Saturday, 14 January 2012

Gotta Say! 14/01/2012

@dolusglitz: @adamlambert #BTIKM is still #1 on Music Daily Chart (Hungary) - Top 25 Singles !!

Updated List, Voting Time & Top 50 HAC!

More than 85 stations have now played BTIKM at least 1x! See updated list.Satellite radio SiriusXM started playing BTIKM this week; song was played 10x on the
Top 40 “Top 20 on 20″ channel!
Voting time! Two  station polls are running through this weekend for BTIKM:
Play 98.7 in Tampa and Radio Sophie in San Diego (Adam has 10 straight victories here).
Also, the PopCrush Sound Off poll is still active (if Adam wins, he’ll be in the “hall of fame”).
BTIKM has reached the Top 50 on HAC Mediabase (radio play) chart!
In the one-week period, the song gained 52 spins! BTIKM’s official impact (or adds) date for HAC
is January 23, so the song is already doing nicely ahead of that mark.

Adam on Ryan Seacrest show on January 20th


Rob Lowe - Thursday, January 19, 2012

rob lowe
He's just about as charming as they come, ROB LOWE has been making us laugh for the past 3 seasons on "Parks and Recreation," and now he's starring in a new lifetime movie, "Drew Peterson: Untouchable." He's catching up with his friend Ellen about the new thriller that's ripped from the headlines.

Plus, ADAM LAMBERT returns to the Ellen stage to perform his new song, "Better Than I Know Myself," from his upcoming CD, "Trespassing." You won't see him anywhere else in daytime! Don't miss it!

 RCA Records 

Watch  performing on  on 1/17 

11:35/10:35c on NBC + on  on 1/19 check 

local listings 

thanks to @kinkykiedis

Also, I got some late Nielsen SoundScan numbers that should please a couple of fanbases: Adam Lambert's Better Than I Know Myself sold 6,000 downloads last week (-66%, 63,000 release-to-date), and Clay Aiken's new single Bring Back My Love sold about 400, for a total of 5,000.



 RT : Top 50 on HAC 

10 days before the ADDs date? HELL YES


Thanks  for letting me know that the word between Adam and Sauli means WIN in both Japanese and Chinese!

 so very cool!!!! That word has exact same meaning in Chinese & Japanese ~ Adam & Sauli 'WIN'

Finnish Article

Lots of HQ pictures here:
Thanks to @kcinkcity

Gotta say this:

Something has been bugging me just a tiny bit, Adam!  

I  know that you are very busy with the promo tour right now and that is probably why you said it but:

Adam, plan the tour!  If you build it, we will come.  The world cannot wait to see you.

No concerns about how "Trespassing" will do!  

It's going to be a big success cause you are so talented and we love you very much! We so enjoy seeing the respect and love you are receiving from artists, celebrities, radio DJs and fans around the world.

Do not doubt that we will be seeing you later this year touring the world! Cannot wait!



(looking for the recent interview where he said he would wait and see how the album does before planning the tour... anyone have it?)


German Review via Google translate

"With the powerful rock anthem, contemporary electro 

outfit shows Adam Lambert, once again all his vocal 

power. Absolute goosebumps alert!

Guaranteed hits! Leaves you wanting more! Cool song to 

Adam `s tailored vocal range."


We need more of this soon!!

Love super confident Adam!
Thanks to @aquariussue7


Around the World with Adam Lambert

cantergirl BTIKM number 13 on the 20 on 20 countdown on Sirius XM. Awesome @adamlambert”

German Site- Vote for Adam

Russian Site

Click on Adam's name & "Голосовать" - Vote for Adam Lambert on @unistarby in @unistartop20 Now he is #11. Let him be #1…

Thanks fans and especially International fans for turning this one around last night!

Keep voting!

YAY @adamlambert BTIKM is now #6 on weekly TOP40 SAfrican radio from #22 last week #Take40SA @947Highveld

Congrats again to Adam Lambert and his loyal Glamberts! 

The ‘American Idol‘ alum has won our Sound Off yet again 

with his song ‘Better Than I Know Myself,’ with his most 

recent victory over newcomer Lana Del Rey giving him 

four consecutive wins. If Lambert wins again this 

weekend, he will be inducted into the Sound Off Hall of 

Fame! However, he will have to beat Taylor Swift and her 

new single ‘Safe & Sound,’ which she recorded with 

folk duo the Civil Wars for ‘The Hunger Games’ 

Lambert’s ‘Better Than I Know Myself’ is a midtempo love 

ballad that boasts romantic reflective lyrics, dreamy keys, 

sharp and heavy drums, and whirring synth that pulls the 

entire tune together. Lambert’s high-pitched voice is full 

of emotion on the track, as well.


Thanks to @AidanLambert


More on the Glambert To Do List

Vote for @adamlambert in the @popcrush sound off so he can be inducted into the Sound Off Hall of Fame! Vote now

New audio poll is up! Tell us what you think of @adamlambert's new hit:

Sign up and Rate Music

You will eventually get to rate BTIKM

 Request Adam Lambert 

Check this link for stations close to your home and request regularly!


Sauli's Friend Kristina's Blog

Did you read the Adam Lambert Calf story Yesterday? Here's more about Adam and Calves thanks to @cycl5168

Lots of radio interviews here:

Not too late to bid on Adam's Versace Jacket!

High Bid: $5750
Next Bid:  $6250


Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

 You're the Hungary magazine !!! !!! What do you think ?? ;) 


Healing Voice

Open Letter to Adam Lambert

 "I listen to it often, on good days and bad days; 

and I often wonder if anybody has told you wha

you mean to 

them, told you that your voice heals wounds of the 

heart, the spirit, and the soul. You help us dance, 

but on bad 

days, on hard days, you help us breathe, even 

when you take our breath away. Thank you for 

sharing your gift. 

I’m going to listen and breathe, until I’m strong 

enough again… to dance." 


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  1. so can't wait to see Adam on ellen my two favorite people together again. hugs sweetie have a great weekend

  2. Thank you for all the awesome news about Adam. :)

    Adam, plan the tour! If you build it, we will come. The world cannot wait to see you.
    I so agree with you on this Gloria! I hope Adam is going to plan the tour soon. And I hope we will see him in Europe (and in the Czech Republic) too. *fingers crossed*

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Gloria and Shimoli710, I get it when you say "Adam, plan the tour!". But I truly understand what Adam means by waiting to see how "Trespassing" does. Who knows if he will be in the small setting, stepping up to bigger venues or huge arenas? Who knows if he will continue with his four dancers or need a whole chorus line? From the way it sounds, Trespassing could be his big ticket to a whole new world and a whole new tour. There will definitely be a tour--we just won't know what it looks like til the album comes out. I have mixed feelings. I want Adam to be A-list successful, but selfishly wanna keep him enfolded in the arms of the loving Glamberts--close to our hearts and safe in our embrace.

    Doesn't matter. Wherever he goes, I will follow. Not losing any steam afte almost three years. But I definitely think Adam is gaining steam. And I thank God I was there from the beginning. I will always treasure the memories while eagerly anticipating the next grand adventure. That is the fabulous life of this fandom. My friends and family don't get it, but they all wish they had a fraction of the excitement that fills and thrills me in being an Adam Lambert fan.

    Having said that, I can hardly wait for the next tour. I'm keeping my eye on the prize and it thrills me just to imagine the fun of connecting with all my new friends and sharing the love of AFL!!!!! I get butterflies just thinking about it!!!!

    And Gloria, I would so love to meet you and thank you face to face for keeping us all connected through your positive and magnicent blog. You are the best!!

  4. Hi Mary.

    Thanks for your comment. You are probably right about Adam waiting to figure out how big a tour he will be doing. I hope that's what he meant by his comment.

    You are very right about the fun and excitement of being an Adam fan. The passion we experience is what so many people long for in their lives and we are lucky enough to feel it for an incredible entertainer with a positive outlook who is changing the world in such a wonderful way!

    Can't wait to attend the next tour and hopefully meet you(and maybe Adam too)!



  5. Oh, we are one mind!!! I have the same aspiration--I would love to meet you AND Adam!! Keeping my eye on that prize. I can almost feel it happening. So much fun to envision!!

    I so adore your description of Adam in your last line as an "incredible entertainer with a positive outlook who is changing the world in such a wonderful way!". Ahhhhhhhhhhh.... I can't tell you how wonderful it is to share that knowing with someone that gets it!!

    Thanks for your response!!

    My heart is full! Thanks, Gloria!

  6. The close-up of Adam with all the freckles and the eyes and the lips is killing me! aaaaaggggghhhhh!!!Thanks for posting it! Jennifer


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