Sunday, 29 January 2012

Happy Birthday Adam Lambert! 29/01/2012

Full audio

Thanks to @mmyy9

tattoojo OOFTA
@purplegirll 7 MINUTE LOOP of trespassing

I'm a bit slow from that double martini at lunch but I will get everything up really soon!  

Happy Birthday Beautiful Boy!  

Trespassing Lyrics

This sign's saying

"Who are you and where are you from?
We don't like when visitors come"
"No Trespassing", that's what it said
At least that's what I could read
"No Trespassing?", yeah, my ass!
Wait till ya get a load of me!

One day I was trippin'
That's when I could see
That the ether that I tapped into
Could be reality
It was great
That's when I climbed that optimistic vine
Once I hit that mountain peak
I began to lose my mind, yeah

I don't need no sympathy
I won't cry and whine, yeah
Life's my light and liberty
And I shine when I wanna shine, yeah

Make their faces crack
There's no turning back, let's go

Well, I was walking for some time
when I came across this sign
Saying "Who are you and where are you from?
We don't like when visitors come"

bra_Fietje Fietje
#qmusicsnowcase @adamlambert @kevmokeys @IsaacTheCarp @TommyJoeRatliff and me:DTHX GUYS and BIG THX @SonyMusicBE!!!!!


Interviews from Austria here:  


Changing the world, one person at a time, by spreading 
the awesomeness of 

Happy Birthday Adam Lambert!

Thanks to Jalexa via ALFC on FB

Last night on twitter.... Adam's Birthday in Austria!


Happy Birthday Adam Lambert is Trending !@adamlambert @rcapromo @SonyMusicGlobal

adamlambert Adam Lambert
@Oprah Happy Birthday!!

adamlambert Adam Lambert
@riffcherry happy Birthday godson!!

gerhanaputri Our cake. Happy birthday, @adamlambert! Thx, @ivonlambert!

@adamlambert Happy 30th Birthday!! Send all my love with your lucky blue shoe cake!!

Listen To LiamMcEwan's Three Hour Adam Special (two parts)


 adamlambert Adam Lambert

Today is my birthday, and for my 30th I’d like you all to help me change the world:

 Adam Lambert 

: Why don't you make tomorrow the best 
day of your life?”

                     Click for Adam Lambert cowbell gif thanks to @_ninni

Thanks @GaleChester!

From Austria!  OMG... they love him!

myy9 mmyy9 

Download the interviews here:   


   Thanks to  creativesharka

 ♥ Happy Birthday My Love!

I remember a year ago when I flew for the first time 

in Los Angeles to celebrate your birthday at 29. Today 

you are 30 and I'm still 


Many more years to come! :)



Today in Austria- We are going to hear two new songs from the album!!

Adam said he will sing BTIKM, WWFM and two new songs from the album!!  2:30 PM EST!!!!

Livestream from Austria today (info via @AdamlambertBE)

8:30pm - 9pm: Start of the livestream with the performances. We don't know an exact time when Adam's set is on.


AdamLambertBE: You'll be able to find the performances after they aired on

More Pictures of Adam in LAX and Munich posted last night:


Started by @kathryn17...Please sign this!

Adam's Birthday Gift

1)Let's all buy an extra copy of Trespassing (AO or Amazon) and BTIKM (Itunes or Amazon) to celebrate Adam's birthday this year.  

(I buy it from Amazon US and ship it to a US friend to increase the US numbers)

2) Request BTIKM at your local radio stations and at all the links available to everyone worldwide (scroll down to the Glambert TO DO list)

3)Twitter trend:  #Happy30thAdam  added to all tweets on January 29th

Adam tweeted this link!

So far $1820 $3990 $7606  $12,203
$17,035 raised!


BTIKM on VEVO hits  1,049,634  views in time for Adam's Birthday!



Adam Lambert calls on fans to help him "change the world"

Thanks to Margareth and the Polish Glamberts!

Thanks to @ItalyLovesAdam

 Glambert To Do List

Sign up and Rate Music

You will eventually get to rate BTIKM

 Request Adam Lambert 

Check this link for stations close to your home and request regularly!
Request BTIKM from your local stations once a day!

Everyone can request from the following stations!
Call Ryan and ask him to play Adam's BTIKM. 877-811-7926.

Sirius/XM Request on
Channel 2 SiriusXM Hits Music Pop Top 40 Hits 

Channel 3 20 on 20 Link:


Z100 (write BTIKM)


Whack A Mole 8:00PM EST

Request BTIKM during the day and it can start TakeOver at the top!
(type title, then click on the green thumbs up)

Dallas102.9 FM Dallas 5 at 5 

Chicago Wack a Mole

Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner


Happy Birthday to one of my best buds ever/brother @adamlambert !!! Love ya, man!!!

Very excited to be going to Adam's Birthday Brunch celebration in Toronto and meet up with 18 other Glamberts!  Pictures later!

Adam's Fan Birthday Videos all here!

(Going to post more today and this week once I get a chance to watch them)

Thanks to Monicamorena2010

Thanks to Sonyaz123


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Countdown to Trespassing thanks to @Scorptwtr


  1. Happy Birthday Adam!!

    Can that boy wear fur or what?? Dear God, he looks amazing on that ski slope!

    I can't wait to hear the accoustic versions they are going to do today!

    Thanks for a great posting, Gloria:)


  2. Wishing Adam a great 30th birthday and a mega successful 2012. Loved the tweet from Sauli. It's good to have love in your life!

  3. Happy Birthday Adam!
    I'm so happy that he got to make his dreams come true and that he managed to be such a great artist and an inspiration and help for so many people

    Wonderful interview and awesome outfit. I'm so excited to hear those new songs. It's gonna be great
    Much love to all of you and...Happy Birthday to the Glamworld!

  4. Thank you so much for all those vids, pics, wishes and links Gloria!

    Adam's performance was SO AMAZING! LOVED IT! And I LOVE TRESPASSING! The lyrics are... just... Perfect! Absolutely PERFECT! <333

  5. It's been a wonderful day - love everything - the pics - the vids - the interviews - what a great birthday for our beautiful boy.
    Someone tweeted that a billboard saying "Happy Birthday, Adam" was on Route 95 between Washington, D.C., and Baltimore, MD. Hope someone puts up a shot of THAT - lol.

    Amazing day - thanks for all the terrific stuff - luv, lee


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