Thursday, 5 January 2012

He Speaks! 05/01/2012

(I know he's singing... any excuse to post this picture!)

@Bern3755: Adam just said on @B105Brisbane 'Hey this is Adam Lambert and this is my new song... #BTIKM #nowplaying


Adam on Ellen January 19???

Thanks to @devenlane for screencap

TV GUIDE too!!!!


Very special thanks to two sweet Adam fans for lovely holiday gifts.   I received my very own copy of The Advocate featuring Adam a few days ago and yesterday, a package from Finland with delicious chocolate and magazine clippings of Adam and Sauli news!  

Will post pictures in a bit!  

Love you guys so much and you always know just how to keep me going!  XOXOXOX

 (I didn't get this one cause they were recent but it's the only one I could find at the moment)

There must have been something in that Finnish chocolate cause I'm really being amused by this today!

(Type Adam Lambert or your name and pretend you have something to apologize for)


You Always Glow for us, Adam!

This juice cleanse feels so good! Cafe Gratitude: I'm 

grateful, I'm energized, I'm glowing. :)#januarydetox

@deanpiper thanks Dean!! The detox ain't as hard as u might think. :)


s/o to all the #Glamberts

 worldwide who are working like crazy to 

support@adamlambert and make BTIKM a hit. love 



Alisan Porter Its so hot

@alisanporter YOU'RE so hot.

@adamlambert. YOU ARE! Love u so so so uncle

(Alisan announced recently that she is pregnant!)


Thanks to Listoff

Goodbye Sirius Doctor Radio! 

AdamBertDaily: Gonna be listening to CHUMFM all the 

time now! RT @oriharakaoru: CHUMFM in Toronto 

added BTIKM today! OMG YAY. Market rank NUMBER 


Some of my pictures taken Toronto 2010


UK Journalist gets us!

Chartshowtv: The AMAZING @adamlambert is on his way back....and @Chartshowtv will be showing his Glam Nation tour exclusively on TV in the UK very soon!

Watching this @adamlambert gig should be not classed as work! Every living soul should be made to watch that performance of 'Soaked' #tears

First job of the day editing @adamlambert Glam Nation Tour for broadcast! Forgotten how much of a tune 'Sleepwalker' is

More UK Info


Adam will be here in January for a photoshoot : it's for a high fashion supplement but we won't see pics till March

Promo starts proper in February although no dates yet

March 12th Better Than I Know Myself released

March 19th Trespassing released


Yesterday's IS_Tutka with Translation


PreOrder Trespassing Now! 

Adam's Behind!

Nice Picture but not a nice poll result!  VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
 (It must end soon and Q102 is a good supporter of Adam) Refresh/Vote/Refresh..........

This one's better

MsKristina_ Kristina
BTIKM is on Q 102 Philly's mediabase form - all fans can request one time per day! PLEASE REQUEST

Hit Predictor  

Sign up and Rate Music

You will eventually get to rate BTIKM

 Request Adam Lambert 

Check this link for stations close to your home and request regularly!


Adam Lambert Becomes Hit or Miss Grand Champion

Wednesday Afternoon marked win # 3 for “Better Than I Know Myself” by Adam Lambert on K-lite 94.7’s Hit or Miss.
With the win, the song has became a Hit or Miss Grand Champion, which means the song is now on the K-lite playlist!
Hit or Miss is a segment held weekday’s during the K-drive with Adam just before 4PM, in which you (the listener) decide your favorite of two brand new songs and tell us which one we should continue to play.
You can view our revised playlist with the new song added,here!
You are in control of the music on K-lite 94.7!

Thanks to 29SureFireSanne- Heaven!!!


This Week’s Hotness: Adam Lambert And Sauli Koskinen Vs. Neil Patrick Harris And David Burtka

On the one hand, Adam, 29, and Sauli, 26, are undeniably gorgeous, and they look good together too. Plus their shared background in reality TV must have made for good conversation when they first hooked up.
On the other, Neil, 38, and David, 36, have the cuteness factor in their favor — especially when you include their 1-year-old twins, Gideon and Harper. They’ve also got longevity, having been together since 2004. Also, who can vote against Doogie?
But we’ll let you be the judge. Peruse the gallery and vote before the poll closes Friday at 1 p.m. ET.
(Gallery of Boyfriend pictures..awww)

They Say It's Almost His Birthday!- January 29th!

@LAMBERTLUST: planning SF Glambert B-Day Bash in 

honor of @adamlambert turning 30! tweet or DM me if 

interested in attending! 1/29 @ Hard Rock Cafe SF

Toronto Brunch Planned... DM me for details

Other parties happening?  Send me a message or 

email Subject Line 


Vevo's Adam Lambert Page Today!

Listen to BTIKM on Vevo!   Let's get it to 1/2 a million today! (didn't we already do that???)

(Views of all Adams videos more than 71 million....)


Two Hour Freddie Mercury and Queen Story!  Gonna watch it later.. you too?


Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

Mostly Adam but some TJR too! Thanks to FleurdeGlitter

(I usually don't post videos unless they are very clear, but the blurry clips do not seem to bother me at all!! LOL)



Someone’s opinion of you does not have to become your 



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  1. what can i say brilliant as always

    hugs and kisses

  2. Does anybody else really appreciate Adam's beauty when his make-up is running os slightly smeared? I think that is hot hot hot.

  3. Great stuff today Gloria! I love your pictures of Adam:)

  4. WOW..thanks for that sexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxy vid Sex Room..time to heat up this witer freeze..SALACIOUS!!


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