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Great Performer and So Much More! 07/01/2012

Adam's Hand on the set of BTIKM (I think)
Thanks to Ev Salomon

Guess why this picture is here?

This could be from the set of BTIKM music video

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                                                                  Drawing by Holly

@LoversLamberts @adamlambert Adam Lambert and his resemblance to "Elvis Presley"


Very Funny Kinda Poll ... must read

Bertlandia Cockus 2012 by Chunky


Adam Lambert gets award in Canada for FYE.... get ready for lots more of these pics


adamlambert Adam Lambert

The BTIKM video has been filmed! We wrapped just before 4am! An intense 20 HOUR day!! Thanks to the amazing crew! Can't wait to share.

  thanks for everything!! Can't 

wait to see it!!

 WOOoo!!! Can't wait to see it!!! : )


ThisIsDannel: Hour 18 on set. Been shooting handheld all day. Arm is going numb.


Posted at 4AM PST

HaitianEv Ev Salomon

Tired but wired like a stolen car right now.....

Adam and Ray on the set of FYE video... same guy working on BTIKM yesterday

Flying to Miami:)The shoot with @adamlambert went extremely well! Adam always delivers!

Speculation on BTIKM Music Video

Adam tweeted ( a few days ago) about this video...  is it a hint about BTIKM?

adamlambert New @rihanna and @jessiejofficialvideos lookin real cute. Feeling all the 90s fashion. Here we go!

I've seen rumours of a wolf theme?  What do you think?  

Just got around to watching this and may I say I would be all for a BTIKM video with only Adam in different outfits, dancing and with varying amounts of skin showing... Whataya think???

We know that the band was not there and I didn't see any ads for performers.. so, could it be only Adam...I'd even take him in a wolf outfit for some scenes.  He did like this one! Didn't he tweet out the link?


Thanks to @SammieMa

Upcoming TV Appearances for Adam

Mark your calendars, Glamberts! Adam will be taking the stage on both the The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Jan. 17th and on the Ellen DeGeneres show on Jan. 19th! Catch Adam on Leno at 11:35/10:35c on NBC and check your local listings here to know where and when to tune into Adam on Ellen!



Livestream for Leno and Ellen appearances Jan17 and 19th

 kinkykiedis: Live stream link for Leno & Ellen on 17th & 19th January 2012!… !

Adam Lambert  Click on picture for gif!

Look at  What  is Happening!  People around the world  are 

discovering Adam Lambert!

@adamlambert On NZ pop iTunes right now, BTIKM is #38, WWFM #116, and FYE album #89 !!!!!:-))

YAY!! @adamlambertyou're #22 on SAfrican Take40 top weekly radio chart after only being added couple days ago BetterThanIKnowMyself <3

feralglam:BTIKM #12 in Australian Hot 30
This is HUGE news for us Aussie fans. The Hot 30 is the biggest radio show in Australia and is aired on pretty much every major radio station across the country. Their audience is huge so to debut at #12 is fantastic. It means that it's not just his fans who are voting for the track!!
We're a bit excited!


Adam and Leno

One of the very funniest Adam interviews!!!

Watch the Jay Leno interview here :   (Scroll down to second video)



Adam Lambert thanks to Listoff

Adam Lambert Fans Petition for Him to Sing Nat'l Anthem at Super Bowl

Sign the petition here:  (we have to get it to at least 1500-#AMA complaints, remember?)

Singing the national anthem requires a singer with a powerful voice and a wide range, and that certainly describes Adam Lambert.  That's one reason why Adam's fans have put together an online Twitter petition calling for him to belt out "The Star-Spangled Banner" at this year's Super Bowl, which takes place February 5.  But there's another, more compelling reason: Adam was actually born in Indianapolis, Indiana, which just so happens to be where the Super Bowl is being held this year.



Questions / answers
January 7th, 2012

Translation by Miachihu (@miachihu) and Zinnia (@tiiqqu), posted on January 7th, 2012

For pictures go to Sauli's original blog (link above). Please also, feel free to leave comments to Sauli on the site - use the text box at the bottom of the page. You can also write in English.

Note: Some of the questions were asked in English and answered in English, they are marked.

Q in English: What is your favorite thing to do to relax and unwind? –Linda
A in English: My Favorite thing to do to relax is lying on the couch and watching a good movie!:)

Q: What would be number one target/s at your end for adult travelers? -LM
A: Well, if you are more looking for a city vacation, I recommend West Hollywood, which is close to Beverly Hills, Hollywood and Downtown. There are lovely cafés, restaurants and shops in West Hollywood. Then again, if you are more looking for a beach holiday, then you should head to Malibu Beach or to Hermosa Beach. Those are my number one beach areas in LA.

Q: I read somewhere that you are having a lot of fun when Adam sings a theme song of some TV program, is there something that you do that makes Adam laugh? -Tuula
A: Talking Finnish is one thing with which I can definitely make him laugh. I can tell you that Finnish sounds pretty exotic and funny to many Americans.:D

Q: Do you enjoy cooking a lot? What are your bravura dishes to cook, and what delicacies did you cook last time?:DOh and btw, it would be lovely to get the recipe for those meatballs you made for Christmas. - Hansu
A: I like to cook. I cook almost every day and I usually make up the recipes out of my head. Last time I fried chicken and steamed asparagus for a side, and made a spinach-avocado salad. My number one dish is for sure the meatballs and for dessert a roll cake (swiss roll). The meatballs are even so easy to make as: 400 gr minced meat, 2 dl sour cream, 1 onion soup mix and a lot of black pepper. All mixed together in a bowl and then you just roll them into balls and put them into the oven. Yum!!

Q in English: What is different about Finnish people and people in America that you have met? Do you think people in Middle America differ from the coasts? -Cameron
A in English: American people are more social than the Finnish people. I have never been to Middle America. I would like to go visit.

Q: From that picture where you have earphones on came into my mind a question about what kind of music you like to listen? Is there some special band/artist you’d recommend? -Noora
A: When I’m jogging I always listen to any kind of music as long as it has a quick tempo. This week the pace to my jogging has been set by Rihanna’s newest album.:D

Q: You work with media, that’s good, but have you ever thought about working with young people/children? - LenaS
A: It would be great to work with young people sometime in the future. I’m sure it would also give you yourself a lot of positive energy and experiences. I’d love to be there to encourage young people to make their dreams come true. Sometimes it just feels like those dreams and wishes are decided on their behalf already while they’re young.

Q: What is the most important value in your life, the one which you are not willing to trade? –Mumi
A: One important value is to follow my own path, and by that to try to pursue my own happiness. The most important value, though, is my family and friends, wherever I happen to be.

Q in English:
1) What is the best gift you’ve ever received?
2) The best advice ever given to you?
3) What is something you can never live without?
4) Is there something you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t done because it’s too risky or outrageous?
5) Which one has more control – your heart or your mind? ~And have your ever been in a situation when you had to choose which one to follow?
6) Was there any occasion when you had to trust your instincts and glad that you did?
7) What is your ultimate dream in life? and finally
8)8-)Best wine you ever tasted?
A in English:
1) My first snowboard, which was hidden under my sheets on christmas eve!
2) Simply, to enjoy and embrace life every day.
3) My toothbrush;)
4) Parachuting!
5) It’s wise to use both but sometimes heart takes the lead.
6) Many times actually.
7) To live happily ever after:)
8)8-)The one that I’ll always remember is a glass I had in Tahiti, a red wine with a hint of vanilla. Unfortunately I don’t remember the name.

Thank you all for the huge amount of questions! I couldn’t quite answer all of them as it would have taken weeks. Hah!:DAnyway, someday I’ll write a bit more about some of the topics of the questions in a separate blog.




Adam's Behind!

Nice Picture but not a nice poll result!  VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
 (It must end soon and Q102 is a good supporter of Adam) Refresh/Vote/Refresh..........

MsKristina_ Kristina

BTIKM is on Q 102 Philly's mediabase form - all fans can request one time per day! PLEASE REQUEST
Hit Predictor  

Sign up and Rate Music

You will eventually get to rate BTIKM

 Request Adam Lambert 

Check this link for stations close to your home and request regularly!


want to Thank and recognize 

this radio station in Mexico for playing Adam 

Lambert's Better Than I Know My Self. ✱WE NEED 


✱Cut and paste this message in the comments and just 

add your City and Country 

✱Gracias a Eduardo Celis y a Karla Dueñas por poner 

hoy el Single de Adam 

Lambert, Nos gustaria que nos complacieran mañana 

poniendo "Whataya Want from Me" de Adam Lambert. 

Saludos desde 


✱This will evently lead to Adam visiting latin America 

where there are a LOT of 

Glamberts waiting to see him live and the number of 

fans just keeps on growing!..LETS UNITE AND HELP 




MrsRKO4life: German newspaper think adamlambert could be the new frontman of queen.


Unauthorized Albums

Lawsuit may be settled soon!

Background info here:

Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

Sounds like the band was not involved in this video

@SophieCarpenter @IsaacTheCarp @ChrissyDbitch @TheRealDevinB @Twink6 @theravidhar love you guys! That was fun!


All Women and your Daughters and Mothers need to read this

Thanks to Janet K for sharing with me


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  1. Looks like the promo storm has begun and I couldn't be happier. I was watching your post of Adam's 2009 performance on Leno and couldn't help but notice how "tame" it was compared to this:

    He was hot then but he's super hot now! He's come a long way baby!

    Bring on the hot, hot times!


  3. my neice is here and after reading the post to her she said to tell you it's a two thumbs up post.

  4. Wrote comment a few times never noticed it posted but to be honest i check a day or so later and theres so many probably was. But PLEASE! POST THIS ONE FOR HOLLY. Im an artist and seen many illustrations of Adam so good so not. But this one Holly? Did is fantastic hope Adam sees it. She is exceptional artist i wont even attempt to post one now up against that. Flawless. Please let her know that dnt know how to let her know. Some get parts of his fabulous features right some off a little, but i saw this and it was truely a OMFG. Should put somewhere atop site permanent. Holly just gorgeous all features perfection. Please let her know. Ty. I love this site, actually live nt it. As soon as get my tweet rush over to c what u got. Girl u gotta great site. Love ur wk and ty for it. Pam


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