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Spectacular! 19/01/2012

These pictures are from the BTIKM Music Video!

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caksf Cheryl Kovalchik
Visiting @google with @adamlambert hanging in the arcade filming an interview #googlemusic


 I've chatted with TONS of rad people offense to anyone else, but takes the cake 

Sauli's Blog



                                            Thanks to The Ellen Show

(Pictures too!)

What — Adam Lambert’s stellar performance of “Better Than I Know Myself” on the Tonight Show didn’t give you enough of a fix? Luckily, you can now satiate your need for the Glam One by taking in his gig on Ellen today. If we have one complaint, it’s that the guy needs to stop sounding so pitch-perfect. We need something to gripe about now and then, Adam!

UK Is Loving Trespassing!

"On "Trespassing" @adamlambert has perfected the mix of pop, rock, dubstep, dance and melody to make a cohesive and mighty piece of pop art."

Get ready Glamberts, "Trespassing" by Adam Lambert is going to seriously shake up the pop music scene in 2012. 

YahooOMGUK Just had a sneak peak listen of the new album Trespassing. We LOVED. We may just have broken into a dance in the office.

We've been lucky enough to hear a selection of tracks from 's upcoming album Trespassing - the music will not disappoint!
We just had a preview of's upcoming album, . Glamberts will be pleased, we reckon. Review on the way!
 Jordan Meehan 

 I did! A bit mid-tempo, but the chorus is very dubstep and Adam's vocals are extremely powerful. Really, really great song.
 Jordan Meehan 

 of the songs on their would do VERY well as singles. Cookoo and Shady, two of the ones I've heard, will smash.
 Jordan Meehan 

 A lot of them are single material, in all honesty. While it isn't a single's album (it's a very cohesive piece of work), a lot
 Jordan Meehan 

 Haven't heard them all, but be on the lookout for Cookoo! MASSIVE dance song. But I hear the album has a lot of em ;)
 Jordan Meehan 

 Hahaha yes! I could also talk about him all day. One of my favorites!
 Jordan Meehan 

 This album is going to kick Europe's ass.
 Jordan Meehan 

 Nope. Cookoo is a powerhouse dance song. Powerful dance beat, huge chorus, huge vocals. One of my favorites.
 Jordan Meehan 

 Yep. Outlaws of Love is heartbreaking. The live version was amazing but the album one...oh my god.
 Jordan Meehan 

  I'm thinking it will! His label will certainly not want to mess up something this good.
 Jordan Meehan 

 Oooh you guys should be VERY excited! This album is going to define this entire year in music.
 Jordan Meehan 

 It's fucking amazing. I only heard 7 tracks but they're gonna smash.
 Jordan Meehan 

 You have the greatest fans ever. Hope you know. ;)
 Jordan Meehan 

NOW. Let me go write my real review of the tracks I heard ;)
 Jordan Meehan 

It is LIGHT YEARS better than his first album, FYE (which I love), and will undoubtedly be a smash. Album of 2012, without a doubt.
 Jordan Meehan 

Adam's new album is extremely forward thinking and has a very unique sound that you don't hear ANYWHERE in mainstream pop music right now.
 Jordan Meehan 

 Nope, I met with his PR team earlier in London and got an exclusive first listen.
 Jordan Meehan 

This album effortlessly fuses together dance pop, rock and bits of dubstep, making each track both individually distinct and irresistible.
 Jordan Meehan 

Just a few comments on Adam Lambert's new album before I review the tracks I heard...

(more below!)
Ellen Degeneres Show!

Ellen has a cold!  Do not kiss Adam!! He is too busy right now!

Always lots of audience shots and a few familiar faces but not that many (to me anyways)

Terrance dancing before the show... and looking embarrassed watching .. he's gorgeous!
(right Sharon?)

Rob Lowe is next.... I do like him but I hope it's quick!

(Off topic:  I watched Jay Leno last night specifically to see if there were "dust particles" all around the musical was a band .  There were not.  Did you notice them around Adam?  Have never seen that before... very interesting!)

Little preview clip of Adam performing... still talking to Rob Lowe 

Adam with little eye makeup.  I do love his eyebrows.  They are so perfectly shaped.  No necklaces but black nailpolish and rings.  Couldn't see the new tattoo in the clip so far

IMO, The performance of BTIKM on Ellen was absolutely spectacular.  The best vocals imaginable. I thought much superior to even Leno which was incredible! Adam, you are amazing.... there you go constantly outdoing yourself!!! 

Click for Gif Thanks to @_ninni

Adam Lambert looking (and always sounding)


Adam Lambert via @glam_alidol from Japanese
Very large version:


Leila Lambert, Terrance Spencer, Sauli Koskinen, Neil Lambert, Neil's girlfriend

IS-Tutka:  Sauli's response to engagement rumors

Original video:

And the same in English (thanks to the translators)! Answers to questions like: Blue hair? Engaged? What does...


Adam Lambert's photo Be sure to tune into the @TheEllenShow tomorrow! I'm singing Better Than I Know Myself and Ellen and I sit down and catch up.

Be sure to tune into the @TheEllenShow tomorrow! I'm singing Better Than I Know 
Myself and  Ellen and I sit down and catch up.


Live Tweets from @Electroqueer (London) Previewing 

Trespassing (early this morning)

EQ Music Blog
On this album  has perfected the mix 
of pop, rock, dubstep, dance and melody to make a 
cohesive and mighty piece of pop art.

Read from bottom up:

 EQ Music Blog 

Broken English playing now by  and it really stands out for an album track. 
Moody, poignant, hard-hitting.
 EQ Music Blog 

Oooohhhhh. Outlaws Of Love is blowing my mind. Really shows off the depth and
 diversity of 's voice. LUSH DARK
 EQ Music Blog 

Shady is playing now.  and  on an track is
 no short of legendary. Now that's what I call a collaboration
 EQ Music Blog 

Listening to "Trespassing" now. Amazingly anthmatic. Pharell production is slick and
 serious. A guitar dance track conjures of Queen!!!
 EQ Music Blog 
"Cookoo" by  is now my favourite song of 2012. Seriously. HAWT.
 EQ Music Blog 

Ok listening to 's new album and "Cookoo" is amazingly dancetastic!
 Surprisingly dancefloor. Knocks FYI on its head! Bam!

 Sitting with  listening to's new stuff (again!) - 

did I mention how incredible Cuckoo is?!

 Having a listen to Adam Lambert's new album - sounding
 flippin' AWESOME thus far



@zombiewriter_: 9 pics of adam jogging
c/o deepinsideofewe




I'm going on record to say, I love the shorts!  LOL!
Trespassing #1on Anticipated Album Chart


More Leno Articles

"According to Twitter, Adam Lambert on The Tonight Show was the most important event of January 18, 2012.
He did sing it flawlessly though"


Adam Has Won 12 in a row on Sophie's Choice- 
We've done a  good job, Glamberts!!


Season Eight
The One You Know: Adam Lambert hit the ground running as soon as "Idol" ended, and the magnetic star hasn't slowed down since. Grammy nominations, a sold-out world tour, concert DVDs, remix EPs, a debut album that went gold, a "Behind the Music" special, a passionate fanbase, a heralded appearance with Queen and an unprecedented guest-mentor spot on "Idol." But most importantly, Lambert is dropping a new album March 20, Trespassing, and it boasts collaborators as big as his vocal range: Bruno Mars, Nile Rodgers, Pharrell Williams, Dr. Luke and many more.

8. Adam Lambert Turns Idol Up to 11
He was unlike any contestant Idol audiences had ever seen: a makeup-wearing, octave-defying, glam-rocking showman who could wail with the best of them (and did he ever) and hold back when need be, to deliver a nuanced, pitch-perfect performance. Each of Adam Lambert’s season 8 numbers told a story, from the anguish of “Tracks of My Tears” to the cautious optimism of “Black and White,” the haunting “Mad World” and the dramatic “Ring Of Fire,” but more importantly: they entertained. In a truly game-changing act, the show had to learn to keep up with Lambert’s theatricality and in turn introduced more adventurous lighting and effects. It’s a benefit future Idols, like season 10’s James Durbin who was allowed fire for one of his performances, would reap for years to come and just another reason to bow down to Lambert’s Idol throne. (SH)

This Month in AdamLand!

January 19 (Thursday) Adam  on Ellen Degeneres  (taped 

on January 18)

International Livestream for both shows via @kinkyiedis:  

January 20- Adam on Ryan Seacreast show

January 24 to 31- BTIKM Radio Impact Date  (adds should result)

Januaryish - Music Video for BTIKM  released

January 29th  Happy Birthday Adam and Austrian Showcase 

January 20, 2012: San Francisco Radio Visits  (99.7 and 97.3)

February 5- Sweden

February-Adam will be in the UK (via @shoshannastone)

More on the Glambert To Do List
Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

ashleydzerigian Ashley Dzerigian
Backstage w @TommyJoeRatliff, counting down the minutes before our Ellen taping.


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  1. Been here everyday when not running around like crazy in RL - all the wonderful stuff on this blog - so excited for Adam - he looks so young and beautiful - and, most important, happy. The reviews of the album coming in are spectacular - the anticipation is building like crazy - and a video soon, too. Great times - thank you a million times, Gloria - luv, lee

  2. Morning Glory-A! You do bring lovely flowers of Adam Land...didn't expect to see Adam's fabulous performance and interview with Ellen so early today. Quite a treat! Now I must get out to prepare for our guests...before our first winter storm due in midday. California style, of course. love to you, PL

  3. Thank you so much for all the info, links, videos and tweets Gloria! Both Adam performances were outstanding and he looked amazing! He and all members of his band did a wonderful job!

    And thank you especially for the International Livestream! Watching Adam's performance on Leno yesterday was extremely exciting and breath taking. It made my day!


  4. Oh my! Oh my! Oh my!!!!! I can hardly breathe! I don't know what to look at--Terrance dancing, then sitting between Leila and Sauli; the amazing reviews from the UK; or from ELECTROQUEER; or your fabulous Ellen review; or the Hi Baby GIF or the gorgeous Sauli pics!!!!!! And more!! I may not survive--I haven't even watched Ellen yet. Waiting for my time on my TV. Aaaarrrrggggghhhh! This is so frustrating and exciting and amazing!! Thank you again, Sweet Gloria! Get ready, your job has just begun! Love you SOOOOOO much for all this!

  5. Aw Adam was so cute on Ellen talking about Sauli and OMG Terrence looked so good dance I miss watching him dance every night. Great Gloria

  6. the pics at the top of blog are those from a photo shoot or something they are stunning.


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