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Intensive Promotional Schedule coming right up! 06/01/2010

When we put Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka up against Adam Lambert andSauli Koskinen for our first ever couples’ Hotness poll on Wednesday, we had a pretty good guess who would win. But we didn’t really expect such a dramatic landslide. Sorry, NPH and DB, you and your twins are adorbs, but clearly Glambert rules the Internet. We received a whopping 30,095 votes for this one, and Adam and Sauli took more than 78 percent of those. We had votes coming in from 89 different countries, with the majority obviously from the U.S. and Sauli’s native Finland.


Adam Lambert and Ashley D in Shanghai thanks to 


Upcoming TV Appearances for Adam

Mark your calendars, Glamberts! Adam will be taking the stage on both the The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Jan. 17th and on the Ellen DeGeneres show on Jan. 19th! Catch Adam on Leno at 11:35/10:35c on NBC and check your local listings here to know where and when to tune into Adam on Ellen!



This is Amazing

Yay! and Ray!


usatodayidol Brian Mansfield

Finally got those download figures for @AdamLambert's "Better Than I Know Myself":

Speaking of Adam Lambert, I finally got those Better Than I Know Myself numbers for you. According to Nielsen SoundScan, Adam's new single sold 38,800 downloads its first week out and 17,900 this past week, for a release-to-date total of 56,700. Sorry it took so long to get those figures, but I'm happy to pass them along now.

HaitianEv Ev Salomon
Hello World!!!! Up early and set bound working with Adam Lambert today let's see how it goes.... Have a nice day

LambertNorway Adam Lambert Norway
@Ray_Kay informs on his FB page he's in LA 2 shoot a vid w @AdamLambert 2day! Meaning the dreamteam behind FYE have teamed up again 4 #BTIKM




 here's a link to a taster to whet your appetite about the gig coming to 


(and yes....Glamberts did crash the site!!)

Adam Lambert talks to Pressparty

Adam Lambert, the winner of Pressparty’s King and Queen of 2012 poll, recently took time out before the start of his intensive promotional schedule for his upcoming album, 'Trespassing', to talk exclusively with us about the progression of his career, the representation of the LGBT community in both modern America and the entertainment industry, and about the emotional depths he went to for his new record. Here’s what he had to say:
You’ve revealed that your forthcoming new album, ‘Trespassing’, is very personal. Has anything triggered your desire to be more personal on this record? Your track ‘Outlaws of Love’ is about gay marriage, has falling in love and finding your soul-mate influenced your songwriting in any way?
I think having experienced the journey of releasing my debut and touring the world gave me more insight into the artist I have grown into and who my incredible fans are. For 'Trespassing', I felt I was ready to write music from my experiences and give a very honest emotional portrayal of my desires and fears. Both dark and light. While exploring these themes I realized how universal my topics were. I think part of the beauty of song is how they connect people. Whether they're dancing or crying, the best songs resonate with the masses.
I wrote 'Outlaws' about the many challenges the gay community faces and how hopeless it sometimes makes me feel. After I shared it with friends, it became clear that the lyrics could be interpreted in so many ways. I later visualized it underscoring scenes from 'Bonnie and Clyde', 'Twilight', 'Milk' or even 'The Color Purple'. Adversity has many faces. My intention is that the tracks on 'Trespassing' strike a chord with all walks of life.


‘Trespassing’ has an incredibly talented and dynamic team behind it (Dr. Luke, Pharrell Williams and songwriter Bonnie McKee). What were they like to work with?
Pharrell Williams has to be one of the coolest people I've ever met. For the first five minutes I felt like such an unworthy dork. But that was all on me - he didn't act like he was 'the' Pharrell. He was simply ready to create a killer track. We connected intellectually and found common ground in our philosophies. He really pushed me to be my bravest and brashest. I felt privileged to be working with someone who I'm such a fan of.
Bonnie is so talented, she dares to keep one foot in mainstream consciousness and one firmly planted outside the box. This is what makes her brilliant. Her melodic references are quirky and ironic, and her lyrics are so clever. We had so much fun writing together.
Dr. Luke has the special sauce. He has this unmatched gift for ear candy. He's the reason why you can hear a song on the radio a zillion times and hear something new in it each time, and yet you can hum the hook after the first listen.


You’re beautiful inside and out, as reflected by your philanthropy. Your fans even helped you to raise $1 million for various causes throughout 2011, with sales of the Adam Lambert Peace Pendant for The Trevor Project. Which causes, if any, will you be supporting in the New Year? (Pressparty would love to get involved!)
I'd like to do some more work with Donors Choose and Charity: Water. As soon as I figure out the next project I will definitely Tweet about it!

Pressparty has a strong LGBT following and understands that modern society often isn’t as liberal as it likes to make out. For example, some cities are more open-minded than others. Do you feel the acceptance of your sexuality in the U.S. has changed much in the years since appearing on American Idol? Would you ever consider moving to Europe with your Finnish boyfriend, Sauli Koskinen?

While I do feel like the U.S. has made social progress, I think there is still a lot of ignorance on the topic of sexuality. I still long for the LGBT community's diversity to be more broadly represented in the entertainment industry. I think larger strides have been made in film and TV but we still are just at the beginning with mainstream music. I consider myself a post-gay man working in a pre-gay industry.


I was already quite settled in my sexual identity before American Idol. Upon becoming a public figure I found I had to classify and qualify constantly. There has been so much 'role-model' talk over the past couple of years and although I'm honored to be considered one, I have a hard time allowing it to dictate the artistic and personal decisions I make. In following my own instincts and marching to my own drum, hopefully I can inspire others to find the confidence to do the same. 
As far as Europe is concerned, I'd love to live there someday. I love european history and the lifestyle. However, I am an American with family and friends here and no matter the socio-political climate, this is my home.
Finally, a fan question from Linda Ladden - You have been compared to iconic performers such as Queen’s Freddie Mercury and Prince. What question would you have for them and what advice for your own career would you ask of them?
I honestly don't know what I'd ask icons like that. In my experience, the best advice is unsolicited. Legends like that probably wouldn't need me to ask a question, they lead or have led by example. 


Adam, you've been a total star! On behalf of Pressparty and all your Glamberts worldwide, we would like to thank you for giving us the first interview of the year, and may it be one of many more to come. We wish you a truly happy and amazing 2012. Long may you reign during the Age of Aquarius!

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Don't crash us again, Glamberts!!! Here goes everyone! 


BEAR with us everyone! We're having technical issues due to an overload of traffic.


"I consider myself a post-gay man working in a pre-gay industry." - ADAM LAMBERT talks to Pressparty. 

Pressparty Pressparty


@SweetReunion22 Thank you, he's one of the most eloquent stars we've ever come across and totally deserves his loyal loving Glamberts! PP x

Shooting  BTIKM Video Today?! 

This would work: 


Maybe A sings BTIKM to S in the music vid after they have a brawl outside a gay bar and then they wrestle and kiss and make up/out \o/


(Tweets have been deleted)



Today was great thanks to @Emeranie @saulikoskinen1 @UgoMozie @AndyMilonakis & @listen2tish. Night guys!:)


Adam Lambert, "Trespassing"
Pop singer, professional celebrity and agent provocateur Adam Lambert has skyrocketed to the upper echelons of the entertainment world through a combination of good looks, killer charm and one hell of a voice. After finishing as runner-up on the 2009 season of "American Idol," Lambert released "For Your Entertainment," which went platinum, and then hit the road in 2010 for the Glam Nation tour. Such success has set the stage for "Trespassing," which comes out March 20 and features collaborations with Pharrell Williams, Benny Blanco and Nikka Costa.

More Pictures from Shanghai thanks to ?

Ellen Degeneres January 19th!

GlamazonToronto GlamazonToronto
Adam Lambert will be on ET Canada next week.

ETCanada ET Canada
@GlamazonToronto He's not coming to Toronto we are speaking to him in LA


Music Seer: Bank on These Developments in 2012

-- Frustrated by their inability to get Adam Lambert to replace Freddie Mercury, members of Queen will collectively sigh and agree to join Lambert as his backing band.


@ByroncookeByron Cooke
@adamlambert fans I can now confirm! Ill be listening 2 the new album IN FULL next Wed Jan 11th & then spending 20 mins with Adam \m/


Tribute to Melvin by @Aquariussue7  ( I hope to never see facial hair on Adam again!)

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Vote for @LiamMcEwan 

A Great Adam Fan!!



Adam's Behind!

Nice Picture but not a nice poll result!  VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
 (It must end soon and Q102 is a good supporter of Adam) Refresh/Vote/Refresh..........

This one's better

MsKristina_ Kristina

BTIKM is on Q 102 Philly's mediabase form - all fans can request one time per day! PLEASE REQUEST
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Sign up and Rate Music

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 Request Adam Lambert 

Check this link for stations close to your home and request regularly!

Via @ADAMGASMIC: GLAMBERTS WORLDWIDE: We want to Thank and recognize 

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Lambert's Better Than I Know My Self. ✱WE NEED YOUR HELP! PLEASE CLICK on 

✱Cut and paste this message in the comments and just add your City and Country 

✱Gracias a Eduardo Celis y a Karla Dueñas por poner hoy el Single de Adam 

Lambert, Nos gustaria que nos complacieran mañana 

poniendo "Whataya Want from Me" de Adam Lambert. Saludos desde 


✱This will evently lead to Adam visiting latin America where there are a LOT of 

Glamberts waiting to see him live and the number of 

fans just keeps on growing!..LETS UNITE AND HELP OUR GLAMBERTS IN LATIN 



Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

shellie-bells asked: Did any of you know Ashley or played with her before she auditioned for the band?
She was in a band with a friend of mine at the time. He played me their music, I thought the bass playing was sick and I asked who it was. He told me about her, I asked him for her info, she auditioned, nailed it and Adam loved her! She fits in with all of us perfectly. Doesn’t seem like we just met her at all. 


The Illuminati It has been my philosophy of life that difficulties vanish when faced boldly.

Please check back later for more!  Gotta run!!


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  1. Hi, Gloria - been here everyday, but since the Helsinki thing have been in a bluish mood and hoping the promo starting up will blast me out of it. You've had such terrific photos the last week or so - those older big ones of Adam were just great. And have read all the great info here daily (have voted on the linked sites, too).

    Probably, the fact that Adam's going on Ellen reminded me too much of what happened after the AMA's. He had pretty much completely gone past that and the EMA's put in the final nail. Now, if you google him, you get the arrest articles right up there. How long will they last?

    Hoping that this garbage will disappear more rapidly as it doesn't really involve the incendiary gay issue. To some, of course, it's more of a mixed bag - no bad publicity, etc. Hope the interviews don't bring it up though.

    Sorry to be such a downer here - I'm sure there are many who are saying get over it. Probably will as the promo goes on.

    Hey, everybody - tell me I'm ridiculous - would like to hear that.

    Luvya, Lee

  2. Lee: Sweetie, you are ridiculous!!

    The arrest is over and done with and I can tell you that it gave a lot of publicity to Adam.For example, I had over 9000 hits on my Sauli page that day when there are usually 200. I am certain that in the next few months, we will be hearing from new fans that discovered Adam because of the Finnish fiasco! Just like so many people discovered him after the AMAs!

    So, forget that and look at all that is coming. I can hardly believe that I've been able to put together a post every single day this past year with almost no news... haha! Future posts are going to be really long I think!!

    Here is a big hug! ((((((Lee))))) No worries about Adam's future!


  3. so excited about all the upcoming events and interviews.



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