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Radio Promo Day! 20/01/2011

Twitter Party!



Larger version below

 Adam Lambert 

RIP Etta


Pictures from Alice Interview and Meet and Greet


All Interviews Uploaded here!


@jasondahlstedt: Adam Lambert in studio! Super nice guy. #adamlambert #fernandoandgreg #997now



@JackieHollywood: Meet n greet with @adamlambert



Adam Lambert's Trespassing review - if you like pop you'll LOVE this

Finnish Promo!

 Radio NRJ music director confirms the acoustic gig competition is over the Stockholm one:  No Bertlandia then :(


Ryan Seacrest Interview... haven't listened yet but read that Ryan is a bit of a jerk (surprise!)  I think he is still upset for the embarrassing  tongue thing from Idol. Haha!

Request Adam Lambert @RequestAdam

Turn this into a positive! Call Ryan and ask him to play Adam's BTIKM. 877-811-7926. Frustrated tweets won't help at all;)

Demo of Song by Bruno Mars mentioned by one of the reviews   


: Adam showed us his nails too - they're 


scarlettcherry Scarlett Cherry
@riffcherry who is Never still...sat quietly & intently watching his Gpop kill it on Ellen...& then applauded. Luv u, @adamlambert #juiceit


Complete Radio Interview with Q102

Adam asked us:

"Get that song out there, Glamberts! C'mon help me out!"

Everyone can request here:

Sirius/XM Request on
Channel 2 SiriusXM Hits Music Pop Top 40 Hits 

Channel 3 20 on 20 Link:


Z100 (write BTIKM)

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 Thanks to @ScorpioBert

BTIKM Music Video

These pictures are from the BTIKM Music Video!

Thanks for breathless2

Thanks to 


caksf Cheryl Kovalchik

Visiting @google with @adamlambert hanging in the arcade filming an interview #googlemusic


RCA Records 

Watch  wow the crowd performing  on here 

Backstage at Leno thanks to @lilybop2010

 Thanks to SheFindHappiness


Sauli's IS blog 1/19/12, translated thanks to @moominbert

Ellen and Jay Leno Show!

Well! This week, I've gone and seen a couple of well-known TV shows. On Tuesday, I was at the Jay Leno Show and it was really interesting to see this famous talk show live from the audience. Of course Jay Leno looks exactly the same live. Jay Leno is known for his hobby of collecting old cars and driving them to work himself. I spotted his car in front of the studio and it was a ride unlike any I've ever seen before. He probably got it from the Stone Age. He's also known for his style - he always wears jeans and a denim shirt. Before the show, he warmed up the audience in the denim outfit he's so well known for. hah! Wearing all denim is not the best stylistic choice to my mind, but to each their own. Of course he wore a suit for the actual broadcast.

The guests at the talk show were actors Sam Worthington and Sherri Shepherd, and the musical guest was the reason I was at the show to begin with. Sam Worthington seemed really nervous throughout the show. I think it was because he was wearing a Hawaiian shirt that was hideous and way too small. It was really difficult to focus on what he was saying, because he was constantly pulling down his shirt. I was quite taken aback by his choice of shirt. Otherwise, he's a very handsome man. Sam is known to everyone from the movie Avatar and he said on the show
that the shooting is about to start for the new Avatar movie. This is great news!! I can't wait!!

I didn't really know anything about the other guest. Actress Sherri Shepherd. Never heard of her, but she seemed like an easy-going sort of lady and her stories made everybody laugh. She had a great presence on the show and I really liked that. She kept talking and talking and nobody could stop her. hah!!

The jewel in the crown of the evening, however, was an amazing vocal performance. Thank you for that, my love!!

And today, I went to see the Ellen Show. I've always loved Ellen and have watched her show on TV almost daily. You have to dance like whoa there. My legs are cramping and my arms are aching from all the flailing around. 20 minutes before the show there's a legit dance party, and every commercial break you have to get up and dance. WHOA I say!! I won't feel the least bit guilty skipping tomorrow's jog.

And of course I told my Tutka wife Katri that Colin Firth was going to be a guest on the show, but he wasn't there... woops!! He was on yesterday's show. However, Rob Lowe was there, and he's just as good an actor. I know Katri's going to be so disappointed, but I like Rob Lowe better so I don't mind, hah!! Sorry Katri dear!

The other guest/musical act was a singer well known to even me. Well, to cut straight to the chase... Ellen was very interested in hearing about our visit to Finland... It was truly fun sitting there in the audience, having a huge camera wheeled in front of my face and some production lady wielding one of those cone-shaped microphones getting all up in my business. It was a very near case of lockjaw, but luckily I made it through... omg!! Still, it must be a little more uncomfortable being a guest yourself... Also Ellen really dug my hairstyle and said she's going to get hers cut just like mine. Coolness!!!

That's all the fun news for this time!!

Until next time then, and I'll have a new blog up on my peronal site soon as well!



Amazing Reviews of Trespassing


Did you miss anything yesterday?  Was such a great day full of Adam news!


This Month in AdamLand!

January 20- Adam on Ryan Seacreast show
January 20- Adam in San Francisco for radio interviews

January 24 to 31- BTIKM Radio Impact Date  (adds should result)

Januaryish - Music Video for BTIKM  released

February-Adam will be in the UK (via @shoshannastone)



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Another Gorgeous Version of Queen and Adam


  1. Love seeing Adam on both Leno and Ellen. plus love the pics from the video it has me wondering what the video is going to be like it not what i orginal thought. thank you for all the great stuff. XOXO

  2. Adam sounded wonderful, looked even better, and Sauli looked gorgeous on ELLEN yesterday. I wish the interview section had been longer. I also would like to see an interview with Sauli, preferably with someone like Ellen on whom you can depend not to be a jerk.

  3. Gloria, did you see his hair for the BTIKM video ? About as down as you can get for this hair cut , but we'll take it, right ?

    Can't wait for this one !!!

  4. There's nothing better than Adam live...singing, talking, or just sitting on a sofa looking stunning. I'm with elKat-bert, the BTIKM hairstyle is killer.

  5. Awww... He's sooo in love!


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