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Outstanding Performance! 18/01/2012

Adam sounded amazing and looked like a god. Wait he is a god!

READ FROM The bottom up:


Talked about new album and Finland stuff

Vocals impeccable the riiffs at the end omg perfect vocals

Terrance was there he danced b4 show

He talked w Ellen and pointed outt Sauli and put the camera on him

Wearing grayish jeans black skingraft shirt. Black jacket black boots

Omg he was amazing again

Adam... wearing that great jacket!  Thanks to @finney4 for screencap

Walking to the set! The band thanks to @kevmokeys


Thanks to @bani_ for screencap


Lyndsey Love

Indeed he is. Because aside from looking damn good (the TV camera still really adores this guy), the man SOUNDED even better. He seemed to be gelling well with his new band (which will also feature Camila Grey from Uh Huh Her at future performances), and he handled the song's many upper-octave stratospheric notes with his usual ease and panache. I ask, semi-rhetorically, is there ANY pop star today, other than possibly Adele, who sings as well live as Adam Lambert? (If so, please send me some MP3s, because I'd love to hear them. But I suspect my inbox will remain empty...)
Backstage Leno Interview

: Adam will do a an unplugged showcase in Stockholm february 5th \o/ 

Thanks to @GaleChester!!!! And thanks for turning off the autoplay too!

Jay Promo

Jay Performance:

New Ellen Promo:

(HD version via @14Gelly)

 Thanks to @Geralyn_K

 Thanks to @mindchnger for Finger tremble Gif
Thanks to @AidanMcEwan

Thanks to @AmbyMT

OOFTA means ....... I'm believing "WOW"  until I know more!

Trending last night!  OOFTA!



 Hey, OOFTA trended worldwide too



Dean Piper Reviews Trespassing!

Having spent time with Adam Lambert recently I’ve got to know him a little and knew from the get go that Trespassing would be VERY different to For Your Entertainment. And it is.
It’s pop music to the core. You need to dust off those Cuban heels, grab your disco pants and unleash on the dancefloor.
So I heard six songs today. Three are sure fire radio and chart hits – easily. And this is aside from the lead single Better Than I Know Myself.
That track is a ‘soft launch’ to an album like this.
On his debut album Adam would probably freely admit it was a little rushed. As with every person that comes out of a show like Idol, it was a case of strike while the iron is hot.
Trespassing is actually a completely different beast. Firstly, his vocals are amazing. Secondly, Adam co-writes most of the tracks – making it deeply personal. And thirdly he’s worked with some of the best producers in the business.
This album was born to fly.
It’s also something I can imagine in full being more of a ‘piece of work’ rather than just a male pop vocalist album. The scope to push boundaries with the tracks I’ve heard is huge.
It also feels like an album that will take him from being a name ‘from Idol’ in Europe to a serious player. A household name.
I can see the majority of these tracks being on radio (Capital will cream their pants over it) – and I’m told there’s more surprises in store.
There’s one track that is yet to be complete that “will blow your mind”.
What I’ve heard has given me a buzz. Most tracks gave me an excited tingle down my spine – and that doesn’t happen much when I’m thrown 50 odd singles and albums each week….believe me!
So before I start a track by track run down let me say this. I believe in this album and Adam. He’s delivered something quite special here.
Better Than I Know Myself – Lukasz ‘Dr Luke’ Gottwald, Cirky, Ammo
The first track off the new album. BTIKM is an interesting choice for the lead. It’s perfect pop and his vocals are on fire. Releasing this track first shows just how confident the label is on this album.
Outlaws of Love – Rune Westerberg, Adam Lambert
This is ‘the ballad’ of the album. As a whole I’m told Trespassing is going to have a light and dark feel as a whole. Lots of high energy dance songs on one side and then a dark side that feature the more personal stuff.
This track is all about Adam coming out, getting to know himself and dealing with prejudice he’s encountered for being gay. “Say we’ll rot in hell, I don’t think we will.”
It’s written beautifully and is empowering and you really connect with the fact this song is deeply personal. It feels like an Aguilera ballad (minus the dodgy diva fakeness).
He should be extremely proud of this one – and it will become a firm anthem for the fans…..

Cookoo – Ollie Gee, Adam Lambert and Bonnie McGee
This song is friggin’ HUGE. It’s dance pop through and through and people will be gagging to remix it. A floorfiller, massive radio hit for Europe and even has a Britney style breakdown for the dance moves to be flexed. It was instantly a winner and a definite single.
Trespassing – Pharrell Williams, Adam Lambert
Who knew that Pharrell and Adam would make such an insanely good match! Not an obvious pairing but it feels so slick. It brings the FUNK and has a Gwen Stefani Hollerback Girl clap to it. You could imagine the video the second the claps began.
It also has a touch of early Queen to it in the shape and form of the thundering bassline running throughout.

Shady (Feat. Nile Rogers and Sam Sparro) – Lester Mendez, Nile Rogers. Written by Adam Lambert and Sam Sparro
Shady is the track Justin Timberlake should be launching if/when he realises that he was once a Prince of Pop. It’s a little more pop r+b I guess and yes, it is shady. There’s a Scissor Sisters style funk feel to it that runs throughout and the guest vocals work beyond perfectly. I was excited about this one and it doesn’t disappoint.

Broken English – Lester Mendez, Adam Lambert
Easily his strongest vocal on the sampler I’ve heard. It’s subtle and controlled and reminded me of a Darren Hayes style track but with an injection of adrenalin to make it actually worthwhile listening too without wanting to top yourself when it’s overplayed.

 I’m gagging to have Trespassing on my iPod. I’m also thrilled that he’s produced this. It’s a new Adam but most importantly it’s a better Adam. He’s raised his game, found what works and is onto a winner.


Unauthorized Albums


Bellina wrote:

All I can say is Adam was absolutely gorgeous and mesmorizing. When he came out looking the way he did it was surreal. I sang every word to BTIKM. He looked our direction WOW. Sauli Leila Neil and his girlfriend were sitting two rows behind us and we didn't even know it. We waited outside for Adam. Leno left. We got a picture of his car. He blew his horn! Cute!!! I will never forget tonight. 

Upload last night's performance to keep it permanently:  (thanks to ?)


saulikoskinen1 saulikoskinen
Siniset hiukset? Kihloissa? Mitä tarkoittaa OOFTA?

HooplaPF Hoopla1

@nilerodgers Going to watch his performance, Nile? People who were there said he killed it!
in reply to ↑
Nile Rodgers
@HooplaPF Yup. I'm def staying up to watch Adam Lambert.

 Nile Rodgers 

Not only does Adam sing his A$$ off, he's genuinely a nice person, sincerely thoughtful and kind. I'm happy to know him


Thanks to NBC and

More pictures here:


"The slim and surprisingly makeup-light singer was in fine form for the vocally-challenging song, which stretches the upper limits of even Lambert's super-high register. Clearly well-rehearsed and no doubt eager to get the promotional cycle started --Trespassing, which THR named one of its 12 most anticipated albums of 2012, is due out on March 20 -- Lambert didn't fudge a note and looked smashing in the process, complete with new spikier hair 'do. "  

"The super duper handsome Adam Lambert appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night to perform his new single “Better Than I Know Myself” for the first time ever.
With Adam having been off of the promo circuit for a while now, I had somewhat forgotten what an astonishing singer he is. Glambert nailed the song as good –if not, better– than the studio version, effortlessly switching keys, hitting high notes, and power belting with the ease of a seasoned pro. If there’s a male pop vocalist out there better than Adam Lambert right now, than I have yet to hear him."

"When Lambert first emerged onto the scene, his larger-than-life vocals and glam-rock fashion style captured fans from virtually every end of the globe.  Wherever he roamed, his Glamberts would follow, leaving a trail of glitter in their wake.  What they saw tonight, however, was a sleek and slightly toned-down version of their Glamboy. 
And they liked it."

Adam Lambert's photo I'm so excited for this new chapter to begin! Thank you to all of you out there for your love and support. Enjoy Trespassing!

adamlambert Adam Lambert

I'm so excited for this new chapter to begin! Thank you to all of you out there for your love and support. Enjoy Tresp…

bryanbranlyBryan Branly
PHOTO: Backstage with @adamlambert

ScorpioBert ♏ Scorpios4adam

Backstage at Leno - closeup

lilybop2010 Lily Bop

Enhanced B&W version of new Adam Lambert


Why was Ashley on the floor?

 Sapphire Night 

  At the end of the ver first wide shot, you can see the moment s strap failed.

 Sapphire Night 

 The bass sinks& she hauls it up a little on her knee. Its subtle, but I've had my strap go before, thats EXACTLY how it looks

 Sapphire Night 

  Course, wears his guitars so low, if his strap went, it'd be already resting on the ground

@ashleydzerigian Ashley Dzerigian

despite the fact that my strap fell off in the first few seconds of the song, i managed to kneel down and keep playing. the show must go on!

@ashleydzerigian Ashley Dzerigian

did i mention how fortunate i feel to be a part of this well-oiled machine? I <3 adam and my bandmates. some of the sweetest/talented folks


This Month in AdamLand!

January 17 (Tuesday) Adam sings BTIKM on Jay Leno (see above!!)

January 19 (Thursday) Adam  on Ellen Degeneres  (taped 

on January 18)

International Livestream for both shows via @kinkyiedis:  


Watch @adamlambert performing on @jayleno 

on 1/17 11:35/10:35c on NBC + on 

@TheEllenShow on 1/19 check 

January 20- Adam on Ryan Seacreast show

January 24 to 31- BTIKM Radio Impact Date  (adds should result)

Januaryish - Music Video for BTIKM  released
January 29-Adam performing in Austria

February-Adam will be in the UK (via @shoshannastone)


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  1. You did it! This is the only place I got to view his performance last night, I tried 20 other sites and it was blocked everywhere but YOURS!! Way to go Gloria, you rock!!!!!

  2. Just heard Adam singing BTIKM in full for the first time - wonderful. He looked amazing, can't wait for the album...have pre-ordered it!

  3. OOFTA !

    A bit speechless today, overwhelmed and in love.

  4. I admit that Adam's performance on Leno last night brought me to tears. He is so talented and I have so much emotional support invested in him that after this dry spell of his live performaces I could no longer contain the emotion. He looked absolutely stunning and his voice is beyond beautiful. There is no one who comes even close to Adam's talent and charm. :D

  5. Adam was superb last night. That boy can sing, in case you didn't know! I think he sounded even better than on the recording. How incredible is that?

    Adam seemed a bit nervous at the start and had the same look in his eyes that he had when he sang Aftermath on Idol. Gotta look at that one again.

    Guess that finger trembling reminds me that he is real... often wonder! Same thing on the original Jay Leno interview and that kills me every single time.

    Onward to Ellen taping today! Stay tuned.



  6. OOFTA! I don't think there are 2 O:s. I can see 2 rings linked together.

  7. I am almost sure that Sauli was sitting in the audience somewhere in Adam's left part. He keeps looking at almost the same point. As well as on American Idol when he sang "Aftermath" he sings almost the entire song looking at his right, with an experssive face, smiling a lot, with gleam in his eyes, emphasizing some lyrics and I'm sure he was "telling" the whole song to Sauli. It is just me? :)

  8. Thanks so much Gloria for posting THE performance!! Can't believe how excited I feel for Adam and for us. He is incredible. Yes, the next chapter has certainly begun...with a blast!and with class :)

  9. I love this blog. You manage to gather everything in one single place every day and I'm so grateful to you for doing it. I was there watching Adam perform on Leno last night and he was breathtakingly beautiful and the song was amazing. So stunning from just 3 rows back. terryluvsadam

  10. adam & band was excellent last night so great to see & hear him again live tv I wish he would co- host live with Kelly & perform that would be great. When he hit the high note at the end i'm like o yea ADAM IS BACK ON TV LOVE HIM.PERFECTION!

  11. hey the draught is over and lots happening. thank you for keeping us well informed and just in case I haven't said it recently I adore you and I thank you.


  12. I agree about Adam being a guest host on Kelly. I actually e-mailed Kelly twice to have him as a guest host. Everyone on this blog needs to blog Kelly. He should also host SNL. We can only dream. Great to see him on network TV again.


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