Friday, 13 January 2012

LOVE IT! 13/01/2012


cantergirl BTIKM number 13 on the 20 on 20 countdown on Sirius XM. Awesome @adamlambert”


Adam Lambert's new album, "Trespassing" most anticipated disc 2012!

Lambert's new album ahead in the ranking of a few "dead cert", including announced for this year Madonna's album, Christina Aguilera, Ke $ hy, Nicki Minaj, No Doubt and Kanye West'a!

Adam on (scroll to the right)



Vote for Adam vs David Cook

Adam Vs. Taylor Swift


My picks of the 25 most successful ‘Idol’ contestants of all time, 2012 edition

5- Adam Lambert (5) Some folks will scoff that I placed him this high again. The season 8 runner up still has only one album under his belt and the most headlines he’s gotten this past year was a drunken fight with his boyfriend that landed him in jail last month. But he still have a huge following internationally and his next album this year will give us a sign if he’s a keeper. Given his outsized personality and intelligence, I have confidence he’ll be around a long time going forward. Even casual “Idol’ fans know who he is and that does matter in this fickle pop culture world.


@adamlambert just started singing BTIKM while walking down main street and had a group of people scream "ADAM LAMBERT ROCKS!" #nice


Adam will be on Ryan Seacrest next Week


LambritsUK the lambrits
Update:UK fansAdam Lambert (@adamlambert) on @jayleno show due to be shown on CNBC channel (Sky 505/Virgin Media 613) on 18/1 @ 11pm


@DurbinRock dug the Conan performance! You and the band sound great!

Adam:  It's very rare that i disagree with you, but this time... I dont get it!  Sorry!


Healing Voice

Open Letter to Adam Lambert

 "I listen to it often, on good days and bad days; and I often wonder if anybody has told you what you mean to 

them, told you that your voice heals wounds of the heart, the spirit, and the soul. You help us dance, but on bad 

days, on hard days, you help us breathe, even when you take our breath away. Thank you for sharing your gift. 

I’m going to listen and breathe, until I’m strong enough again… to dance." 


SkinGraft Fall/Winter Collection

Wanna see Adam in most of it!


adamlambert Adam Lambert


and then

Thanks to @bani_

When you do not understand what Adam is saying, always consult the Urban Dictionary 
(he may have written it, right?)

Sauli's Hand

And of course, Sauli's blog from yesterday was called OOfta!



Results of the ChumFM BTIKM poll


(This is great because many fans of the station vote in these polls and the result is 97% Love it/Like it!

 So 's single  is #1 on PILOT-FM (BELORUSSIA) Two weeks on the TOP of chart!!

 : YAYA:YAYYYYYY BTIKM is #1 again tonight on  Countdown!! Sang it ADAM LAMBERT!!!

Sophie’s Challenge: Adam Lambert BEATS Jason Mraz!


@adamlambert Adam Lambert
Win my @Versace jacket I wore to @usweekly Hot Hollywood! Bid @charitybuzz give @ACLU_SoCal
1.12.12 from Twitter

Own this Autographed Versace 

Jacket Worn by Adam Lambert to 

the US Weekly "Hot Hollywood" 

Event in 2009. Adam has signed it 

with the message "All is Love!" on 

the inside.

The proceeds for this item benefit 

ACLU of Southern California

Terms: In condition as donated. Cannot be returned or 

exchanged. Cannot be resold or re-auctioned. Additional 

shipping charges may apply based upon the location of 

the winner.Size 50.
Donated by: Adam Lambert

Currently Placed Bid: $5,250.00


How Does it feel to be so sexy?


Lots More pictures of Adam at Sauli at Katsura

Did anyone watch LINGO last night?

I am a bit embarrassed to admit this, but when I'm in bed on my laptop I like to have the Game show network on in the background.  Imagine my surprise when I heard, Adam Lambert mentioned!  One of the teams was a couple and the man said something about the woman taking him to an Adam Lambert after party where he thought he would meet Adam.  But all he met were middle aged women.  The funny part about this was that Adam was the discussion for the couple's entire introduction.  
Which one of you is that woman? I'm sure she is one of us!
Anyone have more details on this random mention?

 vid interview is in NYC currently & also waiting on mgmt approval 4 audio broadcast dates thx 4 your patience”


- Trespassing
”The title track [written by Adam & Pharrell Williams] is BANGIN! Really feelin that “We Will Rock You” inspired opening rhythm, the bass lines got an “Another One Bites The Dust” feel to it and theres a really cool guitar hook. Best line has gotta be “Wait till ya get a load of me”. Theres a breakdown part near the end just straight Adam vox and bass. Sick.”
Kickin’ In feat. Pharrell
”Damn it got this white boy movin! [dont worry I wont show you my moves] Written by Pharrell, its a club banger and for mine…a HIT! “She puts the shot glass down, she asks for another round, girl dont u hit the ground, is it kickin in”. Funky shit.”


Adam Lambert

Title: Trespassing

Due out: March 20

The American Idol alum has defied critics and taken the music industry by storm since coming in second on season 8 and for good reason: Adam Lambert brought the glam, the vocal chops and the show with every performance. The 29-year-old singer's debut album, For Your Entertainment, which yielded several hit singles and a successful world tour, is thisclose to platinum certification in the U.S., which puts the pressure onTrespassing, Lambert’s highly-anticipated (to put it mildly) second studio album (in between, he also released an acoustic EP, a collection of remixes and a live album).
What can fans expect? More of that stupefying upper register, as the album’s first single, “Better Than I Know Myself,” let on. That song was written in part by Claude Kelly and Dr. Luke. Other songwriters and musicians believed to have contributed tracks, licks and lyrics include Nile Rodgers, of 80s-era David Bowieand Madonna fame, Bonnie McKee, Ryan Tedder and Pharrell Williams. Back in March 2011,Lambert forecasted to THR that the album would be “less campy” and “more primal” -- here’s hoping that animal instinct is ready to roar. (Shirley Halperin)

Adam #3 on NY Magazine Anticipation Index


Adam Random Mention

The calf was up, it was suckling well, and the Farmer determined it was a healthy, strapping young bull. With eyeliner. So I named him Adam Lambert, after the glam-rock American Idol star. Maybe I'll email the real Adam a photo of his namesake. Hope he doesn't take offence.

There better be more Adam soon E!


Sauli's Photographer

Sauli's Blog

Lovely Kristiina Wheeler!!:)
January 13th, 2012

Translation by Miachihu (@miachihu) and Zinnia (@tiiqqu), posted on January 13th, 2012

For pictures go to Sauli's original blog (link above). Please also, feel free to leave comments to Sauli on the site - use the text box at the bottom of the page. You can also write in English.

My surprise guest is of course the wonderful, charming, sunny superwomanKristiina Wheeler!!:DWe had a wonderful day today and went also to the Universal Studios. I’ve been there three times before and I’m still not bored with that wonderful world of fun. I did a little trick to Kristiina and took her to the House of Horrors… It is an absolutely horrible haunted cave where real people dressed up as monsters and zombies are scaring the visitors. Naturally I knew this because I’d been there before, but I didn’t tell Kristiina. Also, the best thing here was that earlier today Kristiina had said that she can’t even watch horror movies. Embarrassing… HAHAHAHAHA!! Well, as the result I almost got my hand broken during the game when Wheeler grabbed it a little bit harder. WHEH!

We also went to play an arcade game where I luckily won a little penguin which I gave to Kristiina as a present. I got my terror trick forgiven with that. Yes!! Kristiina named her new friend Michael.

Today was absolutely superfun and I’m going to miss you very much, Kristiina!!!




Thanks to MissSunshine9113

Lol... only if you like cheesy romantic!
thanks to Adamlambertalliance


Glambert To Do List

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Chum FM interview on youtube


Adam and Sam Sparrow mashup


Adam Lambert takes over some fan rooms! (and minds LOL)

Thanks to @AidanMcEwan

Thanks to Glamrox29

Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

Thanks to @docriversong enhanced by @weelassie11


UhHuhHer Second Song on Jimmey Kimmel show


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  1. Thank you for all the work you do so I can start my day with Adam! xoxox


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  3. Deidreinorbit: Thanks! :))

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  4. hugs and thank you for always being on top and keeping us up to date.

    love ya

  5. gloria, how did you ever obtain such a heart wrenching letter from that poor young man? It blew me away. I hope Adam reads it. Your blogs are getting longer and longer each day. I can't imagine how much info you will have to post once Trespassing actually comes out. Good luck and as always, I am loving your blogs.


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