Sunday, 11 December 2011

Dreaming! 11/12/2011

Merry Xmas thanks to GlamLight

Crop thanks to @scorpiobert
Scorpiobert Just Adam ♥  His skin is flawless ya'll. I didn't even touch it.

Adam Lambert last night thanks to @DoeLynDesignS

Now I remember why I have so missed this look!  Wow!

Adam Lambert and Sauli Koskinen

Same picture flipped over

This is where they were last night via @devenlane


Gif thanks to @entersilence

Adam Does GL-AMWAY!

Cam confirmed that Adam and his band are going to China for December 18th.  She is not going but will be around after that performance.

Who knows a distributor attending?

Adam Lambert thanks to @tuke18 enhanced by @weelassie11

Liam McEwan's Adam Lambert Hour

Liam McEwan Dances


A Good Year to be Gay

Adam Lambert, the pop icon and gay role model, whose second album is due out next year, as Andy Warhol's Elvis Presley

More Beauty from On the Line thanks to @terra_zephead

GlamNation Live #12 on Billboard top 40 Videos for 2011


How to Buy from US Itunes when you don't live in the US

iTunes gifting

How To Buy Songs On U.S. iTunes Even Though You're Not From The U.S.:

1. Create an iTunes account without a credit card: fill out the form on

    (Make up a U.S. address - be sure to match the zip code with the city you put).

2. Your account should be created now and you will receive an email.

3. Go to the iTunes store and click sign in.

4. Sign in with the account details you created, it will say the account has not been used with iTunes so click review

5. Agree to the terms and click next.

6. Now fill out your address as your payment method and ignore the payment at the bottom and click next.

7. You will now be signed into iTunes store!
8. Buy an iTunes gift card from ebay, amazon or ask another Glambert to buy it for you.
8. Redeem the iTunes gift card in your iTunes account and go shopping for songs! Smiling

Adam on the banner of Sony Finland's pages


Homage to the Lips thanks to @lambertglowbug

In case you missed The Eyes!

Or the Hair!

All by LambertGlowBug


Thanks to 


 Adam Lambert in a Japanese Rolling Stone Magazine thanks to 


This is how you vote for these two

Best Male Singer ( Adam is # 7 and moving up!!!!)

Who Should Sing at the Olympics (Adam is #2)


Love the way the interviewers are always so excited about Adam.... and  so much more to come!

Interview from 2009


Unauthorized Albums

If you love reading angry, passionate comments... links added



Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

Thanks to @yumisambo

Thanks to @Laurah_Glam

Thanks to @Laurah_Glam (click for Gif)



Anger is a wind which blows out the lamp of the mind.


Be not afraid of life. Believe that life is worth living, and your belief will help create the fact.

Your life is a reflection of the way you think.  What you believe is what you become.


Adam Lambert.....pretty please??????

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Videos of Queen at the EMAs are being removed  (Keep this one thanks to @GaleChester

EMAs Director's Cut ADAM LAMBERT & Queen 11-6-11 from Gale Chester Whittington on Vimeo.


  1. Loving the photo collage of Adam's ever-changing hair styles. There are definitely some great, good, bad and ugly ones here...but all adorn our gorgeous Rock God. Thanks for the ITunes download info for our international fans. I have directed my non-US based fans to your blog for this info and more. Love and light.

  2. Great way to wake up! Thanks, Gloria!

  3. Thanks for posting my videos! It is a true honor! I love what you do on a daily basis. I know I can count on you to get the latest scoop on our sweetheart!

    Love ya,
    LambertGlowbug (Gloria)

  4. Love the many faces of Adam collage, thanks for sharing it with all of us.

    Still enjoy reading your blog daily as I wait for the release of "Better Than I Know Myself"!!!

  5. Those twitpics! If he gets any more beautiful I'll have to wear sunglasses it'll be so blinding - lol.

    His skin does look great - hope he's been able to attend to it after those years of having to deal with it and receiving so many nasty posts. So crude.

    The boy looks incredibly young - love and success are better than any vitamins.

    (Another day closer, babes!)

    Luv, lee


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