Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Decembert 20th! 13/12/2011

Thanks to @Scorpiobert

Adam Lambert and Sauli Koskinen thanks to M Westman




New Translation of Sauli's First interview with Katri 

thanks to @ 

Sauli's first interview with Katri


S: the comment that 'today I won't drink too much so I won lose my memory' was the best. Then I always got really drunk. (Now he says something about Kadi and fetacheese but I can't understand what he's saying 

:D)I have no idea about those either. 

 K: Help! 

 S: Or then well I fell over everytime. I saw those yesterday. Hey, you can't imagine. I haven't ever got that many bruises than I got in the house. My both knees are full of bruises. My toes! And this was very big from the first week. *shows his hand*. That carpet! You can't imagine the carpet. It's like a grate.

 (Subject change)

 S: So many people asked that. No, I have nothing I regret. I haven't done anything I reget. Maybe I felt a little embarrassed about the drunk singing with my very pretty voice. 

 K: Have you got any problems because nowadays everybody like in the house half of you were bisexual so thats normal but have you ever faced any problems? You are so happy person but still have you ever faced any annoying people that have something to say?  

 S: No. Actually when all my friends got to know about it none of them had anything bad to say. 

 K: Cool!

 S: That went really well. Also with my mum and dad it went well. 

 K: Have you ever got any problems with yourself? 

 S: No nothing. What would be a problem to me? 

 K:Yeah, but something like people saying something? 

S:Well yeah something like that. But this is my life.

 K: Yeah, that's right. 

 S: And if someone breaks contact then It's not a true friend. 

 K:Is that happend?


(Subject change) 

 S: DTM (It's a gay bar) collected me from every full week a one champange bottle. I have 14 waiting for me there. 

 K:Omg. Did you know about that in advance?


(Subject change) 

 K: Why where you so suprised that you won?

 S: Well you can't think about that when you are been there for three months and the you win the whole shit. 

K: Did you have any depression or anxiety in the house?

S:Well not really. Few times there were a little something but then I just went to talk to somebody and walk around that big yard that was it. I thought that something could come but no. I always  enjoyed the parties. I have got a little blackouts too.



GrayBooWho Gray ^V^
This is Adam's reaction to fans continually asking for the album: http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lgl5a7kUVI1qefgpz.gif   

 I  KNOW. HOLD ON. *facepalm*

Contraversy Gets Attention!

GQfashion GQ Fashion
Rules of Street Style: If you have testosterone problems, a mustache doesn't always help.@adamlambert

(They posted this picture of Adam with his mustache and said "if you wear makeup, do not grow a mustache")

.@GQfashion Being gay is not a "testosterone problem" - Apologize to @adamlambert & the gay community.http://bit.ly/teCSv9#LGBT

 GQ Fashion 

Re: our Lambert tweet, we were thoughtless and apologize. We shouldn't make stupid jokes about people's testosterone. As always, we learn.

 Nina Garcia 

Always remember that fashion rules are made to be broken. Even what are called street style rules. Style is about being YOURSELF!




New Attitude!  No More frustration...Send love!

Big news today:  Another confirmation that BTIKM will drop on December 20th

 Kyle David Pierce 

 When I spoke with him on Saturday said 10 days... He was really excited!! ��

 Kyle David Pierce 

 oh man, I hate to be spreading the wrong info, all I know is what he said when I ran into him on Saturday

 Kyle David Pierce 

 no he said "my single comes out in 10 days" :-)

 Kyle David Pierce 

Haha! Oh lord! Mentioned something and I didn't realize it wasn't public yet. I'm so in twitter timeout! 

 @TheIlluminati: If you are not doing what you love, you are wasting your time.

Retweeted by @adamlambert


Adam Lambert 

Drunk on Love by  us STIIIIILLLL werking me out. Sooo good
Rihanna - Drunk On Love (Audio)

Yes Adam, love the words and would love to hear you sing them one day!


More Tweets about Adam Last Night and Today

@Skylaronthetrak Skylar Mones
@adamlambert just killed this record! This guy can sing for real

natecampany natecampany@adamlambert thank you for tonight. THATS RIGHT.

shoshannastone shoshanna stone
Cameron and I are dancing round the kitchen to 'better than I know myself' #adamlambert #trespassing

Martin Geddes
Why didn't anybody tell me about Adam Lambert? Wow, can this man sing... Love-child of Elvis & Freddie Mercury?


Ashley's New Hairstyle...TJR inspired??


Fake Press Release thanks to @peacefrogdesign


Anger Management  (pretty funny)


Adam's Part of On the Line with Joe Zee



@adamlambert dear adam,we chinese fans wil wait u at the PUDONG airport in SHANGHAI,can't tell u how excited we r!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Venue info:  http://www.sniec.net/

Adam Super Nova thanks to Rise2thetop via ALFC on FB



Marion_Du Marion Duhamel

@adamlambert is in our newspaper:Dhttp://twitpic.com/7sfgmh

He's a nice kid of 29 years, with blue apple anthrax rimmel, Blacks unruly hair

and a undeniable stage presence. Adam has emerged on the scene with "American Idol" (2009).

He wowed the public and jury during the edition with performances with Kiss and Queen.

His second place finish didn't stop to eclipse the winner Kris Allen, and most importantly, to begin a career in real show bisness. A first album that sold over a million copies, a nomination as best male voice in pop Grammy in 2011 (as finally win by Bruno Mars)

Turns crooner, rocker or pop musician, the bad boy from California, openly gay, takes advantage of an impressive voice, he sings Aereosmith, Michael Jackson or Whataya want from me written and produced by Pink. His second album, more electro, is expected in early 2012.


Little Bit of Sauli


"The MTV Awards was a highlight, working with Adam Lambert properly was a thrill, he is a wonderful singer, great performer."   Brian May



Unauthorized Albums

If you love reading angry, passionate comments... links added



Adam is now #5 Best Male Singers and closing in on #3 so Vote!

This is how you vote for these two

Best Male Singer ( Adam is # 5 and moving up!!!!)

Who Should Sing at the Olympics (Adam is #2)


Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner


Adam Lambert.....pretty please??????

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  1. not sure i can wait much longer want new music soon. reding evry tibit you post trying to wait it out. hugs

  2. Hey Gloria you never have to apologize for a 'sucky post'. a) You're not capable of one and b) you're only a superhuman. ;)

    I love the 'anger management' piece, it's hilarious, as is @peacefrogdesign's press release.

    The picture of Adam and Sauli is so cute; he looks so happy.

    KarenPendragon xxx

  3. Thanks Karen. I have vowed to save a copy of my post somehow.. so I can't lose the whole thing again.

    I think I highlighted the entire post to centre it and must have hit the backspace and voila!
    It's gone with no way to retrieve it.

    What's a little more frustation in Adamland? He's trained us to take it well. XO Gloria

  4. Wasn't that GQ remark outrageous? You would think that anyone in the fashion & magazine business would be more saavy than that. The gif of Adam at the beginning of your post pretty much expresses my reaction to the GQ comment.

    Your day started pretty much the same as mine so I dropped everything and went to yoga class to find my "calm". I think it worked. :) Thanks for a lovely post today. And remember, everyday we're one day closer to BTIKM. Aren't we??????? Where's that Anger Management article?


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