Sunday, 8 January 2012

It's Crazy! 08/01/2012

Pictures of Sauli and Adam at Whole Foods

More pictures here:

and even more here:


(BTIKM Video shoot picture)

Thanks to 

Yesterday at 7:15, Adam Lambert fans from around the world listened to BTIKM on ChumFM 104.5 Toronto, Canada's #1 ranked radio station!

 Adam Lambert News 

 Can you please play Better Than I Know Myself by  and give me some advance notice for big audience!


RT  play Better Than I Know Myself by  and give some advance notice! -- We'll play it at 7:15PM!

After the song played, here's what the DJ said:

""New stuff from Adam Lambert  "Better Than I Know Myself"

I'm going to send that one out to everybody listening online at

Australia, New York City, Connecticut, San Diego, New Zealand, Amsterdam, London, UK, Portugal, Vancouver, Phoenix, Ohio, Massachusetts and everybody, it's crazy

Technology has made this world such a small place"

Wow! Tough to keep up with all the tweets! It's Adamadness! LOL! Let's do this again sometime? How bout tomorrow morn at 11:15?;)- Fav

Yes! can everyone please be at this international link at 11:15 AM EST (8:15 AM PST) to listen again. 

(And I know they missed mentioning listeners from Russia, Brazil, Japan, South Africa, Germany and probably lots more!)

Vote for Adam while you are there! (the results you see are for last weeks poll)


YAY! RT @3u3an21 YES!@adamlambert 's BTIKM is the most wanted song on YLEX's(finnish radiostation)playlist!

Check out all the latest radio info on the Request Adam link in the "Adam's Behind" section!


Liam McEwan's Adam Lambert Hour


From RCA:

"Mark your calendars, Glamberts! Adam will be taking the stage on both the The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Jan. 17th and on the Ellen DeGeneres show on Jan. 19th," reports RCA. "Catch Adam on Leno at 11:35EST/10:35CST/8:35 PST on NBC and check your local listings here to know where and when to tune into Adam on Ellen!"

Livestream Link for international fans:


Adam's Hand on the set of BTIKM (I think)

Thanks to Ev Salomon

Guess why this picture is here?

This could be from the set of BTIKM music video

Posted by 

Adam Lambert wraps up video shoot for 'Better Than I Know Myself"

Adam Lambert  has wrapped the music video for his new single "Better Than I Know Myself" on Friday, January 6 here in Los Angeles. The director of the video is Ray Kay. The Norwegian director also filmed the music video for Lambert's first single, “For Your Entertainment”.
Kay posted on his Facebook yesterday, “Shooting a cool video with Adam Lambert in LA today; check out the amazing track,”. Today he added “Flying to Miami. The shoot with @adamlambert went extremely well! Adam always delivers!”

Lambert tweeted today, “The BTIKM video has been filmed! We wrapped just before 4am! An intense 20 HOUR day!! Thanks to the amazing crew! Can’t wait to share.”  Then he sent a tweet to thank Kay, “…thanks for everything!! Can’t wait to see it!!”


Only picture left from Finnish tabloid after I was informed it was not a good article!  Thanks!

martingeddes Martin Geddes

If Adam Lambert isn't the best male vocalist & performer in decades, I really want to hear your better offer!

@martingeddes Adam singing WLL was 1 of his best performances on AI,& might have been one of the best singing performances I ever saw on TV!

in reply to ↑


@deedeeglambert I've watched a whole lotta Adam, and think it's his best as he's totally relaxed in his perfect genre. One, Mad World, Fire.

(Ed note: Crawl through fire and time to watch it again!)

Sauli Jogs and Speaks!

Thanks to @_bani


SPECTACULAR DOLLS!  Created by ALFC member Kardam

Are these for sale? I couldn't choose so I had to post them all!

 Crawl Thru Fire!  My fav!!


Gorgeous Version of Queen and Adam


Claude Kelly blogs about FYE.

as many of you know, i wrote the 1st single for Adam’s sophomore album. The new single “Better Than I Know Myself” is just beginning to warm up. 
What a lot of people dont know, is that i wrote the 1st single for his DEBUT album. the title track, FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT.
in my opinion, this song didnt get the exposure or respect it deserved. Adam KILLED this song! One of my fav vocal performances. he’s such a pro. 
Dr. Luke produced this one as well. 
take a listen, hav fun and dance around the room.

This is amazing!  All of Adam's Live performances (including tours and Idol) on one page

Thanks to @lambosessed!!

Question:  Can you access all the songs for each performance here or do you have to click to connect to your old site?  Figure it out later

IIHY in Reverse... very funny!


Adam's Behind!

Nice Picture but not a nice poll result!  VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
 (It must end soon and Q102 is a good supporter of Adam) Refresh/Vote/Refresh..........

 I took a screen capture at 7.05 AM CET when I started again, Help...

MsKristina_ Kristina

BTIKM is on Q 102 Philly's mediabase form - all fans can request one time per day! PLEASE REQUEST
Hit Predictor  

Sign up and Rate Music

You will eventually get to rate BTIKM

 Request Adam Lambert 

Check this link for stations close to your home and request regularly!


Unauthorized Albums

Lawsuit may be settled soon!

Background info here:

Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

Tommy Joe Ratliff and Isaac Carpenter shopping thanks to @sophiecarpenter

Fighting the Good Fight

Article by NoAngel.  Good reading ...

 I will continue to focus on the positive and truthfully, I rarely see anything negative.  It does work!


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  1. great post today all kinds of goodness and i love the pic sophie took as a wife i know she did it as a way to have proof that hubby can shop if he wants just kidding but it is a cute picture. hope you are having a loveing day.


  2. OMG! GLORIA! I almost died when I saw you included my tweet from last night to Martin Geddes on your blog!! Thanks so much-I feel honored to be om your daily blog! Daily I have my coffee & catch up on everything Adam from you! as Ralph used to say to Alice- "You're the greatest" - applies to you to Gloria!

  3. I'm again amazed at the beauty and positivity absolutely oozing from this blog. Gloria, you are the queen of love of our boy. Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU! Sometimes there just aren't enough words.

    I simply must highlight this blog within your blog "Fighting the Good Fight" by NoAngel. It should be required reading for all Glamberts as Adam begins to step out into the mainstream again. Every word she uttered were words I've been thinking and wanting to express, and now she did so perfectly. PLEASE READ. And thank you to NoAngel.

  4. AWWWWW, those dolls are SO cute! :)
    Thank you very much for the link of "All of Adam's Live performances" - I love watching his live performances. He is so amazing in them!
    Voting like crazy: Alas... *sigh* (okay, doesn't give up)
    Thanks for this wonderful blog! :)

  5. I so agree with Claud kelly ! FYE was a great song that got buried after the AMA fiasco.

    Those dolls are amazing !

  6. is Adam going to sing at the SuperBowl I am not a football fan but will watch if he does sing even my brother a die hard football fan said well if Lambert sings at least it will be good he told me I was an Adam follower like he is with sports so he understands me.

  7. OMG I had no idea I could listen to CHUM FM online, here in S. Korea! Thanks for the tip Gloria. I used to listen to them years ago when I lived in TO, and now I can listen to Adam there! How exciting :)))


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