Monday, 12 December 2011

Wild Animals Everywhere! 12/12/2011

"The MTV Awards was a highlight, working with Adam Lambert properly was a thrill, he is a wonderful singer, great performer."   Brian May

Photo thanks to @DoeLynDesigns  Wallpaper thanks to @essellsari

One more look!

 Adam Lambert 

I got to see wild animals up close and personal this week! Wildlife Waystation:  Direct Donations:

 Adam Lambert 
: Martine Colette founded the sanctuary in '76. She is a fascinating woman w/ a huge heart an... 

Thanks to @TheGlambertTwin

(Just look at twitter, Adam.  Your fans have turned into Wild (and crazy) Animals too!  Check us out)

Oh and this is what happened after Adam left the sanctuary!

Thanks to @TheGlambertTwin


Merry Xmas thanks to GlamLight

Adam Lambert Fan club

Courtesy of FAN CLUB member Ilia Shengelia: Download for entire ADAM LAMBERT/Queen EMAs performance captured in HD as broadcast today on Palladia & converted to a HQ mpeg video. Original air date: 11-6-11.


Not sure I could sleep in this room but I'd love to try!  Thanks to @AidanLambert

More from Pennyroyal_ Re Adam's Birthday Pendant

Via @Glambert620 on AO: UPDATE: The SURPRISE of 

the New "Light and Love" Pendant revealed! Can't 

wait for all of you to see it


After several conversations with Tim over the 

weekend, I found out that the surprise I was hoping 

to keep, has been revealed to the 

one person I was going to try to keep

 it from - Adam. Even though I wanted to keep it a

 secret, I've been bursting at the seams to tell you 

guys, so now I can! Adam will be 

receiving one of the pendants as a birthday gift!!! It 

will say "Light and Love - From Your Fans" on the 


I'm sure this will clarify everything:

Tim at Pennyroyal told me that they would never 

release a design that is in any way associated with a 

musician without approval from 

the artist and their management. So I guess in getting 

that approval, he had to let him know.

This design is a way for us fans to give back to Adam

 in a way that he has previously given to us (the 3 

existing Signature Collection 

designs from Pennyroyal). I want this design to be a 

birthday gift to him from us, to symbolize the Light 

& Love that he gives to us 

and how much he has inspired us to contribute to so 

many amazing causes over the past couple years. Not 

only are we giving Light & 

Love back to Adam by giving him the pendant as a 

gift, but we are putting that Light & Love out 

into the world through the amazing 

work The Trevor Project does, and the lives they save.

 This is our opportunity to give a very meaningful gift 

to Adam, wear a pendant 

that reminds him (and us) of how much we have 

impacted each others lives, and raise money for a 

cause that Adam is incredibly 

passionate about. Think of every pendant purchased 

as a life saved through the amazing work The Trevor 

Project does. How great it 

will be to give $30,000 to The Trevor Project on 

Adam's 30th birthday as a thank you for everything he 

gives us!!!

This will be done with approval from Adam. If you 

guys have other questions, send Tim a tweet or a FB 

message and I'm sure he'll get 

back to you right away. I can't wait for you to see the 

design! Tim will announce release details soon.


Adam Interviews at the 2009 AMAs

Adam Lambert at Jingle Ball Florida one year ago

Russian Fans... Subtitles added to Behind the Music

(Other parts on side of that page)

Adam Lambert performs at Jingle Ball Dec 2010


Adam at the Early Show

The Anatomy of the Adamgasm

Adam Lambert is redefining everything.

Whether you like him or not, his talent and influence cannot be denied. He's commanded some serious attention, and a lot of people are waiting to see and hear what this wonderlust has in his glittery bag of tricks. Unpredictable and devilishly aware of his own sexual power, he entices the masses with seemingly little effort. This guy could make mopping the floor a carnal experience. Men and women of all ages and orientations are showing up to the American Idol concerts just to witness Adam unleash himself from the confines of television censorship. As he recently twittered before a show in San Jose..."dance with me and I'll set you free..."


Unauthorized Albums

If you love reading angry, passionate comments... links added



Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

Tommy Joe Ratliff performs in Paris thanks to Jacci 
Tommy Joe Ratliff performs at Jingle Ball 2010 
Tommy Joe Ratliff extremely comfy at the airport!



Anger is a wind which blows out the lamp of the mind.


When angry count to ten before you speak. If very angry, count to one hundred.


When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on.


Adam Lambert.....pretty please??????

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Videos of Queen at the EMAs are being removed  (Keep this one thanks to @GaleChester

EMAs Director's Cut ADAM LAMBERT & Queen 11-6-11 from Gale Chester Whittington on Vimeo.


  1. Add the Pennyroyal surprise to the growing list of Adam joys that lie ahead. Don't you just love surprises?

  2. thanks for all the cute photos made me smile. hugs

  3. the picture that you wrote that was jingle ball florida underneath it. wasn't. that was from earlier in the year, when he saw spiderman the musical on broadway.

  4. Oh Tommy!!! That is my all time fav pic of him in the airport with his undies out... makes me laugh everytime!! I'm really excited to see the new Pennyroyal design for Adam's birthday - I think this is a wonderful idea and I'm so happy that the winner chose to do this as her prize ;)ALSO, that pic from a few nights ago with Sauli is dreamy! *thud* Great blog as always Gloria!
    Andrea @Powderpuffnails

  5. Hearing Brian May compliment Adam in that utterly spectacular way just made me so very happy. Yes, the world will come to know and appreciate the beautiful boy.
    Thanks for all the vids and pics here today, Gloria - luvya, lee

  6. The PennyRoyal news is very exciting! Can't wait to see the design...thanks for The Anatomy of the Adamgasm....always a good read!!


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