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OMG! FYE album is skyrocketing up the NZ popItunes charts! Now at #38 \o/ Lots of new fans just discovering the awesomeness of @adamlambert

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2012 Best Bets


Sony Music Canada  GLAMBERTS RULE!! We love 
: FYI Adam interview w  on NZ breakfast show  tomorrow. GMT 5-9pm Monday. Prob later in show. (that's sometime tonight in NA)==================================

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About Club Makeup,

From 1999 to 2002, Los Angeles hosted what was the 

modern day Studio 54 called Club Makeup. For three 

years the line went around the block at Wilshire Blvd’s 

famous El Rey Theatre. This dance club was fashioned 

after traditional Glam Rock (T Rex, Bowie, Queen) and 

showcased a bombastic, shocking live Midnight rock 

n’ roll show that featured rock stars, drag queens, 

performance artists and celebrities. Xander Smith was 

the musical director, played guitar and worked with an 

impressive list including Linda Perry, Adam Lambert, 

the Rocky Horror cast, Hedwig, Ice T, Dee Dee 

Ramone, Dale Bozzio, CC Deville, Pauley Perrette, 

Orgy, Alice in Chain’s Jerry Cantrell, the Cult’s Ian 

Asterbury, and many more.

Adam's Bio,

In 2005 Adam Lambert joined Xander Smith and the Club Makeup Rock and Roll All Stars for Ralph Lauren’s annual Fall fashion even


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Adam's Losing to David Cook!

Some Lyrics to Underneath thanks to Ritaacmacho


This Month in AdamLand!

January 17 (Tuesday) Adam sings BTIKM on Jay Leno

January 19 (Thursday) Adam  on Ellen Degeneres  (taped 

on January 18)

International Livestream for both shows via @kinkyiedis:  


Watch @adamlambert performing on @jayleno 

on 1/17 11:35/10:35c on NBC + on 

@TheEllenShow on 1/19 check 

January 20- Adam on Ryan Seacreast show

January 24 to 31- BTIKM Radio Impact Date  (adds should result)

Januaryish - Music Video for BTIKM  released

February-Adam will be in the UK (via @shoshannastone)



1:What r u going to sing?...A.M:Adam Lambert, Whataya want from me. ..J1: OK! Good luck! ..J2: I like it, I like it. Don’t let me down pls! 

After performing: J1: u couldn’t reach the high notes & u pulled the microphone..that was a trick. However, 

2 much energy, charming on the scene. …J3: u r charismatic, also manipulator, but I forgive u 4 that, cuz 

u’re so cute!!! J4: u’re a character born 4 X FActor …J2:To be true artist is 2 get out of such situations in a 

nicely way & not stuck on them. I hope u’ll be in my group! A.M: Thanks! …(they do that punch think again) 

…the 4 Judges gave YES! …at the end he is on backstage, with his grandparents & girl(family). His grandpa 

expressed how proud he was. At 2:20 the Host is singing along . Kisses&Hugs

Thanks to Elizza's Klau  via ALFC on FB



Last year Adam attended the Golden Globe Awards Gifting room where he posed with Vodka and got a gift of three days at the special resort in Bora Bora!


@dolusglitz: @adamlambert #BTIKM is still #1 on Music Daily Chart (Hungary) - Top 25 Singles !!

Almost One year ago since Ponchobert! Adam and friends at the premiere of RuPaul's Drag Race


Updated List, Voting Time & Top 50 HAC!

More than 85 stations have now played BTIKM at least 1x! See updated list.Satellite radio SiriusXM started playing BTIKM this week; song was played 10x on the

Voting time! Two  station polls are running through this weekend for BTIKM:

Play 98.7 in Tampa and Radio Sophie in San Diego (Adam has 10 straight victories here).

Also, the PopCrush Sound Off poll is still active (if Adam wins, he’ll be in the “hall of fame”).

BTIKM has reached the Top 50 on HAC Mediabase (radio play) chart!

In the one-week period, the song gained 52 spins! BTIKM’s official impact (or adds) date for HAC

is January 23, so the song is already doing nicely ahead of that mark.

Unofficial Questions of the Day thanks to @kcinkcity


Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

Thanks to Hayley (equixen) for sharing!


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Another Gorgeous Version of Queen and Adam


  1. Thanks a lot!
    I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this blog!!! :D

  2. hugs hope your weekend was a good one

  3. So much to love here today - that incredibly beautiful picture of Adam with his arms raised - a work of art. And, speaking about works of art - that terrific black and white drawing is a keeper - love it.

    Now onto the Freddie info - how come Adam never spoke of this? Our guy has an incredible past - interesting events popping up all the time - what a history he must have in his short life. And that marvelous painting of Freddie passing on the torch/mic - whoever did that deserves a free pass/front seat to Adam's first concert. What an imagination!

    So excited about the appearances this coming week - going to be so much fun.

    Thanks for all the great stuff - luvya, lee


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