Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Spinning Adam Lambert!

Yay... CHUMFM Toronto!!! 


@adamlambert: @Q102Philly thanks for the spin y'all!!

@adamlambert@Q102Phillythanks for the spin y'all!! :)” Ur fans r the best! Oh & @MaxwellsHouse

hopes u still have ur Linus blanket? Haha

This Interview explains the Linus Blanket... thanks to Q102Philly

Q102Philly You're welcome Adam! Hope to spin more of you soon!:)RT @adamlambert: @Q102Philly thanks for the spin y'all!!


@Byroncooke @adamlambert fans I just pulled up airplay chart #btikm already spinning "ATB" in SF, Houston, Minneapolis 3 WEEKS b4 the add date!

@Byroncooke @smeggingnuts it means "across the board" so the song is playing in mornings / mid-days / afternoons / evenings / nights / overnights

@Byroncooke @seerock1023 Pop & Hot AC stations rarely spin a song so far before its official add date ...its really positive!

My tips for 2012 are the AMAZING Lana Del Rey and the return of Adam Lambert! Hearing on the grapevine the album is sensational


Rolling Stone Magazine  BTIKM is #2 on their Playlist this Month!


Thanks to Petra G for sending this one to me

Danish Best New Song of the Week

zambiaglambert: A translation of what the Danish Radio ANR has to say about @adamlambert and(cont)

He finished second in American Idol by Kris Allen.Yet he's one of the biggest stars that have come out of the U.S. talent show.
The debut album "For Your Entertainment" gave him singles hits like the title track and especially "Whata Ya Want From Me?"
Now, Adam Lambert will soon be ready with the sequel, which is titled "Trespassing." It is published 20th in March.
The first single, we believe, gives Adam Lambert a new hit. Therefore "Better Than I Know Myself" the first edition of The Week Unprecedented! on ANR.
Unprecedented Week! is a number that we think further on. You can hear the week Unprecedented!every day, all week, and we have radar set up particularly in large charts abroad and also focusing on new Danish music.

Question:  Which is Adam's favorite vodka?
(fan question)

Take a look at Sauli's fourth finger... could this be the jewelery that was mentioned a few days ago?  Maybe!

Here are the tweets... makes sense!  Adam must have one too!

Jewelery Lady

SaraVannah sarahanna
@adamlambert I really enjoyed working with you! I wish you both health and happiness in the new year!
(tweet has been deleted)

Older tweets

sarahanna @SaraVannah15 Nov
I just got a call and I may be going to new york to work a very cool client.

sarahanna @SaraVannah17 Nov
Just got into new york. Early meeting with Ben and then face to face w my new client and his partner.

sarahanna@SaraVannah17 Nov
I feel nervous for the meeting. Custom designs are always trickier and I really admire this client anyway.

sarahanna @SaraVannah17 Nov
And the client and his boyfriend were very sweet and down to earth! I wish the two of them a lifetime of happiness


Healthy Lifestyle
January 4th, 2012

Translation by Miachihu (@miachihu) and Zinnia (@tiiqqu), posted on January 4th, 2012

For pictures go to Sauli's original blog (link above). Please also, feel free to leave comments to Sauli on the site - use the text box at the bottom of the page. You can also write in English.


I have decided to live this January healthier than ever before! In general, I watch out pretty carefully what I put in to my mouth, and I have tried to maintain a healthier diet for a couple of years already. However, I will now try to make this January a real challenge for myself and eat only health food.:)(low on carbs, lots of protein, rich with vitamins and looooots of water) Every day a 30 - 40 min run and on top of that a workout in the gym. Whoah! One would think that this would finally chase the Christmas goodies away! After a rough December (note from M&Z: By “rough” he means the pre-Christmas parties with lots of drinks + The New Year Eve’s drinking) many Finns are having a dropless January, which means: no alcohol for a month.:D I’m also going to keep the corks screwed tight and cleanse my whole system. I’m convinced that after this I will be like a new person!

However, this healthy January does not mean in any way that I’d live in a healthy way for one month only in a year, hah!! It’s definitely a question of a healthy lifestyle as a whole. Sure, I have sometimes told quite openly about my partying and my love for hamburgers, which in my opinion is totally human, and sometimes you just have to feast and have fun without being a total hardass. The whole world seems to hear immediately if my partying sometimes goes overboard or that I’ve been eating junk food, and it’s pretty crazy because in general I do live in a really healthy way. And that’s not only in January, but other times as well, hah!! Anyway, it’s nice to start a new year with looking after yourself even more carefully, as long as you just don’t end up making empty New Year’s resolutions but also make those decisions come true and a part of your life for real!

I started jogging actively for about three years ago and it has already become a habit. I really do get into a bad mood if for some reason I can’t go out for a run. Usually starting a new sport or any kind of active exercise is often difficult for us all. I remember when I started jogging that at first it felt pretty boring and it was easy to come up with a reason why I couldn’t go for a run. I guess this is a familiar feeling for many of you too? You just have to make exercising to become a way of living for yourself, and not just a compulsive feeling of doing something. After you get that feeling into your head, you’re hooked!:DI don’t even think it as jogging anymore but it has become a way of living, and a part of my daily routine. In my opinion every one of us got to have some time, an hour or at least half an hour daily, for sports or to exercise. There are millions of excuses and I can’t say that I haven’t used some of them sometimes myself.:DI’m not trying to make an epitome of sports of myself here, but based on my own experiences it’s great to urge other people to exercise. Daily exercise is the best medicine for the minds of us all! At least it’s hardly harmful to anyone!:D

I started today with an omelet and fried spinach. For a drink, I made a super smoothie which contained: cocoa water, mango, pineapple, apple, coji berries, acai berries, wheatgrass, barley grass, alfalfa, kale and maca. If this doesn’t start your day then what will? Hah!:DFor dinner, low fat meat and vegetables. In the evening, one cup of herbal tea with fresh mint leaves. Good for anyone!! This will be this month’s diet. Let’s see what kind of changes it will create. Yay!!



P.S. I found this topic from your questions. It’s wonderful how you’ve posted questions and I will answer some of them in more detail at the end of the week. Yay!! I’ll probably also write a whole blog of some other topic from the questions.

Today's IS_Tutka video

Thanks to LambertFever111


Thanks to @Adamgasmic (where have you been sweetie and how is @bekkynet?)

Mexican Radio Station Talking about Adam (Transcription and Translation):
I have a cousin in Mexico (bekkynet)and she is an Adam's Super Fan, she must be listening the program right now, and he (Adam)has not only fans here in Mexico but in Venezuela and worldwide, Adam Lambert has been very successful in the United States too and he has brought a new style of music and a new way to interact with his fans through the music.He has gone through some scandals, but I think we all are human and it is normal that everyone makes mistakes and rectify, What i mean is that we shouldnt be afraid of who we are and open our minds to New music and New artists and of course to Good Music like Adam Lambert's Music *** PLAYING SONG***
We were listening to Adam Lambert's single: "Better than i know Myself" One of the most important things about humans is the presence we have in front of other people..this is one of its many virtues(Adam's), he has been in the right place at the right time and he is succeeding (One of the hosts says that Adam is a handsome man, and the other agreed) .- 
Special Thanks to  and to  


Thanks to @pussinglitter

Open letter to the #NFL Top 10 reasons why I would watch the Superbowl if Adam Lambert sang the Star Spangled Banner:
10.For the football
9. For the commercials
8. For the halftime show
7. For Adam Lambert singing the SSB
6. For Adam Lambert singing the SSB
5. For Adam Lambert singing the SSB
4. For Adam Lambert singing the SSB
3. For Adam Lambert singing the SSB
2. For Adam Lambert singing the SSB
1. For Adam Lambert singing the SSB

The above was written by a lovely 72 year-old fan, Roxanne, & it was so fantastic, I asked her if I could share it with the NFL. Another great fan:  has started a twitition to help make this happen: 

 makes the choice and here are some facts on why Adam Lambert would be a stupendous choice:
*He has worldwide recognition as a Grammy Nominee and his first world tour completely sold out.
*He graciously sang the National Anthem beautifully for our troops
*Steven Spielberg (a pretty smart guy) honored him by having him sing the National Anthem for him. 
*Magazines sell out when he's on the cover.
*TV shows get highest ratings when he appears.
*He has huge appeal to get non-football fans watching.
*His fans span young & old, male & female, and support any event that supports him.
*He gets lots of media attention. Buzz already starting about a possible Super Bowl appearance: &

*Rock legends, Queen, chose him to front their band at the MTV EMAs to rave reviews & they would like to work with him again.

If you missed it, the 2012 Indianapolis Super Bowl Host Committee tweeted Adam: "Hey, ! Will you be joining us in your #hometown for Super Bowl XLVI?" 

So Adam Lambert fans, if you haven't signed the twitition yet, whataya waiting for? 

This is a win/win, both for the NFL & for Adam. Well over 100 million Super Bowl viewers in over 200 countries will get to hear the incredible vocal talent of this classy, chart topping performer, who so movingly sings our Nation Anthem. Also, Adam will be able to introduce his talents to a vast audience. Glamberts worldwide would be excited for this rock icon in the making to be given this great honor. We sincerely hope that the NFL will give this serious consideration.


Glambert To Do List

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 Request Adam Lambert 

Check this link for stations close to your home and request regularly!


Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner




On this day of your life I believe  you need to know...
...that you actually don't have to lie in it just because
you made your bed.

Somebody told you a falsehood if they told you that you
have to live with your past decisions, choices, and
actions.  The past is past and has nothing to do with you.
It has nothing to do with Right Now.

Do not let anything from your past inhibit you in this
Present Moment.  Start over.  Start Fresh.  Each day.
Each hour, if it serves you.  Heck, each minute. Just
get going.  Just do it.  Just say it.  With love.  All else
will take care of itself.

Thanks to Neale Donald Walsh for the inspiration!

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  1. good morning Gloria. wow Adam getting airplay how cool i'm hoping to get to hear him soon on my favorite station I keep requesting but no luck yet. Is there a secret to requesting music that i don't know about or do i just keep at it.


  2. Hi Gloria! I LOVE that up close sweet pic of Adam that you took in Toronto. What I like is of course his gorgeousness (lip freckles- Gaaa!) and also, it's just Adam being himself, gracious and sweet as always with his fans... Makes my heart swell.(sappy I know)... I'm surprised you held the camera so steady with him being that close to you! haha!!
    Like everyone else (I'm guessing), I'm having a hard time trying to get my mind into "eating healthy and doing some exercise". I really enjoyed Sauli's blog which talks about just that. Also, the tweets from the lady jeweler were so cute, her talking about Adam & Sauli...everyone who meets them for the first time has the same reaction about just "how lovely" they are- it's all about "you get back what you give out"...
    Anyway, I suppose I should actually DO SOME WORK.. while I'm at work... Happy Glamberting Everyone!! Andrea @Powderpuffnails xo

  3. I have one question for Sauli. Does that healthy kick also include NO SMOKING ??? He can eat all the wheat grass he wants, and run every day, but he is not healthy as long as he smokes ... and I do not want Adam, or his voice anywhere near smoke !!!!

    c'mon Sauli, get serious, you can do it.

  4. I have watched every thing possible about Adam he is my favorite of all times but one thing I have wondered about every time I see the picture or rewatch his performance on so you think you can dance WHAT WAS ON HIS RIGHT SHOULDER it just did not look right of all things that bothers me that I can not figure it out. Thank you & I ordered two albums thanks to you ans my ? on how to order it.

  5. I absolutely love and identify with the Neale Donald Walsch quote, Gloria. Thanks so much for posting it. I so get why you are posting it on an Adam Lambert blog. He is the king of the now moment and a total inspiration of no shame, no regret--just learn and move on. And he does so with such class and joy! Each time I think he might have gone a little too far, he turns it into a love fest. I love the way you get him and share his powerful spirit every day. Just can't get enough of our boy!!

  6. Thanks for all the great comments today!

    Becca: The secret is to request it regularly.. BTIKM has not even reached it's add date yet so don't worry. I know it's going to be everywhere soon. I haven't heard it on the radio yet!

    Andrea: I was so close to Adam and I just kept snapping pictures with my cell phone camera. I'll post a few more tomorrow. I hope Sauli can keep up his healthy living... not sure if drinking excessively cancels out most of the health benefits of eating well, but at least he's trying. And I'm sure that means Adam is doing the same which makes me very happy!

    Ellen: Yes Sauli, keep the smoke away from Adam!

    Anonymous: I will post the picture tomorrow but the keyboard player wore it on her head at the first AMA performance. Guess Adam needed some decoration!

    Mary: Thanks for your comment about the inspirational quote from NDW. I really appreciate you getting it and me!




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