Monday, 30 January 2012

Trespassing! 30/01/2012

With Lyrics thanks to Glambertrose

 Best meet ever with my dreamboyyyyyy I love u u are sooo nice and sweettt i lovee uuu

Short Interview from Germany!


I'm told by my Finnish friends and American experts that this does not mean Sauli is with Adam.... LOL!

Just check-in to the hotel same time with. So here is 1.5 finnish guys:) 

 As far as we know, Sauli is still in LA.
Look at the guy who posted the tweet's profile. He's from 

Finland. Tweeter = full Finn, Adam = half Finn (because of him 

dating Sauli). Pretty sure that's what he meant by 1.5 Finns.  

Thanks to @Canadian_Paula


Trespassing Acoustic Mix thanks to MrAidenLambert

Adam Lambert Celebrates 30th Birthday With First Live Performance Of “Trespassing”

American Idol LOVES Adam!

Since the release of Adam’s debut album For Your Entertainment in 2009, it has sold over 1 million copies worldwide. Adam was nominated for a Grammy for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance for “Whataya Want From Me” in 2010 and also released the Glam Nation Live CD/DVD andAcoustic Live! EPs. He is first American Idol to ever tour the world in support of their debut album in the year following their Idol season. In November of this year, Adam took to the stage in the finale of the MTV European Music Awards to sing lead vocals with Queen, who were being honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award. Their captivating performance is widely regarded to be the highlight of the entire EMA ceremony and an indication of the outstanding years ahead in the career of Adam Lambert.
We hope Adam had the most fabulous 30th birthday and we can’t wait to watch how this year unfolds for him!

Tattoo Closeups! 

Thanks to

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Fault Magazine Update!

Adam is on the cover and there are at least six pages of him... do you want one?

VH1... not everyone can see this... I mean me!


Great Audience Video of Trespassing

Ending of Trespassing

Thanks to @esselsari

Trespassing Lyrics

This sign's saying

"Who are you and where are you from?

We don't like when visitors come"

"No Trespassing", that's what it said

At least that's what I could read

"No Trespassing?", yeah, my ass!

Wait till ya get a load of me!

One day I was trippin'

That's when I could see

That the ether that I tapped into

Could be reality

It was great

That's when I climbed that optimistic vine

Once I hit that mountain peak

I began to lose my mind, yeah

I don't need no sympathy

I won't cry and whine, yeah
Life's my light and liberty
And I shine when I wanna shine, yeah

Make their faces crack
There's no turning back, let's go

Well, I was walking for some time
when I came across this sign
Saying "Who are you and where are you from?
We don't like when visitors come"

Over $30,000 raised yesterday in honour of Adam's 30th~

Last year for my ‘golden birthday’, all of you gave me the best birthday present I could ever ask for by donating $323,803 to bring clean water to over 16,000 people! It felt so amazing to have my fans, friends and family do something so inspiring for me for my birthday.

I've been asked what I would like people to do this year for me, for my 30th birthday. I'd like to invite you to join me, and "give up" your birthday this year. What exactly does that mean? It means that when people ask you what you want for your birthday, you tell them that you'd like clean water, and ask them to donate money, 100% of which will directly fund water projects. Wait until you see how amazing it feels, and together, I bet we can raise over a million dollars, which will bring thousands of more people clean water.


Clearly the Better Than I Know Myself singer is looking to rock a repeat of last year’s show-stopping pro-social performance when the gung-ho Glamberts temporarily crashed charity: water's servers while raising $323,803 to quench 16,190 people's thirst in developing nations. So far for his 30th, 663 phans (philanthopists + fans -- I’m really trying to get this in Urban Dictionary, y’all) have contributed $32,202 -- and it ain't over yet!
We’re not surprised that the pop prince is back with another big-hearted birthday wish (he's done it three years in a row) -- on his 28th, he asked the Glam Nation to support school projects at, and they didn't disappoint: 2,435 fans donated $322,856 to provide resources and supplies for nearly 334,281 students.
And the out-and-proud artist is an amazing LGBT and anti-bullying advocate – lending his pitch-perfect voice to the “It Gets Better” campaign and revamping his hit “Aftermath” to benefit The Trevor Project.


Trespassing on a 7 Minute loop:  (worth downloading)




     Thanks to @vegas1024

TommyJoeRatliff TommyJoe Ratliff
Sad to leave Austria... I wouldn't mind seeing this everyday! ��


kevmokeys Kevin Hastings

Wow thank you for all the amazing feedback from last night's live stream! You guys are awesome!

kevmokeys Kevin Hastings

I'm gonna miss this view from my hotel room. #stunning




Adam Lambert and friend thanks to ?

Chartshowtv Chart Show TV

We got some amazing ratings on Saturday morning for @adamlambert 's Glam Nation tour so thanks for watching.....

Chartshowtv Chart Show TV

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popledge Sarah H

heatworld heat & heatworld
Exciting news alert! @Adamlambert is coming to heat Towers on Thurs to take over our Twitter and YOU can ask him anything! #Glambertonheat


Another Visit to Whole Foods Friday!

HQ pics here:


Thanks to @ItalyLovesAdam

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Countdown to Trespassing thanks to @Scorptwtr


  1. been looking online all last night and today 4 Adam stuff.....when will I ever learn......GLORIA WILL HAVE IT ALL HERE!!!!!!!!!
    cannot thank you enough THANK YOU..............
    have bookmarked this to read and listen to over and over and over and over....again and again and again!!!!!!!!!

  2. the more i hear little snippets of this new album the more i know i am going to totally love it. The whole thing is going to sound amazing. can't wait

  3. Oh, to have been in that intimate audience in Austria...what a great Adam experience that must have been! And I love the pink background, too.

  4. that guy who posted the tweet about 1.5 finns was from finland. he was the finn, and calling adam a half finn because he's dating sauli. he wasn't saying sauli was with adam in europe.


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