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And They're Off! 28/01/2012

Adam Lambert in Germany with @Jana_Pe

More here:

Started by @kathryn17

Adam's Birthday Gift

1)Let's all buy an extra copy of Trespassing (AO or Amazon) and BTIKM (Itunes or Amazon) to celebrate Adam's birthday this year.  

(I buy it from Amazon US and ship it to a US friend to increase the US numbers)

2) Request BTIKM at your local radio stations and at all the links available to everyone worldwide (scroll down to the Glambert TO DO list)

3)Twitter trend:  #Happy30thAdam  added to all tweets on January 29th

Adam tweeted this link!

So far $1820 $3990 $7606  $12,203 raised

Donor's Choose

 Rebecca Stevens 

 My  b'day gift: matching $30 to my page until $300 reached!


Video that was played on Liam McEwan's show today!

Thanks to @surefirewinners


 REQUEST between 5:00PM - 10:00PM Eastern time, tweet :


or Text to 71021



Rooting on my boys from the homebase. @adamlambert @TommyJoeRatliff @IsaacTheCarp @kevmokeys, hope your acoustic adventures are magical! <3

So Ashley is at home and Adam, Tommy, Isaac and Kevin are in Europe!



Adam Lambert 30 min. Birthday special airing on Bliss channel in UK tomorrow at 12:00 pm - @Blueberry62)

Adam Lambert BTIKM music video:  Adam reads, holds popcorn and gardens in this video now premiering Feb 3
And they're off!
 Peace out America. I'll see you soon. Hello Europe! You ready to party?!  
   Posted at 12:00AM EST thanks to @kevmokeys  
Wider angle next time!  Thanks

European Promo starts tomorrow!

Sunday in Austria Livestream Information

 Revised again livestream times for Sun gig in Austria: intv  perf  RE 


 All the VH1 clips in one Youtube

Thanks to underyokohama7

Download of all seven clips here:

 Thanks to @mindchnger


Adam Lambert screencap thanks to ?

RCARecords RCA Records
The countdown to @adamlambert's #BetterThanIKnowMyself video premiere on 2/3 begins!Watch the behind the scenes here

(Adam corrects his originally tweeted date)

adamlambert Adam Lambert
Behind-the-scenes of the BTIKM is up now: , leading up to NEW premiere date of Feb 3 on @VEVO. #ItsWorthTheWait


Adam Lambert, Trespassing — March 20th
The glam’s been gone for too long, and there’s only one person who can bring it back. As one of the most memorable American Idol performers — he single handedly made the 2009 American Music Awards newsworthy, after all — Lambert’s new single “Better Than I Know Myself” makes us miss that musical theatre-nourished voice more than ever before. We can’t wait to see what the over-the-top star has up his glittery sleeve.

Adam  from 1:24-1:50



Things we've learned from Adam. LOL

Go Behind The Scenes With Adam Lambert, Or Your Chance To Know Him Better Than He Knows Himself



 Ten Gifs from BTIKM Music Video


Adam's 30th Birthday Celebrations!

Adam Lambert’s 30th Birthday: Celebrate With 30 

Glamorous Photos

Birthday Tributes !  Happy Birthday Adam!

Thanks to TheAdamdownundr

Happy 30th Birthday Adam Lambert - from Australia!

Happy Birthday from New Zealand thanks to iamalfan

Thanks to nitenursestat

Happy Birthday Adam and Riff !!!

Thanks to rislanya13c from Brazil

Thanks to Schneewittchen3663

Adam Lambert- My Next 30 Years



By Michele Yeo
Adam Lambert's sophmore album 'Trespassing' drops March 20th but you don't have to wait until then to get your Glambert fix! Go on set with the American Idol alum (who turns 30 on January 29) as he shoots the video for the first single off the album called 'Better Than I Know Myself' which is all about the miscommunication that can happen in relationships.

Today at 3PM EST....

On the 29th of January 2012, Adam Lambert will be turning 30! To celebrate, Liam McEwan will extend his weekly Adam Lambert show by 2 hours for the day! On the 29th, tune in to The Flea FM for THREE HOURS of Adam Lambert, starting at 9am (New Zealand Time).

Liam also wants listeners to record a birthday message for Adam, and it will be played on the show! Send your recorded message to:

Check your local time for the special here:

Tune in next weekend and join Liam McEwan in celebrating Adam's 30th birthday!

You can tune in online at:

Even though I do not trust this DJ, there is some good advice here:

Fans who want their local stations are reminded to do the following when asking for support from local pop stations...

1) Make sure you live in the area the station serves. Stations in Florida know when fans from Denmark request, and fans from Ohio know when fans from Texas are hitting them up with requests for the song! And, as such, they don't really count because they're not from the area the station serves! If you're from a certain area, make sure you tell 'em that up front!

2) Buy the single! Soundscan records everything, sales figures are important tools for record companies as they work radio station programmers to play the song.

3) Blow up local station FACEBOOK and TWITTER FEEDS with requests... and engage. Post a post on the local FACEBOOK page. Then, have friends like, and comment. This helps in two ways: one - programmers see the conversation and two, it helps the radio station meet goals for engagement and likes, and interactions, which they no doubt have as the monetization of the medium continues to evolve.

4) Be polite and courteous. Understand there are many factors involved in airplay decisions, not just requests. The quickest way to tank an artist on a radio station is to, bluntly, be a douche-bag about your desires. Remember, you get more bees with honey...

Thanks to @ItalyLovesAdam

 Glambert To Do List

Sign up and Rate Music

You will eventually get to rate BTIKM

 Request Adam Lambert 

Check this link for stations close to your home and request regularly!
Request BTIKM from your local stations once a day!

Everyone can request from the following stations!
Call Ryan and ask him to play Adam's BTIKM. 877-811-7926.

Sirius/XM Request on
Channel 2 SiriusXM Hits Music Pop Top 40 Hits 

Channel 3 20 on 20 Link:


Z100 (write BTIKM)


Whack A Mole 8:00PM EST

Request BTIKM during the day and it can start TakeOver at the top!
(type title, then click on the green thumbs up)

Dallas102.9 FM Dallas 5 at 5 

Chicago Wack a Mole


IS-Tutka: Katri and Sauli's Beauty Queen Tutka turned into Boobs-Tutka


Adam's Schedule for This Month (or so)

January 28 - Special 3-Hour Adam Lambert 

Show with Liam McEwan (starts 3PM EST)

January 29 - Adam's 30th Birthday
(hope to hear about a charity Adam has chosen to support for this event soon)

January 29 - Adam performing in Austria at Q-Snowcase

✮ The live streaming from the performances on the 

#QSnowcase will start on 

Sunday, January 29, 2012, between 8:30 & 9:00pm 

(2:30pm & 3pm ET US)! Find your city's time on the world clock:

Performance will be posted here:

January 29-  Byron Cooke interview will air in Australia

January 29 - Special Adam Lambert Birthday Program in UK, Sky TV

Jan 31-Feb 2  Adam in Germany visiting radio stations

Jan 30- Ulm ( outside Munich)

Jan 31 - Adam visits four stations around Stuttgart and 


Feb 1- Berlin

Follow these accounts for information from Germany

Sony_Music_DE Sony Music Germany

@adamlambert #GLAMnation Dienstag:@bigFM 

@SWR3 @FFHde@hr3deMittwoch: @1046RTL 


Feb 2- Adam in the UK

@JohnKearns John Kearns

@adamlambert will be appearing as special guest on the @JohnKearns show next week. Follow @JohnKearns for extra content and updates \o/

February 5 -Mix Megapol "Mix Unplugged" event in Stockholm Sweden 

Byroncooke Byron Cooke

I'll be posting my @adamlambert interviews 1 video at a time Feb 1st to Feb 7th...more deets soon! #btikm #trespassing

 All Adam Lambert events here:

Message from @Glamnbert and @MrsRKo4Life


Yes, you are hearing right! Me (@Glamnbert) and Nessi (@MrsRKO4life) are back with a New Twitterparty for all of you!
Maybe you can remember our #EuropeanGlambertParty in September and our latest #GlambertGlitterparty which was a real success and fun!  But if you don't, that's totally okay and now you can join us ALL international again!!!

The new #TrespassingParty only for Glamberts will take place on Twitter on SATURDAY / 11.02.2012 at
8pm M.E.T (middle-Europe)
7pm : UK Time
2pm : New York
11am : LA

Come and join!
So and again "the rules" for any of our Twitterparties! :
It's like a normal Twitterparty (such As Adams) but you talk to other Glamberts and ask or answer questions.
It's for meeting new people and just have fun with other Glamberts from your Glamily!
If you want to join, contact me and tweet me "Yes" like last time. You can also use the whole thing with Hashtag like "I'll join #TrespassingParty"
You don't have to, but it'd be nice to know a group of people and if i don't follow you, just ask! :)

For questions and everything else about our new Project etc contact me on Twitter --> @Glamnbert

Thank you for your attention and every support that we already had from you! It was so much fun the last 2 times!

So come and join! I'd really like to see some new faces in my Glamily! Hope to see/tweet you Then!


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Countdown to Trespassing thanks to @Scorptwtr


  1. Yikes! I can't take credit for the groupcard - I just tweeted it to this site because I wanted to get the word out. I knew a lot of people would see it here and sign it. It was started by a fan on her name is All-ICanDoIsSing.

    There is a cluster of negative comments on there (all in the same place and probably one troll) but the groupard organizer has been notified and advised to edit.

    Since the card is going out to Adam anyway, we should all sign it and put as much positivity on it as we can.

    Troll comments are not unique to this card or to Adam. The edit function is there because sh*t happens. We should never let trolls defeat a fan effort by giving up as soon as they show up. If they find out that it's that easy to win; they'll do it all the time.

    Thanks for posting. Can't wait for the Adam party tomorrow!


  2. Wow, I'm so excited. The video premiers exactly on my birthday. That's really the best present I could've thought of.
    I'm so excited to see Adam back in business.
    I owe him a lot of the way I've changed as a person and I always find inspiration in his work and his way of being.
    Thank you for creating the best fansite.
    I love you all,

  3. Welcome to Europe Adam!
    I hope you all will have a wonderful time here!

    OH MY GOSH! It's so exciting, knowing Adam is here in Europe this weekend. Awesome! :)

    Thank you for all the amazing posts today Gloria. :)

  4. Hard to believe it's been a year since we had Adam's big bday celebration in NYC last year! Charity : water campaign went on before his bday and he hit his goal well in advance...
    Thanks for all the beautiful sc's Gloria---great stuff:)

  5. I tweeted Kathryn17 and she is checking the card regularly to ensure it is all good. So please sign and know she will check all posts before she sends it on tomorrow


  6. Lol - If I had my picture taken with Adam, I'd probably do the same thing as Jana Pe - so funny.

    Lovin' this run-up to the video and the album - good things happening. Exciting times. Luvya, lee


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