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The Unpredictable Mr. Lambert! 10/12/2011

The Many Hairstyles of Sauli!

December 10th, 2011

Original text:
Translation by Miachihu (@miachihu) and Zinnia (@tiiqqu), posted on December 10th, 2011

Hello!! Here you have now some of my hairstyles from the past years.:DOh my God how even I myself am horrified when I look at these old pics. Hah!

I remember like yesterday the day when I wanted to dye my hair blue. As best as I remember, I was 13 years old at the time and already then I wanted to stand out in a crowd. All the clothes had to be from a skate boarding shop and that wonderful smurf hair was accentuated by a Fila sunvisor and yellow sunglasses. In other words, totally COOL!!:D

After I got rid of the blue hair, I wanted to have dreadlocks. At the time they were something totally fabulous and I was sooooo excited about them!! I remember having saved money for them all by myself and that they cost 500 old Finnish marks.:DFrom there on for two years I was walking around as a dreads-headed troll. Every once in a while the dreads were blond, every once in a while dark, and finally blue again… My parents must have been really proud of me at the time. Haha!!

I can say that during my life I’ve gone through all hair styles. My hair has been red, green, blue, yellow… etc… I’ve had long back hair, curly one, straight one, extensions, buzz cut, mohawk… etc…

I can keep the same hair style for one year at the most. Now my project is to let my hair grow a bit, but definitely not to a very long model.

You can write hints to me about what hairstyle would be the most suitable for me??

On Christmas when I come to Finland, I want to dig out all old photos of me and then I’m going to post them here. You can be sure there have also been fashion styles for every occasion, too!! Whoah!!

Have a super-wonderful weekend, you all, equally!!



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Adam on Mexican Radio

Translation included in video comments!


How to Buy from US Itunes when you don't live in the US

iTunes gifting

How To Buy Songs On U.S. iTunes Even Though You're Not From The U.S.:

1. Create an iTunes account without a credit card: fill out the form on
    (Make up a U.S. address - be sure to match the zip code with the city you put).
2. Your account should be created now and you will receive an email.
3. Go to the iTunes store and click sign in.
4. Sign in with the account details you created, it will say the account has not been used with iTunes so click review
5. Agree to the terms and click next.
6. Now fill out your address as your payment method and ignore the payment at the bottom and click next.
7. You will now be signed into iTunes store!
8. Buy an iTunes gift card from ebay, amazon or ask another Glambert to buy it for you.
8. Redeem the iTunes gift card in your iTunes account and go shopping for songs! Smiling

Thanks to MusicAgainn

Retweeted by Adam yesterday!


 are cosmically entitled to live like rock stars and to be drunk and naked all the time.

Sounds good Adam! Send pictures! 


@lovingadam Adam will tell you himself very soon. As soon as everything is in place

Pictures of Adam today.. the only ones I can deal with are him looking sorry or apologetic!

So, does this retweet by Adam Lambert count?  

Or do I 

have to rant now?  

Imma gonna think on that one for a bit!

 Linda Ladden 

RT  Perfect client ---->  He knows fashion well.   

In protest of lack of news yesterday, no Adam pictures here!


The whole story on yesterday's post:


News About Better Than I Know Myself 


Netmeg99_ Netmeg99♥

@tkradio Hi Mr Knapp... So it's friday what about that BIG HUGE Adam news?

tkradio toby knapp

@Netmeg99_ well... they've not dropped the release they said they'd release. typical label. so i'll spill what i've heard... standby...

Netmeg99_ Netmeg99♥

@tkradio Okay .. a DJ tweeted last night that he got the release date.. but he was in NZ

tkradio toby knapp

@Netmeg99_ if he said a date before dec 20 and after dec 15 then that's what i heard too...

lilly64 Robin W

@tkradio Thx for the info re: Adam:). Not ur fault there's been delays and lack of info from people involved. Not sure why so much secrecy.

tkradio toby knapp

@lilly64 i get the label's marketing plans u know? lol if u oonly knew what they said after they saw us first talking adam online last week

tkradio toby knapp

i need to remember when i tweet/blog adam news that i need to buckle up! i love how passionate the fans r.

samlansky Sam Lansky

Thrilled to show love to @BonnieMcKeee in this @adamlambert story — Bonnie, can't wait to hear your work on his album!

in reply to ↑


Bonnie Mckee
@samlansky @adamlambert Thank you again so much! Check out our cowriter/producer @OLIGEE1... Hes the "Picasso of beat making" (Adam's words)

I'm feeling that it's worth saving some of your Xmas dollars and gift buying for another week or so because we will have BTIKM in time for the holiday.  Prepare to gift the single to all your friends and family through Itunes!

Amway Adam's Way 

@terra_zepheadIt's quite funny that we had the confirmation of the gig way back in April

Today was a meeting of the CA headquarters in Shibuya, the annual Amway month. CA meeting to be held in the board room of 13F is scheduled from 13:00 to 17:00 every Bitchiri, difficulty meeting each other very important people gathered to exchange views on developments in CA for business and office management is. (Topknot is you ♪ Masuda) for this earthquake aid policy introduced and new staff of marketing, leadership seminars and the future development of products that, signed a debate on various themes and more.

This year's guest entertainment of the LS were announced today and Adam Lambert"American Idol" ♪ BIG NAME is currently very popular in America from the debut of recent HIT of 2012 also became a movie soundtrack Official Adam Lambert "Time For Miracles "Music Video for two thousand and twelve. In Theaters 11/13 ♪ can not wait to meet his 11 months in Shanghai ♪ tasting new flavor of XS and cola flavors, wild berry flavor, orange tangerine flavor etc., can not wait to release any - and personally I hope ♪ Kuretara cola flavor out early

bani_ bani

Oh, I see some questions. Adam has invited as a solo artist to this event and nothing has mentioned about his band on Amway site. Sorry


I read so many concerned comments and tweets about Adam and this private performance.  So:

I was an Amway distributor back in the 70's.  It is a huge business with good products that gives anyone the opportunity to succeed.

 I attribute learning a positive attitude in life to my Amway experience and it was really all good.

 When I was involved, any entertainer invited to conferences was a Christian singer. The owners have strong political and religious views.  Amway and Adam do not seem like a good fit to me.

However, hopefully Adam is being paid big bucks for this private performance and he has the opportunity to open some eyes and minds there. He's the best at that, right?

  No worries on my part!


Adam with Joe Zee On The Line

Million thanks to @coralmermaid for the perfect livestream which allowed so many of us international fans to watch it clearly and in its entirty...  You rock girl!! 

: The Joe Zee episode with Adam is now on iTunes in HD :D 


For Your Entertainment 2nd Most Played Song on Mix Melbourne


Sound & Vision: Hard Times for TV-Launched Pop Stars — Can Adam Lambert Save Them All?


More About the New PennyRoyal Piece

Get the Scoop on the New Pennyroyal Signature Collection Piece
Hi everyone. Tim has given me the go ahead to share a little more information about the new Pennyroyal Signature Collection piece. I was the winner of Peace Pendant Prize #10, which was to co-design and release my own Signature Collection design with Pennyroyal. To be honest, this was the one prize I didn't want to win....only because I'm not a very creative person. But as soon as I did win, I knew I wanted it to be something Adam-related/inspired.
We started the process about 2 months ago, with me submitting ideas to Tim. It took us about a month to narrow it down to two designs. He started working on some drafts (drawings), and gave me a choice of 6 styles (shapes) to choose from. I couldn't decide between two of the styles, so he made (actually created!) one of each for me to choose from. I made my "final" decision earlier this week, and we thought that we were finished...BUT I came up with one last now Tim is going to make another one. He hopes to be finished with it about mid-week next week. Then after my final approval, he will start production!!! It will be available through Jan. 29, thus being retired ON Adam's birthday! I have chosen The Trevor Project as the charity to benefit from the sales, and the goal will be to raise $30,000 by Adam's 30th birthday. Smiling
The theme of the design, as indicted by one of Tim's recent tweets, is "Light and Love". I chose it, because that's what Adam is ALL ABOUT, and it also applies directly to what the Trevor Project is about. There will be one detail of the design that will directly tie-in to Adam's 30th birthday!
There is one more VERY EXCITING aspect to all of this, but it is (hopefully) going to remain a SURPRISE!!! I will say that all of Adam's fans will probably end up wanting to own one of pendants, so I hope no one misses out.
I hope you all will be pleased with the finished product! Smiling I know I am!
@Glambert620 on Twitter
ETA: Tim is really GREAT to work with! Smiling

This is how you vote for these two

Best Male Singer ( Adam is # 7 and moving up!!!!)

Who Should Sing at the Olympics (Adam is #2)


Unauthorized Albums

If you love reading angry, passionate comments... links added




The spark of love creates a flame that requires constant care. It is a fire that must be tended from both sides, or it will fail.


Adam Lambert.....pretty please??????

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EMAs Director's Cut ADAM LAMBERT & Queen 11-6-11 from Gale Chester Whittington on Vimeo.


  1. i don't believe the rumor that he'll play the amway event. that rumor's been floating around since earlier in the year, and there's been no confirmation.

  2. wow lots of exciting news and i totally know what hubby is going to buy me to christmas should it arrive in time. crossing fingers we get single before christmas.


  4. Re: Amway - don't quote me but the info is that the Amway event has been on the books since April - and it's a Japanese - not Chinese - event. Hope the ninjas over there track this one down and give us vids.

    He looks utterly incredibly gorgeous in the pics from Zee - I've waited this long - can hang on for another week. Besides the Christmas business is keeping me busy in the meantime.

    Feel your pain, Gloria - luv, lee

  5. The Amway event is in China... Shanghai. Adam and the band are going except for Cam

    That's the latest.




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