Saturday, 21 January 2012

Life is a "Tour" 21/01/2012

That juice is Green!

Adam Lambert Goes Shopping at Whole Foods in Hollywood, Jan 21

Lots more at the link above... Is that Alisan?  


Riff Cherry being held by Adam and Sauli on the couch thanks to @alisanporter

Riff standing...Adam's fireplace!


Let me know which others should be added!

Adam Lambert in SF

Life is a "TUNIC" works but  for me Life is a "Concert Tour"!

Can't wait!

Adam Lambert Gif thanks to ?

And hopefully at some point very soon, put together a tour ..

 "This music is all created with the intention that it will be live on stage and still have that same energy" 

SandyStec Sandy Stec
Part 1: For @adamlambert fans who've watched my interview and wondered, "WTF does "Life is a Tunic" mean?!".....I told Adam, prior to the

SandyStec Sandy Stec

Part 2: interview, I was feeling fat & my whole life has turned into "one giant tunic." He loved it & quoted it @ the end of interview. LOL!

Listening to for top 30 of the week


BTIKM is #27... first week on the list!

Adam in the ETCanada Studio on Monday... (major research needed for my Monday plans!)

AdamLambertRUUA HURRAY!!!! @adamlambert's #BetterThanIKnowMyself is #1 in Top-20 on radio @unistarby

SonyMusicBE Sony Music Belgium

#AdamLambert is coming to #QSnowcase ! Win your tickets cc @QMusic_be @AdamLambert

Trespassing Reviews



Thank you @AdamLambert for stopping by our studio today! You're amazing! Check out photos from his visit

Video of 997 Interview

AliceRadio Alice@97.3 
PHOTOS @AdamLambert In Studio

@AliceRadio Listen/Download @AdamLambert Interview 

101.3 Video interview


Adam says Sauli... thanks to @mindchnger


Learn About Singing thanks to Dr. Adam.. A Twitter Party from the Airport

@Stefdwe: Adam Lambert at my gate at SFO. (For American Idol fans) @ San Francisco International Airport (SFO)

adamlambert Adam Lambert
a lil music education moment: FALSETTO. It's not full, belted out chest voice. It's small, light pretty head voice. Widely misunderstood.:)

adamlambert Adam Lambert
...not to b rude - but it's so often used to describe my voice but I hardly ever use my falsetto. Jus' sayin'

adamlambert Adam Lambert
One of my fav examples of a wicked falsetto is "Kiss" by Prince. A full tenor chest voice is "Open Arms" by Journey. get the distinction?

go4itanywy Go4ItAnyway
@adamlambert what is it called when the voice "shakes" a little on high notes?
in reply to ↑

adamlambert Adam Lambert
@go4itanywy that's called Vibratto.;)

adamlambert Adam Lambert
“@lestermendez: @adamlambert BUT, when you do sing falsetto, its pure and utter win!”hahah thanks Lester!!

nrhgardner Nick Gardner
@adamlambert You're belts are mixed though aren't they? As in not all out chest? Sounds craaaazzzy whatever it is.
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adamlambertAdam Lambert
@nrhgardner naw I don't do much of a mix. (prob would be 'safer' for my voice, but..)

adamlambert Adam Lambert
Haha this is fun. All you singers know exactly what I'm talking about.

PersianGlamDr morvarid ma
@adamlambert in which one of ur sings u've used FALSETTO?!:D
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@adamlambert Adam Lambert
@PersianGlamDr on the last album i used falsetto in Broken Open, A Loaded Smile and the "eyes baby eyes" part of Music Again.

CazGlambert_ **Caz Kelly**
in reply to ↑

adamlambert Adam Lambert
@CazGlambert_ only when it's high and really light. If its powerful and loud it's called a "belt" "full" or "chest voice".

AhhhAdam AhhhAdam
@adamlambert And on "nervous" in Mad World.
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adamlambert Adam Lambert
@AhhhAdam yes. Good example. The "nervous" line. But the big "look right thru me aaaaand..." was a belt.

adamlambert Adam Lambert
BTIKM is def not falsetto. It's fuckin high! Def tricky.:)but it feels so great to wail that out. Cathartic.

adamlambert Adam Lambert
The difference isn't so much about the note being hit, it's HOW it's being hit. Bass/alto/tenor/soprano are vocal ranges.

adamlambert Adam Lambert
Ok. Nuff of all that. I'm such a nerd.

adamlambert Adam Lambert
But if u wanna hear more great falsetto check out Jeff Buckley, Matthew Bellamy of Muse and Radiohead.:)

JoStBeans Jo Adams
@adamlambert Bee Gees!
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adamlambertAdam Lambert
@JoStBeans haha yes. The BeeGees sang most of their tunes in Falsetto.

adamsminion Adam's Minion
@adamlambert At your next class can you explain what a bridge, hook, etc are? Pros talk about the bridge in BTIKM. What is it? *feelin dumb*
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adamlambert Adam Lambert
@adamsminion ok! A bridge is the middle section of a song that is diff from the rest. the bridge in BTIKM starts w "I get kinda dark"...

@adamsminion a hook is the catchy part that gets stuck in your head. Usually they're in a chorus, and sometimes they're elsewhere.

@adamsminion the hook in WWFM is the line "whattaya want from me". The guitar plays it at the beginning and it's in a post-chorus.

adamlambert Adam Lambert
Another GREAT falsetto singer is Justin Timberlake. He uses it all the time. And he's real good at it.

AidanMcEwan Aidan McEwan
@adamlambert Thought that was the Middle 8?
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adamlambert Adam Lambert
@AidanMcEwan middle 8 and bridge are the same thing. Two different names.:)

adamlambert Adam Lambert
Another example of falsetto is the incredibly sexy jam "Hypnotize U" by N.E.R.D. Pharrell werks that vocal out!

adamlambert Adam Lambert
It Will Rain by Bruno Mars is in chest voice. The only part that's falsetto is the OOOOh's. He has got one hell of a voice! Big fan.

nieceyE niecey
@adamlambert What's the difference between a run and a riff?
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adamlambert Adam Lambert
@nieceyE another interchangeable term. Means the same thing.

allakovalkova Alla Kovalkova
@adamlambert And what do you think about Mika's voice?
in reply to ↑

adamlambert Adam Lambert
@allakovalkova yeah Mika!! Another good example of falsetto.

reevecarney Reeve Carney
@adamlambert I'm with you. Bruno is great. And so are you.
in reply to ↑

adamlambert Adam Lambert
@reevecarney thanks Reeve!

adamlambert Adam Lambert

A twitter party pictorial thanks to   cocooyau


Adam Lambert
If the 2011 EMA awards proved anything, it was that Adam Lambert has reached the kind of superstardom that allows him to hold his own fronting Queen – something only a handful of other people on the planet can attest to. This video clip (especially 1.29 onwards) firmly belongs in the ‘knock your socks off’ category.

adamlambert Adam Lambert
Woah the Stupid Hoe video by Nicki Minaj is a trip!! (Skingraft werk it out!!)

adamlambert Adam Lambert

@NICKIMINAJ u got balls girl! That's some campy, cray cray shit!! Love it.

  Maybe a leather hooded corset for you next ;) RT  Woah the Stupid Hoe video by Nicki Minaj is a trip!! ( werk it out!)


After finally breaking down and listening to this interview, it's actually not that bad!

But first:

Women are Powerful!   Ryan Seacrest, can you read this?!  LOL

(interesting on sports and other topics even though music is not included)

(surrogate mothers, safe and protected!)

Elle_Higgins: Ryan just namechecked AdamLambert, calling him the man who changed Idol forever, playing his new song after Usher!  (we'll take it!)
Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

AdommyShipper: Follow Friday Ranking: #137 (Worldwide 

ranking), #68 (English ranking) and #21 (US 

ranking)@TommyJoeRatliff That's again amazing. 

Tommy Joe Ratliff performs on The Ellen Show....Click for GIF


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  1. Fantastic Sandy Stec interview!! Wow, she got to the heart of Adam and Sauli! I can hardly believe the way she got him to open up about their relationship. My heart is full!

    And I'm so glad to hear that Ryan Seacrest redeemed himself! I feel so much better hearing that and it pleases me that he admitted that Adam changed idol forever AND played his song after Usher's. I somehow think someone got to his little arrogant and jealous ego--but, hey, Adam always wins! He should know that by now!


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