!

Loved this one for the past year but it's time to move forward!

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Vote For Sauli!


IS's prestigious jury in 2011 about twenty kivointa celebrities.
They are sympathetic people to the TV screen than on stage. With them is also a pleasure to work with the media.

Vote for who is the Finnish kivoin celebrity in 2011!

If your favorite is missing from the list, type it in the comment field!


GQ  vs Adam Lambert

Fourteen links to the same story:

Demo of Song Underneath for Adam Lambert... it's not Adam singing... go to 1:05


FINALLY!  Can't Get this song out of my head this AM. Must see musical!!

or perhaps you prefer this one!


Unauthorized Albums

If you love reading angry, passionate comments... links added



Adam is now #5 Best Male Singers and closing in on #3 so Vote!

This is how you vote for these two

Best Male Singer ( Adam is # 5 and moving up!!!!)

Who Should Sing at the Olympics (Adam is #2)


Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

Adam Lambert and Tommy Joe Ratliff thanks to @creativmind1281

Tommy Joe Ratliff thanks to C Gillis


Adam Lambert.....pretty please??????

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  1. Well hell, looks like the Glamberts have crashed Twitter over #BetterthanIknowmyself! Good going, Glam team!!!

  2. Thanks for posting the soundcloud clip! Amazon's already taken it down and I haven't finished listening to it yet! Always know I can come to you, Gloria! Emailing your blog to many of my friends...


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